Cape Town Winter: What You Need To Know Before Travelling There

Cape Town is a beautiful seaside city in South Africa. It’s known for its beaches, mountain views and the Table Mountain National Park. As Cape Town often has mild winters with temperatures averaging around 72°F (22°C) during that time of year, there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking or taking a scenic drive through the mountains on way to wine country. In winter, it will get dark earlier than usual so if you plan on going out at night be sure to dress warmly and bring your flashlight!

The weather there is great and people can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, driving to wine country on mountains or even stargazing at night as it gets dark earlier than usual . Also if you don’t like the cold weather, go inside and watch people walking by your window seat at one of the many coffee shops or restaurants.

Cape Town winter is a season of awe-inspiring beauty. The days are warm and sunny, while the nights are crisp and clear. There’s plenty to do outdoors during the day, but when night falls it’s time for an evening stroll or romantic dinner by candlelight at one of Cape Town’s many restaurants. Though it doesn’t snow here, you’ll find that your visit will be anything but cold!

Cape Town Winter: Reasons Why You Should Go To Cape Town In Winter

Cape Town is a city in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It’s also known as The Mother City, or simply called Cape Town.

It’s home to 3.7 million people and has an area of over 2000 square kilometers (770 square miles). One thing that makes it unique is that it’s one of only three cities in the world located on the southernmost tip of the African continent, alongside Rio de Janeiro and Durban.

Capetown typically sees winter between June and September with temperatures ranging from 12-22 degrees Celsius (53-72 Fahrenheit). So if you’re looking for a little bit more sunshine this winter, we’ve got you covered! Here are eight reasons why you should go to Capetown in winter.

Off-peak season

You can take advantage of the off-peak season. The best time to visit Cape Town is during the off-peak season, which typically falls between May and September. During this time, there are usually relatively few tourists in town, which means convenient parking spaces at all your favourite spots including restaurants downtown or on the waterfront. You’ll also see beautifully lush, green vineyards and rolling hills in the surrounding areas.

Cape Town Winter

Cool events

Have your pick of cool events to attend. The region hosts several festivals throughout winter, including; The National Arts Festival (NAF) – an exceptionally vibrant cultural celebration held every year in June, The Clarens Music Festival which is all about folk music but is held in a different location every year so as to maintain its intimacy, and The Cape Town International Jazz Festival – the largest of its kind on the African continent. One of our favourite events is The Taste of Cape Town event, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the city’s finest food and wine over three days at some of the city’s most desirable locations.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love our winter weather. This is because winter in Cape Town also brings about The Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees or simply The KKNK – an Afrikaans language arts festival that takes place annually in Oudtshoorn from late-March to early-April. The city is transformed into a hub of activity, with art and craft stalls popping up all over the place and street performers adding to the festivities.

Unique outdoor activities

Take advantage of some unique outdoor activities. There’s no shortage of things to do in Cape Town when you choose this time of year for your visit: Winter in Cape Town is whale season. Head out with a tour company and you’ll be treated to the sight of (typically) southern right whales in their natural environment. If you’re more daring, try your hand at surfing or stand-up paddling off our beautiful beaches. Another great option is hiking – this can range from short day trips to overnight hikes, and the views are always incredible.

Charity events that will warm your heart. The city is home to The Big Issue Foundation, which has been helping Cape Town’s homeless for almost 30 years. This charity holds various fundraising events throughout winter in order to raise awareness of the plight of Cape Town’s homeless community. These include an annual concert held at the CTICC and a charity cycling event.

Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful wine routes in the country. During winter, you’re likely to see beautifully lush green vineyards on your way out towards Stellenbosch – home to some of the best wines in the world including the famous Chenin Blanc. You may even have to navigate around some of the many cycling events that take place out in the winelands, so be careful!

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a city that never stops moving, with an energetic buzz all year round. But what about Cape Town during winter? The coldest months are December through February, so if you’re thinking of visiting this time of year, here are some reasons why you should consider it!

Cape Town Winter

Cape Town’s Winter Beauty

You can experience Cape Town at its quietest: Winter is not just great for taking in history; it also means fewer people out and about on your holiday itinerary. With the busiest months behind you, head to Cape Town and discover all its best-kept secrets! Winter means beautiful blue skies and balmy sunny days in Cape Town. The average day time high during winter is around 18°C (65°F), so pack your sun hat and sunglasses!

Winter is the perfect time to visit Cape Town. The winter is beautiful, with clear skies and lots of sunshine. Plus, it’s a great chance for you to escape from cold weather in your hometown. There are plenty of things for you to do here too! You can hike up Table Mountain or go on a wine tour through some of our vineyards. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor person or more inclined towards indoor pursuits – there’s something for everyone here in Cape Town during wintertime!

Cape Town also has fantastic shopping opportunities at Christmas time – so don’t forget your credit card! There are some gorgeous gift ideas available that will make anyone back home very happy indeed.

Things You Need To Prepare Before Going To Cape Town Winter

Winter is a season for most people. But it also has its own charm. If you are going to Cape Town, then winter is the best time for this city that never sleeps. There are some things that you need to prepare before going there in winter.

Book Your Accommodation Beforehand

The first thing that you should do is book your accommodation beforehand as soon as possible so that everything will be sorted out and ready when you arrive at the destination city. You can compare prices online with other websites or go directly to hotel booking websites like Booking, Agoda or Airbnb and find the perfect place.

Booked accommodation in Cape Town for a minimum of two nights before going to the city in order to have a better experience there. Even if you are not staying for a long time, then the least thing that you can do is get your own place to sleep. The rates are very high during winter so book it beforehand.

Familiarize The Weather

One of the things that you should take care about when going to Cape Town in Winter is its weather. This is the season where the city gets a bit chilly. There is a high probability that it will rain or even snow there. So you need to check the weather forecast and then accordingly pack your stuff.

Prepare For The Cold

Cape Town gets chilly in winter. It usually rains or snows there. You need to be prepared for the cold, maybe by wearing more clothes.

The temperature in winter can drop below 10 degrees Celsius, so make sure you pack thermals, gloves and scarves. You may also want to get an electric or gas heater to keep your house warm or buy some space heaters if you’re renting accommodation that doesn’t have heating already installed. Bring clothes that will last through all four seasons – summer skirts won’t cut it when the temperature plummets at night time! Make sure you pack sweaters and jackets as well as shorts and tees so that no matter what the weather is like, you’ll be prepared.

Winter is when the weather in Cape Town gets cold. Make sure you know what to expect by checking the forecast, and make sure you pack warm clothes!

Cape Town Winter

Comfortable and sturdy shoes

Pack at least two pairs of comfortable and sturdy shoes – no one wants to wear high heels when there’s a chance they might get tramped on by a horse. We recommend hiking boots for your wintertime adventure in Cape Town! Get out and enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer! There are tons of activities in Cape Town, no matter the time of year. We recommend checking out one of the many festivals – or maybe even try some wine tourism while you’re at it!

Cold and flu tablets

You need to prepare for winter in Cape Town. You should book your accommodation beforehand, so you will have a place to stay when you get there.

If it’s wintertime, the weather is cold and rainy or snowy outside. The last thing you want is to get wet – so pack clothes that are good for all seasons like sweaters, jackets and shorts! Also pack some medicines like cold and flu tablets in case they get sick!

Make sure you pack some cold and flu tablets as well as vitamins so that you can avoid getting sick while you’re down here. Also, keep your vaccination schedule up to date and make sure everyone in the family is protected from any infectious diseases!

Bring a home entertainment system

Bring a home entertainment system – if you don’t have one of these yet, now’s the time to invest! There are many things to do with your friends and family during winter in Cape Town – but sometimes hanging out at home is just as much fun!

Pack something warm and cosy for sitting around the fire on a cold winter’s day. Bring blankets, throw rugs or even buy a sheepskin rug from one of the many places they’re sold in Cape Town!

Be careful while driving in winter

Be careful while driving in winter. It’s not just the rain that makes it dangerous to drive on the roads – our weather also affects road conditions, so it’s even more important to keep an eye out for icy patches during winter months. Make sure you pack snow chains and flares if you’re planning on travelling by car.

Winter in Cape Town is romantic, exciting and full of adventure – it’s the perfect time to take a loved one, friend or family member out on an adventure together. Whether you want to go wine tasting, animal watching or even whale watching, there are tons of activities in Cape Town for couples, friends and families!

Prepare Your Skin

Prepare your skin before arrival in Cape Town in wintertime. Make sure you pack some great moisturisers so that you can keep yourself nice and soft during the cold months!

Pack insect repellent

Even when it’s winter, mosquitoes aren’t afraid to come out and play. Make sure everyone in the family has been stung by a nettle before you leave to prevent any allergies from taking over!

If you would like to know more things to do in cape town, the following video will be helpful to you:

Interesting Destinations In Cape Town Winter

Winter in Cape Town is beautiful and the activities that you can do during this time are just as amazing. There are a lot of things to do such as: visiting your favorite restaurant, skiing, going on a hike or even taking a day trip. The opportunities for winter fun in Cape Town really does not end!

Cape Town offers many different places to visit and explore all throughout the year but it becomes especially magical when there’s snow on the ground and Christmas songs playing in the background. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It has mountains, beaches, and it’s the home of Table Mountain – one of the world’s most photographed landmarks. It also boasts some interesting destinations for winter travelers. Here are six recommendations on where to go in Cape Town this season:

Winter in Cape Town can be a bit of an enigma. Some days, it’s cold and raining; other days the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight. But whatever the weather, you’ll find plenty to do. Here are some favorite winter destinations:

Cape Town Winter

Winter is the season for skiing, snowboarding and other cold weather activities. If you’re looking to get away from it all this winter, there are many places in Cape Town that offer a perfect escape from the daily grind.

If you want to enjoy a more traditional holiday experience, head up to Table Mountain which offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and beaches below. There’s also plenty of wildlife along its winding paths including baboons and black-backed jackals. But if a winter wonderland is what you’re after then head to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens where acres upon acres of beautiful flowers bloom throughout the year or take a trip down south on Chapman’s Peak Drive for spectacular ocean views with crashing waves below at Hout Bay Beach.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, then a holiday in Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Table Mountain Aerial Cableway where you can take the “trip of a lifetime” up and over the mountain. If penguins are more your thing, head down to Boulders Beach which is home to hundreds of these adorable South African penguins. For a more cultural experience take a trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for decades and learn about his amazing journey of survival, forgiveness and growth.

Clifton Beaches: One of the best things about Cape Town winters (besides that we don’t have snow) is that we’re close enough to see Antarctica from our backyard! So when you’re not at one of our many beaches like Boulders Beach or Llandudno beach, take a walk on Clifton 1st and 2nd Beaches for unbeatable views of Table Mountain and False Bay.

Cape Point: Just a short drive from Cape Town, this beautiful spot offers amazing views of the ocean and mountains. If you’re feeling active, hike up to the Cape of Good Hope for even more awesome views!

Green Market Square: In winter, Table Mountain is shrouded in mist so it can be difficult to see from downtown. However, Green Market Square is right in the heart of town and offers stunning 360 degree views of Table Mountain and beyond.

Cape Town Stadium: Located on the edge of Green Point adjacent to the Waterfront, this modern stadium doesn’t have a bad seat in the house. Catch a rugby match at Newlands or a football match at Cape Town Stadium and cheer on our local teams.

The MuseumAfrica: If you’re looking for something to do indoors this winter, check out the new branch of the MuseumAfrica in Newtown. It’s a smaller museum than its flagship site in New Somerset but it offers an interesting look at South African history and culture.

Kirstenbosch Gardens: Kirstenbosch is an official botanical garden and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking trails lead through the mountains and down to False Bay. There are also many flora and fauna species from all over the world, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. Take a trip to the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for lush green lawns and incredible views of Table Mountain. Winter is also a great time to spot honeybees as they gather nectar from the flowers.

Silvermine Beach: Silvermine Beach is the longest beach in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. It’s also one of the most loved surfing beaches by locals, and it has strong swells throughout winter that are perfect for surfers looking to practice their skills. The water is quite cold, but there are many surfers and swimmers who don’t seem to mind.

Bo-Kaap: Bo-Kaap is a colourful neighborhood of Cape Town, famous for its winding alleyways and Victorian architecture. It’s also known as the Malay Quarter, as it was once home to Muslim immigrants from Malaysia. There are an abundance of restaurants and shops selling traditional food and souvenirs.

Cape Town Winter

Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town: Boulders Beach is a haven for penguins, as it’s home to a large colony of African penguins. It’s also a popular hangout for local fur seals. The beach has been declared an official seal sanctuary, so there are no dogs allowed. The penguins are best seen between 9AM and 10 AM when the tide is out, but it’s worth visiting outside of winter to view all the other wildlife as well.

V&A Waterfront: The V&A Waterfront is one of Cape Town’s biggest attractions. It’s a bustling port area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. It’s also where you can take boat tours, visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, or go dolphin watching.

Cape Point Nature Reserve: Cape Point is one of the most iconic sites in South Africa. It has dramatic cliffs and beautiful coastlines all the way around. It’s a popular spot for going on long hikes, or just enjoying the scenery from a mountain top with a picnic.


Cape Town Winter is a time of year that many people look forward to. It’s the perfect place for family vacations, romantic getaways and even surfing! There are so many things you can do this winter in Cape Town – from water sports to hiking trails. If you’re planning your trip now, make sure to book early as accommodation prices will increase closer to the date of travel and availability will also be limited. We hope we’ve given you some great ideas on how best to spend your holiday away from home or even if it’s just an escape during these cold days at home!

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