Dullstroom Things To Do – These 5 Reasons May Blow Your Mind

Dullstroom, a beguiling town settled in the Mpumalanga Highlands. Given its height at 2100m above ocean level, it is the most elevated town in South Africa and has become a famous preparing base for top European competitors throughout the late spring months. In this article, I’m going to share with you guys about Dullstroom things to do! 

Here are our reasons why you should come to this amazing place, I’m sure you don’t want to miss it! Let’s get started! 

Why Dullstroom Worth A Visit?

I have travelled to many places around the world, and I have my own super favourite places in my list. In this post I’m going to share with you guys one of the best places that is worth a visit, definitely Dullstroom.  Here are 7 Dullstroom things to do!

Dullstroom is known for its completely clear dams, ideal for trout fishing and mainstream open air exercises incorporating fly-fishing as well as climbing, mountain trekking and a variety of other experience sports. The town additionally flaunts an Ernie Els planned title fairway. 

Culture is plentiful here with genuine culinary encounters. Various amazing eateries, bistros, specialty lager brewery, and an incredibly famous bourbon bar and mixed bars all structure part of this casual town.

Dullstroom Things To Do

Here is about several places you can come to have contentment and put these places into your what to do in dullstroom list: 

Fishing Spots

Dullstroom is an eminent fly fishing objective with countless properties for fishermen to browse. 

With this plenitude of decision, we chose to discover several places where the best fishing spots lie so you can get the most ideal fishing experience. In no specific request…

Dullstroom On The Dam

Just as being the metropolitan dam in the space, this is additionally probably the most established dam in Dullstroom. The dams are very much supplied and have something for everybody. You can fish from the banks, swim or even from a cylinder. This place is worth a space on your dullstroom things to do list.


Situated a little ways from the town while heading to Lynberg, Laverpa has 3 Dams. With an emphasis on keeping up great stock, Laverpa has an exacting catch and delivery strategy. A decent load of both rainbow and earthy colored trout can be found in the dams.

Birds Of Prey Trophy Dam

This prize water is for the more talented fishermen and lies only 1km away with huge earthy colored and rainbow trout. With 4kg goliaths having been gotten and 3kg fish being pulled in routinely, be set up to get a beast.

Open Air Exercise

Our recommendation about outdoor activities in the dullstroom things to do list:

Horse Riding 

From 1 to 2 hours picturesque, quiet ponies rides through wonderful field to a visit through Dullstroom and its bars on horse-back, the path provide food for everybody – from the beginner to the accomplished rider. Your aides are cultivated riders and are there to make your ride unwinding and pleasant on sure-footed cordial ponies – you should simply sit back, unwind and appreciate the astounding view. 

For youngsters we offer driven horse rides around the Center on kind, solid and amicable horses utilizing our extraordinary scaled down “Youngster Western” saddles. Security is of prime significance and riding caps are in this manner additionally gave. All rides are offered under the individual management of Dave and Rhoda Curtis.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an experience movement wherein an individual will move up, finished, and across regular stone developments either to arrive at the highest point of the pinnacle or rock face, or the finish of a pre-decided course.

Bouldering is a kind of rock climbing that is generally managed without a rope, over a short ascension, so that if an individual falls they won’t be truly harmed. It is generally done over huge stones, at the lower part of an enormous face of rock, and surprisingly on certain structures. Bouldering is regularly never really off as the climbing requires incredible actual strength, and there are frequently various troublesome impediments in the manner. Conventional stone moving, then again, is more a long term hardship and the course is a lot more straightforward. 

Mountaineering alludes to the demonstration of ascending mountains when all is said and done, and incorporates exercises like strolling, climbing, rock ascending, and bouldering, among others. The picked course can be over rock, snow or ice, with every one of these requiring explicit devices, information and involvement with requests to guard the trip.

Clay Pigeon Shooting 

Clay pigeon shooting can be appreciated alone or as a component of a gathering and is a famous group building action. How it functions is that a machine, called a snare, shoots circles, called dirts, into the air and members discharge at them utilizing a shotgun. Prepared and skilled staff intently manage all dealings with live ammo and firearms, so you need not dread for your own security and surprisingly the individuals who have never taken care of a weapon can partake.

Anybody beyond nine years old can participate and everything is clarified unmistakably before members are let free onto the reach. Security measures are extremely rigid all through this action. 

Different shots can be embraced, from the low reach earth pigeon moving away from the shooter or the two ‘pigeons’ moving on a level plane across the line of discharge, to the troublesome overhead depiction, or duck-shot as it is called.

Best Places Can Get You Great Food And Drinks 

Best places for having fantastic food and extraordinary views in our dullstroom things to do!

Beans About Coffee

If you are a fan of coffee, definitely this place is the best choice for you. They center around item quality and accept extraordinary espresso ought to be new, straightforward, open and stunning. As the two bosses and understudies of the bean, we are sure about our item and capacity. 

Come and visit our nearest roaster and watch as they cook beans from everywhere in the world in little clumps and do a tasting to discover your flavor. They cook an assortment of single beginning beans to our unmistakable coffee mixes. Attempt their acclaimed walkway mix or make your own mix. They supply to nearby clients just as neighborhood bistros, eateries, cabins and inns. They cook per request from your nearest shop to acquire the newness.

Wild About Whisky

The view over the principal street is of the slopes toward the east, making it a superb spot to watch the steadily changing climate conditions. On the lower level visitors can appreciate a whisky tasting at Wild about Whisky, South Africa’s best loaded whisky bar. 

Affectionately alluded to by local people and customary end of the week Dullstroom-inhabitants, essentially as “The Whiskey Bar”, Wild-About-Whiskey opened their entryways in 2006 with around twelve whiskies. They gradually developed the menu to more than 1,000 whiskies from everywhere in the world, and keep on adding to it. 

Despite the fact that it’s anything but a committed whisky bar, they additionally stock a little choice of wines, specialty brew, different spirits and magnificent espresso. All bourbons are served by the toddler. The proprietors venture out decently much of the time to Scotland and other whisky creating districts, to further their insight and secure new whiskies; henceforth its standing as the best loaded bourbon bar in South Africa!

The Rock Shop

At The Rock Shop we have an energizing scope of Gemstones and Gifts sourced from everywhere the World. Gems and Jewels to suit all preferences and spending plans, and obviously Rock, Fossil and Mineral Specimens for authorities youthful and old. With show’s of valuable and semi-valuable stones, pearls and gems, hand made Damascus steel blades, pashminas and silver, you make certain to discover something interesting. Regardless of whether you are keen on Geology, Crystal Healing, Paleontology or simply need to treat yourself or somebody exceptional, you will track down a delightful and ageless fortune here !

Amazing Sightseeing Places 

Our the most checked-in places in Dullstroom:

Blyde River Canyon

The Blyde River Canyon Lodge is a secret gem, set close by the shimmering waters of the Blyde River and warmly shielded by the magnificent Drakensberg Mountains. The cabin offers nearby and global voyagers an exceptional African hedge insight. Arranged in a 85 hectare herbal hold, which brags an abundance of fauna and vegetation, not exclusively is the Blyde River Canyon Lodge a mysterious occasion escape, however it is likewise gives a usual hangout spot for knowing experts who consistently stay at the hotel when they have business commitment nearby.

Highland Gate Golf And Trout Estate

It highlights quite possibly the most sought-after title Ernie Els fairways and is broadly viewed as Africa’s most elite golf and fly-fishing resort. Strolling trails and trekking tracks wander through the moving slopes of the Steenkampsberg mountain range, and with high elevation outside air and a dim environment, it is suggestive of the Scottish Highlands. The huge Clubhouse houses a completely prepared shop, bar and nation style eatery. Home to the three imperiled cranes, a huge assortment of wild blossoms and uncommon types of warm blooded animals; Highland Gate is a genuine heaven for nature sweetheart.

Dullstroom On The Dam

Dullstroom on the Dam is arranged at the Dullstroom Dam, at the foundation of our mountain. It has five private houses that are accessible for appointments and is the ideal area for those searching for a night out in nature. 

The five flawlessly finished houses all have completely prepared kitchens, restrooms with a shower and a shower, twofold and single beds, and ultimately a sleeper loveseat. Contingent upon the visitors, the beds can be single, bunk, twofold or day beds. The kitchens have an oven, microwave, ice chest, earthenware and cutlery ensuring that your visit is an agreeable one. 

Beside unwinding by the dam, different attractions incorporate fishing, horseback riding, mud pigeon shooting and strolling trails.

Check this video, it is going to show you more about this beautiful place in particularly:

Spa And Wellness

Calson Massage Clinic 

Spa can likewise be characterized as a treatment including mending waters and it incorporates a few diverse back rub treatments. Through these back rubs spa focuses offer a loosening up climate for physical and mental tranquility.Promising wellbeing and attractiveness through the mending force of water, spa medicines date back right to the Roman times.

It is realized that the Romans fabricated showers for fighters getting back from battle to help alleviate indications of weakness and fatigue. Taking its starting points from the Roman time, this spa culture currently is at the center of attention everywhere on the world for its various back rubs, fragrant healing meetings, just as excellence and care medicines. This load of conveniences give genuine help and physical and emotional wellness benefits.

There are also numerous places for relaxing in Dullstroom such as The Highlander Hotel, Walkerson Hotel and Spa, Dunkeld Country Estate and the list goes on. These places offer good accommodations and also great spa service. I am sure you guys really want to put these on your bucket list. 

Last Words

All in all, this place is a great place for all people from different ranges of ages. I am really sure this place will please you guys, and also an amazing place to go for a vacation, holidays, special day or events. Dullstroom has all suplime things you want to do and maybe things you have never tried before. 

If you want to not only have dinner but also want to have a great view, definitely this place is for you. They also have many outdoor activities that could help you release stress, recharge your battery after long days at work or stress from study. 

Come here to enjoy the best food and drink from the best chef in Dullstroom, they have a wide range of food that would make you satisfied. 

If you find this post-dullstroom things to do come in handy, just let me know by leaving a comment below and I would really appreciate it if you share this post and recommend this place to your friends or your family!

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