Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther: Two Big Cats Comparison

Do you want to know about black jaguar vs black panther? There are a lot of big cats out there, but how do you tell the difference between a jaguar and panther?

It’s hard to know which cat is which because they look so similar. Jaguars have spots on their fur while panthers don’t. They’re also different sizes with jaguars being larger than panthers.

The best way to figure out what kind of cat it is is by looking at its tail. If the tip of the tail has black rings then it’s likely that it’s a jaguar, if not then it could be either one!

Here is our black jaguar vs black panther. Check out!

At A Glance: Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

The Jaguar is more of an ambush predator, whereas Panthers are more of a stalk-and-ambush predator. Jaguars are also known to eat anything they can get their paws onto, while these types of diets are more rare for Panthers. Panthers will eat monkeys, especially capuchin monkeys. Jaguars are also larger in size than a Panther.

Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Black jaguar is a big cat native to Central and South America with dense black fur and bright yellow, white and black-ringed eyes. The black jaguar is smaller than the other Panthera genus members, but larger than a leopard.

Black jaguars are very powerful and have been known to take down large prey such as deer, boar and mountain goats. They can also drag prey weighing more than them (around 150 lbs) to cover.

A Jarguar is the “other” black cat with spots. It’s uncollared and wilder than panthers, who roam in family troops. A lone jaguar roams for miles at a time and home ranges can cover as much as 600 square miles. As such these spotted cats are more elusive, often only seen by locals deep in the Amazon jungle.

This solitary cat is not always happy to see humans, but then again they’re very stealthy too—and it may be hard to spot them if they’re up high in trees or far away on the other side of an open grassland!

Typically, black jaguars are solitary creatures except when mating or raising cubs. They like to mark their territory with urine and will broadcast loud roaring challenges at intruders. The name comes from the black pelt of jaguars, which has historically been desired by hunters and native tribes.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Today black jaguar is more associated with the rare melanistic coloring of jaguars (believed to be about 6% of all wild cats), which makes their coat look completely black or very dark gray.

The term “black jaguar” often refers to melanistic jaguars, ocelots and leopards. It occurs in rainforest and other dense tropical forests. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species. The primary threat to their survival is habitat loss to logging, farming and ranching.

Black jarguars are the largest cat in the New World and third largest in the world after tigers and lions. They are approximately the same size as the leopard but with a heavier body and shorter legs.

Males can reach up to 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 130 and 155 lbs., while females are smaller, reaching 24 inches at the shoulder and weighing 110-120 lbs. The black jaguar is found in wet forest areas such as Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama.

Black jaguars can live to about 20 years of age in the wild. They are threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation and they are also hunted because their coats turn black after death making them worth more money than regular color jaguars.

Black Panther

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

The black panther is a black-coated member of any of the big cat species. Black panthers are sometimes confused with the melanistic specimens of other big cats, such as black jaguars and ocelots.

The term “black panther” is usually used to refer to black leopards. They are also called black lions, but that name belongs exclusively to melanistic specimens of the African lion.

People often confuse different types of big cats that have a dark coat with the black panthers. For example, leopards are not part of Panthera genus, like tigers, lions and jaguars. Leopards are in the genus Panthera pardus.

Panthers are nocturnal creatures, which means they hunt mostly at night or early morning hours when it is not very bright. They rest during the day to avoid overheating under the scorching sun. They live in rainforests, woodlands, grasslands and swamps.

Black panthers are solitary hunters, except when they mate or raise cubs. They don’t roar like lions do – instead they emit chirps, grunts and growls to signal their presence in the jungle. They have retractable claws that allow them to climb trees easily.

Black panthers prey on various animals, such as monkeys, deer and wild pigs. Some of the larger specimens hunt down antelopes and young elephants when in need for food.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

The melanistic coloration helps them conceal in forest shadows and stay out of sight while stalking their prey. It is very difficult to observe a black panther in the wild. However, a black coat also makes them vulnerable to overheating in hot climates.

Black panthers are found throughout Asia and Africa . They inhabit tropical forests of Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and Equatorial regions of Africa (Congo-Kinshasa, Gabon).

The black panther lives in rainforests, woodlands, grasslands and swamps. They are solitary creatures except when they mate or raise cubs.

They have retracted claws for climbing trees easily, but can’t jump more than 10 feet between branches. Black panthers are awesome hunters with long tails that help them balance while walking on the ground and climbing trees.

The black panther population is tanking mainly due to habitat loss – deforestation and agricultural expansion, which result in the reduction of available prey. They are also poached for fur (because their coat is shiny and beautiful), hunted by farmers (who think they kill livestock) and captured for zoos.

Black panthers are very rare, mostly due to the fact that they produce infertile offspring with regular orange or spotted ones. Thus it takes many generations to establish a completely black population in captivity. The captive breeding programs have so far been successful only with leopards.

Comparison: Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Fur Color

The first difference between black jarguar vs black panther is their fur color. The black jaguar has tawny fur which turns almost completely black as it goes down to the belly, while the black panther has finer fur which ranges from dark grayish brown to black.


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther is their distribution. The jaguar lives in the southern part of America, while the panther can be found closer to Africa and Asia.

Jungle Habitat

The jaguar prefers living in a jungle habitat that has dense vegetation and running water nearby. On the other hand, the panther can sleep in trees, but prefers to stay on the ground regularly.

Bite Force

The second difference between black jaguar vs black panther has to do with their bites. The bite force of a black jarguar is around 300 psi, where as the black panther only has an average bite force of 272 psi.

Eye Color

The next difference between them is their eye color. Black jaguar’s eyes are pale yellow, while the black panther’s eyes are greenish gold on golden tawny background.


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther is their weight. The average weight of a black jaguar is around 176 lbs where as the average weight of a black panther is around 220 lbs.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther has to do with their strength. The black jaguar is stronger than its cousin, the puma. It can drag prey up to 14 kg or 31 pounds of weight for over 100 ft (30m) without any trouble, where as the black panther can drag prey of its own size or up to half of his weight for a distance of 15 ft (4.5m) only.

Length and Height

The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther is their length and height. Also, note that a melanistic leopard will have longer fur, so it will look its length. A melanistic leopard with long fur may also have a dished profile when it is in a chausie-like posture, but not when it is in a playful, spotted cat-like posture.

A melanistic jaguar has short and very coarse fur which gives him an almost shaggy appearance. A black jaguar is also more compact than a black panther. The black jaguar’s height is 64 to 96 cm or 25 to 37 in, where as the black panther stands at around 76 – 93 cm or 30-36.


Another difference between black jaguar vs. black panther is their behavior. A melanistic leopard will be more aggressive and feistier than a spotted one, while the black jaguar tends to be mellower.


Their territory is another difference. A melanistic leopard will want a larger territory to roam in, while a black jaguar’s territory may be smaller due to the fact that they are solitary creatures.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther


The next difference between Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther is their tail. The tail of a melanistic leopard is longer than its spotted relative, but in captivity, when the melanistic leopards are not in need to protect themselves from other males in the wild they may have shorter tails. Also note that black jaguars will have shorter tails than black panthers.

The black jaguar has a very thick and stocky tail, with the tip of its tail being almost parallel to the ground. A black panther has a slender tail that is two thirds of its body length. Its tail is also very flexible.

A melanistic leopard tends to carry its tail more like a lion than a spotted leopard. The black jaguar has a stockier, thicker neck than the black panther.

Hunting Habits

And last but not least, the hunting habits are another difference between black jaguar vs black panther. The black jagaur hunts during the day so it is easier to ambush its prey, while the black panther hunts at night because it needs more cover for his tricks to ambush his prey.

Teeth and Claws

The last difference between them has to do with their teeth and claws. Black jaguar’s teeth are smaller compared to the black panther who has large, sharp cutting canines. However, both of them make up for this with their paws. Both of them have retractable claws which enable them to climb up trees.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther is their size. A melanistic jaguar can weigh from 108 to 140 kg or from 238-308 lbs, while a black leopard only weighs from 65 to 90 kg or 143-198 lbs.

Population Numbers

The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther has to do with the population numbers. The number of melanistic leopards is estimated to be about 5,000, while the number of melanistic jaguars is not known at this time (but it could be far less than the number of black leopards).


Another difference between Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther is their genetics. A melanistic jaguar will only have a black jaguar parent, while a black leopard can have either one or two spotted parents. A melanistic jaguar has the same genetic code as a spotted jaguar (JAG1 gene), while a black leopard’s spotting is caused by an incompletely dominant allele (S gene).


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther is their habitats. The jaguar lives in the New World, and is very adaptable to different habitats; from dry forests and swamps all the way up to tropical rain forest and even rocky mountains. On the other hand, a melanistic leopard only lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther


Next, the taxonomy of the two species are different. The jaguar’s scientific name is Panthera onca; where as the leopard’s scientific name is Pantera pardus. The main difference between melanistic leopards and black jaguars is that leopards only have spots (or rosettes) on their head and body.

Hunting Prey

The next difference between Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther is their hunting prey. The black jaguar hunts mainly terrestrial and aquatic animals such as peccaries, capybaras, reptiles and fish. A black leopard preys on diurnal antelopes especially in the open woodland habitats.


The next difference between black jaguar vs black panther has to do with their speed. A melanistic jaguar can run at speeds of up to 64 km/h or 40 mph for short distances, where as the black panther can run only at 31 – 55 km/h or 19-34 mph.

Jag’s can run at a top speed of about 57 mph, which is about 30% slower than a panther. There are several other differences as well.


The black jaguar lives in the wild fewer times than a melanistic leopard. With proper care and nutrition, a melanistic jaguar has an expected lifespan of about 20 years, whereas the lifespan for a melanistic leopard is around 16-18 years.

The black jaguar has a maximum lifespan of about 12 years, while the life expectancy of a melanistic leopard is from 10 to 13 years.


Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Is a Jaguar less aggressive than a Panther, or vice versa?

A Jaguar is less aggressive than a Black Panther. A jaguar is less aggressive than a panther because unlike the panther, it spends more time on land and is not always in search of food.

How to tell if a Jaguar or Panther is nearby?

When you are being stalked by a panther, you may find yourself following the vibes (or “scent”) of an animal. The wind will carry their unique odor to your nose before they get close enough for you to see what they are.

A black jaguar is typically less shy than a black panther, but if it feels threatened, it will usually turn and run away. A black panther will often continue stalking its prey until it gets too close for comfort. This behavior can be seen in most domestic cats as well.

When cornered, the jaguar may rear up on its hind legs or pounce on its assailant in an effort to scare them off. A black panther tends to run away silently, so it can be difficult to tell what is happening if you lose sight of them. Look for the signs of agitation in your surroundings (such as broken branches or fallen leaves) and follow these trails to locate any animals that are still around.

The easiest way to tell if a jaguar or panther is nearby is to hear it making noises in the night, like growling and whining. There are many ways to know if a jaguar or panther is nearby, but one of the most common ways is by listening for their distinct huffing sound.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

Can Jaguars jump from tree to tree in forest?

YES, but it’s unlikely. Jaguars are not as good as other big cats at jumping up and down. However, they can still jump very high and leap from tree to tree in the forest.

The jaguar is a stealthy and powerful predator of jungles and forests. It can swim and climb trees, though not as well as the panther.

Do Panthers have spots on its coat?

Panthers have black-color spots on its coat. Panther is the term used to describe a melanistic variation of any Panthera species. It is also called Black panther or Melanistic Panther.

There are several different theories on how the mutation occurred from normal to this patterning set in but it is probably a result of environmental factors rather than breeding with other large cats, which didn’t exist for most parts of the world until humans interfered with them and caused their extinction during earlier periods in history.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther

What do Jaguars eat for food?

Jaguars are carnivores. Their diet consists of animals found in the wild, such as deer, peccaries, monkeys, tapirs, agoutis, sloths, snakes and armadillos. They will also eat any large animal that they are able to subdue. Jaguars usually prey on herbivores such as deer, peccaries and tapirs.

They may also hunt monkeys. Jaguars are also known to eat domestic livestock if given the chance. They will also prey on marine turtles, fish, caiman and even alligators.

Their diet is dependent upon their habitat and what they can catch. Jaguars prefer hot, wet habitats because of the heat and humidity which contribute to faster decomposition of animal carcasses, this in turn provides them with food for longer periods of time.

Why are Jaguars considered the most dangerous cat in the world?

This is a hard one, as there are different types of cats, so this will depend on the type. But there’s no question that jaguars would have to be included in the top 3. When it comes to danger, they’re typically seen as closer to a lion or tiger because of their size and power.

They can kill prey three times their weight and use their lengthy claws to ensnare an animal before killing it with a bite from those powerful jaws. It’s estimated that around 50% of hunts end in death for the predator (the jaguar).

These cats are known for hunting larger animals such as deer and tapirs using stealth; often creeping up on them before delivering a fatal bite or swipe from its claws. They’ve even been known to kill anacondas. No promises that they’re actually the most dangerous in the world; but jaguars are definitely up there.

Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther: The Winner

The black jarguar is the king of the jungle, but it’s not always in control. The black panther has a higher likelihood of winning when they are on their own turf.

When you see these two big cats fighting for territory, be sure to keep your distance because neither one will back down until there is death or surrender. Which animal do you think would win in real life?

In this battle, the jaguar will have the home-field advantage. In general, a black panther is no match for a jaguar because they are smaller and less muscular. The jaguar has a reputation as being one of the world’s most powerful cats.

We hope you know more information about black jarguar vs black panther after reading our detailed reviews in 2021.

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