Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar – 5 Days Trip In Zanzibar

Planning a honeymoon is hard. It’s hard to plan a honeymoon because there are so many options and it can be difficult to know which one will work best for you. Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar is the perfect solution!

With this package, you’ll get everything you need for your romantic getaway including airfare, accommodations, car rental and more. You won’t have to worry about anything other than packing your bags and getting on the plane!

Zanzibar Overview

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Zanzibar Brief View

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago which became independent from the United Kingdom in December 1963. Zanzibar comprises of three main islands: Unguja, Pemba and the smaller island of variously referred to as Zanzibar, or Ziwa.

The largest city of Zanzibar is Stone Town, located on the island of Unguja, which has a population of around 180,000 people. The motto on the national flag is “Unity, Freedom, Justice”. The country’s name is often spelled “Zanzibar” but pronounced “Zinjibar” in Swahili.

Zanzibar has a long history of ethnic and political conflict. In the 1890s, for example, Zanzibar was ruled by Sultan Ali bin Said, who joined with Britain in quelling the slave trade. However, one-third of the population were slaves at that time.

The British brought an end to both slavery and the Arab-dominated rule of the sultan in 1896. The island became a British protectorate in 1890, and in 1963 it joined the newly independent nation Tanzania.

Zanzibar is located south of the Equator, to Africa’s east coast. Its distance from mainland Tanzania (and therefore the African continent) is around 40 miles (65 kilometers).

Zanzibar is known for its white-sand beaches, clear blue water and stunning coastline. It also has a rich history including slave trade, sultans’ palaces and bustling bazaars. Zanzibar currently enjoys both semi-autonomous status (shared with Tanzania), as well as the benefits of full membership in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The rich history of Zanzibar’s past has left behind a number of famous landmarks that still remain today, including castles and the remains of former slave trade markets.

Attractions In Zanzibar

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Zanzibar offers a wide range of attractions and activities, including:

Tourism Of course, Zanzibar is a tropical island paradise famous for its beaches and diving opportunities. In fact, tourism has been the number one foreign currency earner since independence. Visitors can enjoy fine sand beaches, coral reefs and tropical climate throughout the year.

Paje Beach

Paje beach is located in the southeast of Unguja, where it enjoys a breezy and sunny location with white powdery sand and warm waters. This beach has all necessary facilities such as hotels, resorts, restaurants and diving centers.

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach is located in the northwest of Zanzibar, and is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The beach offers a lot of accommodation options, diving centers and shops.

The Ruins Of Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated at Mkunazini in Stone Town. The fort was built in 1593 by the Portuguese and is known for its unique architecture, which is a blend of Omani and European styles.

Fort Jesus has been named after Jesus of Nazareth, as depicted on its western face. It’s one of Zanzibar’s most important historical sites where visitors can learn about the history of the country and its colonization by the Portuguese.

The House Of Wonders

Also known as Palace of Wonders, this building was constructed in 1897 for Sultan Barghash. The palace has been described as a fusion of Indian, Omani and British architecture styles. It’s also one of Zanzibar’s most magnificent historical buildings.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Stone Town Bazaar

The Stone Town bazaar is located within the city of Stone town, and it’s one of Zanzibar’s most buzzing marketplaces where local people as well as tourists do business. At the Stone Town Bazaar, visitors can purchase various items including spices, tortoise shell, souvenirs, handicrafts and traditional thawbs (robes).

Historical Sites Of Unguja Island

There are several historical sites on the island of Unguja that were established by the Sultanate of Zanzibar. Some of these sites include Bujama House, Mbweni Ruins, Mtoni Palace, Mwembezhi Palace and Kizimkazi Mosque. The island of Zanzibar has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in total, making it one of the best places to visit in East Africa for history buffs and heritage tourism.

Safari Activities In Zanzibar

Zanzibar offers a variety of activities, ranging from spice tours to historical tours, diving and sailing. Visitors can also enjoy a range of water sports such as windsurfing and snorkeling in addition to safari options like jungle walks, deep-sea fishing and wildlife drives.

Spice Tours

Zanzibar is world-famous for its rich culture and traditions, and its spices like cloves and vanilla. Visitors can take part in a traditional spice tour to learn more about the country’s history and culture.

Diving & Snorkeling

Zanzibar offers a variety of diving and snorkeling opportunities, including the famous dive site called “The Prison” (45 minutes away from Stone Town). Zanzibar is known for its rich marine life, abundant coral reefs and sea turtles. Visitors can also enjoy deep-sea fishing, free diving and sailing.

Reasons For Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Reason 1: Discover the Splendid Paradise

Zanzibar is a magnificent tourist attraction in Tanzania, which allures many travelers from different parts of the world. The island is full of beautiful beaches and pristine lagoons that provide opportunities for exploring marine life and water sports.

It has a number of picturesque mangrove swamps and coral reefs with an extraordinary range of flora and fauna including green turtles and birds.

The island has a number of historical attractions that include Stone Town, which has beautiful houses with elaborately carved doors and courtyards and the Palace Museum, which stand as witness to the three sultans who ruled Zanzibar up to 1963.

Reason 2: Mingle with the Exotic People

The people of Zanzibar are very hospitable and friendly. They welcome their guests with warmth and kindness. The locals who live in Stone Town often greet foreigners by saying “BONJOUR” or even shake hands!

It is also customary for locals to engage tourists in a conversation, which gives travelers a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting facts about their culture.

Reason 3: Bid Adieu to Excess Baggage!

A number of travelers prefer Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar for having an all-inclusive holiday packages, which enables them to carry minimum luggage. Here, they are not asked to pack unnecessary items like clothing and shoes that need lots of space to accommodate.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Reason 4: Sample Exotic Cuisine

Zanzibar is known for its mouth-watering seafood delicacies such as lobster, prawns and crabs. It has a rich variety of fruits that include bananas, mangoes and passion fruit. Travellers can also enjoy an exotic cuisine that includes Arab dishes such as barbecue, couscous and pita bread.

Reason 5: Get a Chance to Hummer

One of the most popular attractions in Zanzibar is the “Dhow Safaris”. Visitors can embark on different types of excursions like sunset, night and full day safari. During these trips, they enjoy exploring marine life such as dolphins and turtles and spotting exotic birds.

Reason 6: Explore the Oceanic Delight!

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar has beautiful beaches with clean blue waters that are ideal for swimming and scuba diving. The island also offers opportunities to visitors to go on snorkeling, sea walking or even cruising in glass-bottomed boats. Travellers can also go for a boat ride and explore the coral reefs and lagoons for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Reason 7: Relax on Hazy Days!

Zanzibar provides great opportunities to travelers to de-stress themselves. They can enjoy different water sports like swimming, snorkeling and diving in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Travellers can also sunbathe on beautiful beaches or play a game of tennis on one of the many tennis courts that Zanzibar offers.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar has a number of sandy beaches, which are swept by refreshing breezes all day. These breezes are known as “kaskazi” in Kiswahili and have cooling effect on the body providing relief from hot weather. Travellers enjoying honeymoon packages can spend their days lounging on the beach and away from hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

Reason 8: Leave Behind Stress

Travellers who visit Zanzibar find it a perfect place to spend some time with their feet in the luscious white sandy beaches and explore all its exotic beauty. This gives them a wonderful opportunity to let go of their stress and enjoy life to the fullest.

Guide For Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Honeymoons are considered an integral part of any wedding celebration, but the idea of a honeymoon itself comes from an ancient, ritualistic practice involving the bride and groom spending their first night together far away from others.

Today, there are many different types of honeymoons to choose from; some unusual ones include spending time with gorillas in Rwanda or heli-hiking in Nepal. However, many couples still choose to spend their honeymoons in Zanzibar.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar: Couples who decide to spend their honeymoon in the pristine, untouched beauty of Zanzibar (where no one can find them) will enjoy having luxurious accommodation to come “home” to at the end of a busy day of sightseeing or snorkeling.

One of the most popular resorts for Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar is located in East Africa’s premier island destination, which offers a unique opportunity for couples to create unforgettable memories as they spend their honeymoon in the beautiful tranquil surroundings of this exotic Indian Ocean archipelago.

Preparation For Zanzibar Trip

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

The following are some of the things that you will need to take for your Zanzibar trip:

• Passport

• Sneakers or sandals

• A set of clothes that can be worn in the city and on the beach

• Phone charger

• Sunscreen lotion

• Lip balm

• A hat or cap with a wide brim to protect from sunburn, glare, and heat waves

The preparation for Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar is the same as any other honeymoon. It is important to choose a destination and make accommodations in advance. There are plenty of resources to assist in making the honeymoon more memorable, such as travel agents and planners. One can find many things on their own, but having someone else help with it can be advantageous.

Itinerary For 5 Days Trip In Zanzibar

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Day 1

Upon arriving at the Airport in Zanzibar, you will be picked up by our representative and transferred to your hotel. Rest of the day is free to check in the hotel rooms and relax until dinner time. You can also enjoy a stroll along the beach or visit a nearby restaurant.

Day 2

Today is the full day at leisure in Zanzibar. Relax and enjoy your holiday to its fullest by taking stroll along the beach, visiting nearby places like spice plantation. Enjoy a tasty dinner in one of many restaurants or resorts when having Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar.

Day 3

Today is the day to enjoy one of Zanzibar’s most popular sport, Dolphins Cruise. The marine dolphins found in the warm coastal waters breeds between July and December.

Take a ride on their speed boats along with your friends and family members and watch these beautiful creatures swim and play around you. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling along with dolphins. This is one of the most amazing experience you will get with Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar.

After an adventurous day, relax and enjoy dinner at one of few luxury resorts located around this tropical Island.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Day 4

Today is the full day Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar organized by us to visit Stone Town – The Capital City Of The Sultanate of Zanzibar and Kisimayu. Stone Town has a labyrinth of narrow streets and passageways that will leave you completely amazed with their historical buildings, forts and markets.

After visiting Stone Town, we proceed on to visit the nearby city of Kisimayu located on the East Coast Of Africa. Here you can enjoy visiting its beaches and relax on the white sandy beaches enjoying a refreshing swim in the clean waters along with some tasty seafood dinner.

After an adventurous day, enjoy dinner at one of few luxury resorts located around this tropical Island.

Day 5

On your last day on Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar we recommend you go for a Turtle Conservation tour which is organized by the local Conservation group. You can also snorkel with Dolphins or just relax on one of many beautiful beaches in Zanzibar.

The above mentioned itinerary is subject to change depending on your requirement and budget. We will be happy to make an itinerary as per your requirement for this wonderful Island of Treasure, Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Accommodations

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar accommodations are very beautiful. They have the best resorts in the region with beautiful beaches and amazing sceneries. You can have a traditional holiday in Zanzibar, which is not only romantic but also educative. You can learn more about the island’s history, culture and traditions.

There are several resorts in Zanzibar for couples who want to enjoy their honeymoons. The resorts have many rooms with beautiful views of the sea or sunset.

They also have restaurants, bars and swimming pools where you can relax all day long. If you are an outdoor lover, you can go snorkeling, fishing or hiking. There are also many private beaches to enjoy the sun and swim in the sea.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

The some resorts we recommend to our numerous customers are as follows:

Mkokotoni Serena Inn Resort

It is located only 1 km from Stone Town, which makes it close to everything, but far enough to feel like you are in an oasis. The resort has rooms for couples and families with all the amenities you can wish for during your honeymoon. It is just a few minutes walk from the beach where you can swim or snorkel in the Indian Ocean.

Ganeti Hotel

This hotel has recently been renovated and is in a privileged position. The hotel is located near the ocean and has many rooms for couples, but also some with three beds for families. There are several room options to choose from depending on your budget and what you want to get out of your honeymoon.

Kendwa Rocks Resort

The resort is located in Kendwa, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. It has many rooms for couples and even some with an extra bed to accommodate small families. The hotel has a restaurant with great food, pool bar and beach bar.

During your honeymoon you can dance all night under the stars at their disco. At night you can enjoy many types of delicious cuisines served by the best chefs in Zanzibar. During your stay you can relax on the beach, swim in the pool or enjoy a great massage.

Mtoni Marine Centre

It is one of few resorts that backs directly onto the Indian Ocean with amazing views. It has many rooms with breathtaking views for couples and even some with another bed for small families.

The resort has a restaurant, bar and swimming pool. You can swim in the ocean or enjoy a drink by the bar while listening to the best music from DJs around Zanzibar. If you want to relax, there’s a spa as well as many activities such as snorkeling, fishing and boat trip to the nearby islands.


Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

What are some destinations for honeymoon packages?

There are some beautiful destinations for honeymoon packages Zanzibar. The beaches and hotels around the island offer some of the best service in the world, and couples who want to explore will find that there is much more than just beautiful locations to see.

What can I expect when using a honeymoon package?

Honeymoons are meant to be special celebratory occasions, and it is important for you to know what to expect when using a honeymoon package. The good news is that these packages are created with the needs of the customer in mind, and they offer excellent service to make sure your trip goes exactly how you want it to.

What will I get if I use a honeymoon package?

The wonderful thing about honeymoon packages is that they are created specifically to meet the needs of couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon. These packages will provide many different amenities and they provide excellent customer service.

What is included in my honeymoon package?

A honeymoon package can include all kinds of amenities, but it will vary depending on the specific hotel or company you use. Most packages include some or all of the following: flight reservations, hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, and special amenities created just for you.

Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar

Where can I find cheap honeymoon packages?

There are different ways to find cheap honeymoon packages. Honeymoons are meant to be special occasions so picking the perfect location is important. If you want more affordable honeymoon packages, you can use some tips to help lower the price of your trip.

What are the different honeymoon packages available?

There are many different types of honeymoon packages that you can find online and on travel sites around the world. Depending on what type of experience you want to have, there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Some common types of packages are luxury honeymoons, adventure honeymoons, and even single location quests.

Is there a honeymoon package to get married on the beach in Zanzibar?

The Zanzibar beach is one of the most beautiful places to get married if you are looking for a tropical backdrop. The island has plenty of other beautiful locations as well. When you use a honeymoon package, you can also decide if getting married on the beach is something that you want to do.

How can I plan my own honeymoon package?

If you are able to plan your own vacation, you can always create your own honeymoon package. One of the main challenges is finding all of the right amenities in one place. However, if this is something that you want to do, there are plenty of websites designed for planning trips like this.


Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar is the best place for couples to spend their honeymoon. Whether you want a romantic beach vacation or something more adventurous, we have an all-inclusive package that will satisfy your every need and desire.

After working with us, not only will you know exactly what type of resort is right for your needs but also which one offers the most value for money! All it takes is filling out our simple form here on our website and someone from our customer service team will get in touch before long.

We hope this has helped answer some questions about Honeymoon Packages Zanzibar; if anything remains unclear then please don’t hesitate to contact us again anytime!

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