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This small community of potters, as well as weavers throughout the Drakensberg, began to form in 1985 when they got together to exhibit their talents. Since Pietermaritzburg towards the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg National Park, the area has been referred to as the Midlands Meander. South Africa is a tourist hotspot, if you are intending to explore this land, then equip yourself with knowledge about South African life before setting foot in this strange land. Here are a few useful experiences for travelers midlands meander things to do who plan to travel in the near future.

The Midlands Meander has been acknowledged to be South Africa’s best artisan crafts trail since it has 80km of artistic and cultural meandering to experience. Looking for ceramics, pottery, woven products, furniture, carpets, stained glass, and leatherwork is an excellent way to while away the time when you’re in that area. Kids’ toys, kites, and one-of-a-kind masterpieces can be found as well.

After doing all the shopping, eating, and drinking, you can have some fun and exercise as well. Pick an air adventure if you enjoy floating in the air. Ziplining for non-South Africans is called “foodie sliding.” Or you can go on a hot air balloon ride in the beautiful Drakensberg Mountains. If you’d rather be near the ground, there are several activities including golfing, fishing, quad biking,  mountain bike routes, horseback riding, and fantastic walks.

Foodies also flock to the area for locally-produced cheeses, chocolate, wine, and a microbrewery that produces award-winning beers.

There are many artisans from which to choose in this area, including weavers, potters, leather workers, artists, metalworkers, woodcrafters, box builders, herb farmers, cheese producers, and beer brewers.

In this neighborhood, public drunkenness and driving is strictly prohibited, so don’t drink and drive. If you’d like to have a good time, take a cab or stay the night. No one should be surprised to find exceptional lodging in such a stunning location.

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Discover More South Africa

Best time to visit South Africa

South Africa’s climate is very agreeable all year round, located in the southern part of the continent. South Africa is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it’s also high in the north, and the climate is mild in most places.

There is no snowfall during the winter in South Africa, which is situated around the Cape of Good Hope. You are welcome to visit anytime. South Africa is open year-round, but you should be prepared with clothes, gloves, scarves, and hats as the weather is relatively mild but can fluctuate significantly from day to day. Vietnamese people have to be flexible during the day because of the high and low positions in the day.

South Africa in September to November is popular with tourists because of the weather. The weather in South Africa is currently mild, and the temperature is from 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it is springtime, and it is raining, but it is not cold.

A popular vacation spot for couples is South Africa in the springtime when all over the country you’ll see purple Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

During your time in South Africa, you gained extensive experience.

It’s not polite to tell people you’re a tourist.

However, if you tell people you are a tourist, you are not guaranteed sympathy, and you may also find yourself in a dangerous situation at any time. Ask the police, hotel staff, and your own personal map for directions.

Don’t accept help from locals

Since you are a tourist, locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, bringing you to a secluded area and requesting that you share some of your money with the less fortunate. At this point, you should find a polite and firm way to refuse them, avoiding drawing attention to yourself. There is a higher probability of being found closer to the police station and shopping mall.

Exotic accessories are not allowed (jewelry, cameras, watches, ..)

Wearing expensive accessories makes you stand out to the robbers, and you’ll therefore become a target. Even if you’ve brought the item, you should leave it at the hotel’s reception if you have it.

If you are concerned about keeping your money on you, do not put it in your back pocket.

For pickpockets, having cash in the trunk could be a clue. South Africa travel tip: Carry as little cash as possible while traveling through South Africa. It is recommended to use an ATM card.

Evening hours are not a good time to withdraw money from ATMs.

Even if you are in a populated area, if you see locals nearby, you should halt your project, if necessary, in order to ensure that your battery is well protected. By implementing a few minor strategies, they can empty your bank account.

Do not visit attractions by yourself.

South Africa’s most famous tourist attractions are located in low-income neighborhoods, as the areas where they live are cheaper than what they are wearing. As a result, a group tour is preferable to book your own trip.

Do not watch football on the big screen in the street

This is a crowded area where there are plenty of fights, where robbers tend to congregate, and where thieves are known to be particularly aggressive. But, to be on the safe side, stay in your room so you can watch the game in privacy.

Do not rent a car or taxi though

The more you know about drivers, the more cautious you should be. Whoever these drivers are, they could be bandits, and they can force you out of your vehicle on deserted roads.

Take a trip to South Africa, and then select a final destination.

In Cape Town, you will have plenty of things to do including adventure sports, like climbing, windsurfing, swimming, and tanning, plus shopping, scuba diving, and exploration. If you visit, you’ll be able to meet Mui Hai Hope.

There is a featured image for Cape Town, and that is Table Mountain, the country’s most famous mountain. You can take a cable car or hike to the top of Table Mountain if you go to the summit.

In South Africa, Johannesburg is the wealthiest and most populous city. Johannesburg has the world’s largest diamond mines, and you will have the opportunity to set foot in all of them while in the city.

One of Sun City’s main attractions is the Baobab forest and the artificial sea, and there is a Palace of the Lost City building on the premises, which was the location of the Miss World pageant when it was held there. Tour Manager Traveler’s next lead

Wineries producing delicious bottles of wine from grapes grown in the South African vineyards offer a must-see attraction.

South African tourists should consume what?

South African cuisine reflects the impact of diverse and evolving cultures, as well as important periods in history. South Africa is a beautiful country with delicious food, which is another way to keep tourists in the country.

Among South African dishes, a few are well-known:


A South African dish that consists of minced meat sautéed with scrambled eggs on top. In addition to the dried fruits like raisins, traditional bobotie includes other ingredients, such as grapes.


The unique dish of South Africa, the Braai, is grilled or roasted meat, although it is prepared in the same way as other grilled dishes.

Dried meat

Beef or fillet of ostrich meat is made into dried meat. Delicately seasoned strips of these sun-dried cuts of meat are ready to be served.

Chakalaka curry

Served with bread, curry, and vegetables (like a potato) The town of Johannesburg was the original place of origin for this vegetable.

Umqombothi beer

Corn Malt, Yeast, and Water – Umqombothi beer: beer that is rich in vitamin B


A dish that is made of egg, sugar, flour, and milk mixed together to form a cream, which is then added to other food to be served with the food

Everything is better when one indulges in these delectable, memorable dishes and savors a glass of wine.

Suggestion For Midlands Meander Things To Do

You’ll be so moved by the undulating hills of it’s Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal that you’ll remember this location for a long time. Each winding road leads to a river, a functioning farm, or an exquisitely beautiful landscape that’s tranquil enough to help heal the spirit. Pay close attention to the shifting & scattered scenery all along the journey, as you will go through forest mists, green pastures, and steep crags. As you drive, make a point of stopping at tiny villages along the way to make sure you see them before you turn your back on them. Many have called this rather calm part of KwaZulu-Natal the Midlands Meander, then when floating across the undulating countryside and mountains, I’m sure you’ll be able to see why.

Our list of popular destinations includes…

A canopy tour in Karkloof.

Karkloof Forest, which is hidden between the Midlands green slopes, is an example of an indigenous forest that lies in a mist belt of the Karkloof. streams gurgle and trickle between rocks in moist, burnt-orange forest floors, which expose Samango monkeys and Knysna lorries, which blend in with canopies. To open the canopy, soar across the trees and rocks, along with connecting zip lines, capturing the magnificence of each layer of the forest on the way. Look out over the countryside, forests, and waterfalls, and let well-educated and local guides teach you about outstanding ecological science. A destination where trees, flowers, and birds may be spotted, together with a dose of adventure.

Near Howick, this is really a requirement if you’re in the Midlands. Perfect for kids 5 and up, plan on bringing the whole family with you on your adventure.

The Drakensberg 

Enchanted rock formations atop the Drakensberg, into which cascading water sources spring and cascade down the steep mountain slopes, eventually forming crystalline-clear rivers that then run through South Africa. The Drakensberg seems to be an iconic, unforgettable, and unmissable landmark of KwaZulu-Natal and can be viewed as one of the Midlands’ beautiful features. While it is a known fact that the country’s natural protector is such a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s no surprise at all. Enjoy treks with views of breathtaking natural rock formations, find serene rock pools, and learn about San rock art in the calm valleys beneath the mountains.

Spa or pampering days

Pampering oneself in the countryside would be a uniquely special experience. A wide range of relaxing therapies are paired with views of natural beauty to transport you to an unprecedented level of relaxation. It is widely recognized for its top-quality spas located in the Midlands region. Not testing one or two of them will still be wrong, wouldn’t it? Some of our fave examples include:

Hartford House

Indigo Fields African Bush Spa

Brookdale Health Hydro

Granny Mouse

Karkloof Safari Spa

Fordoun Spa

The research of arts and culture

A nice and interesting pottery gallery may be found in Ardmore. Ardmore has had success in showcasing the African flora and fauna in a striking fashion and has established itself as a leading player in the global market. An African animal or plant can wrap around a dish, cup, or tray. These serve as impressive works of art.

Unique sculpture operates as a signpost all along Midlands Meander, around the same location where Nelson Mandela has been taken by Apartheid security agents. His 27-year sentence as a result of that event is commemorated by the monument that was built on the spot. The sculpture’s creator, Marco Cianfanelli, claims that it is a structural conundrum. This symbolizes the momentum that was gained throughout the struggle by virtue of Nelson Mandela’s arrest. The columns’ 50 years signify his capture, and they’re also symbolic of many contributing to a greater whole. Mandela’s imprisonment solidified his status as such an icon of resistance, which had a catalyzing effect on the subsequent wave of resistance, solidarity, and rebellion. The political changes that followed this upsurge were accomplished thanks to this movement.

A Culinary adventure

It’s likely that, as you meander around the Midlands, you’ll want to take advantage of delightful restaurants built in the countryside, located in hillside retreats. Our favorites are listed below, most of which visitors can stay in:

At Hartford House, enjoy five-course meals that you will surely be drooling over. Espresso from local, organic ingredients melds together to make exceptional coffee, which makes it a fantastic compliment to a stroll through the Midlands.

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse: Recognized for the fantastic food that is country-style and the intimate atmosphere, Cleopatra has gained the affection of many with its great dining. A true culinary adventure awaits you in the highlands of the Drakensberg, far away from the prying eyes of other guests.

To Italian-food enthusiasts, La Lampara Italian Restaurants is as good as it gets: Indulge in warm as well as hearty Italian meals set in a Tuscan-style atmosphere with pastoral views of the Midlands. Enjoy some of South Africa’s great wines when pairing delicious meals.

Wine and vineyard tasting

Until you learned about the stunning wineries in the Midlands, you may have assumed that Western Cape was really the only region in South Africa containing vineyards. Letting you explore KwaZulu-wine Natal’s regions, the Midlands vineyards will provide you with a unique wine tasting experience.

Highgate Wine Estate

Abingdon Wine Estate

Fly Fishing

Would you like to go fishing? You’ll have an overwhelming amount of fishing chances in the Midlands to choose from. The Midlands is really a fisherman’s heaven because of how much fishing there is. The abounding waters teaming with trout, bass, and indigenous yellowfish make for fantastic fishing conditions. Fishing also in the countryside of KwaZulu-Natal has become a good way to reconnect with nature.

Cheese, Coffee, and Chocolate

If you have the time, stop into smaller neighborhood shops as you make your way through the rolling hills of England. If you ask me, it’s an ideal C-trio of great-tasting cheeses, rich coffees, and delectable chocolates.

Go to the lovely green meadows and grazing goats at Swissland Cheese also on Midlands Meander with the whole family. Try tasting a variety of goat cheeses while the children feed the animals.

Our local artisan espresso roastery is surrounded by spectacular surroundings and delicious coffee. Passionate is the right word to describe the feeling of Terbodore when it comes to their enthusiasm for their trade, and that is exactly where you should go to enjoy a delicious country blend or sit down for a sumptuous breakfast or lunch.

Your next stop is Chocolate Heaven. You can taste and purchase the chocolates from the Midlands or have a “Dipping Experience. The more ordinary strawberries, as well as Turkish delight, are here, while the more exotic gherkins and biltong are up there. Then these different treats will be dipped into warmed handmade chocolate. The family is about to have a delicious, dirty, yet delightful time.

Beer Tasting

Visit to Nottingham Road Brewing Business to take part in a beer sampling. With a wide variety of beers like the “Wobbling Wombat” and gins to drink, have a day in the Rawdons’ gardens relaxing on the wood decking and sipping on your preferred drink.

Horseback riding

Experience the geography of the rolling hills of the Midlands mountains while riding horses. Enjoyed by professional guides and friendly horses, you’ll have the opportunity to go into the country of KwaZulu-countryside Natal’s on your own terms.

Local food marketplace

Tailor your itinerary by using the locally obtained Midlands products and visiting the Karkloof Farmers Market for breakfast and lunch options. The market provides opportunities for local farmers and is supported by various stalls that provide fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade delicacies, and organic products. Open every Saturday, as this is the ideal spot to treat yourself to some scrumptious coffee or fresh fruit juice as the kids enjoy playing outside.

Check this video to see Top Billing goes for a meander through the Midlands

Roll Back All The Miracles Of Midlands Meander

So, you’re considering going on a trip to the Midlands River Loop? That’s a good one. Would you like help in planning a nice weekend getaway? I’ll show you a bit of rural life for midlands meander things to do.

In South Africa, there are a variety of sight-seeing trails that make their way across the Natal Midlands, the Midlands Meander. You will have the opportunity to experience one of the most stunning and diverse landscapes that we have ever witnessed.

A unique, elaborate tourist route is found in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, as the Midlands Meander is a combination of great adventures, unique eateries, magnificent accommodations, and creative craftspeople. The Midlands Meander’s purpose is to enhance the appreciation of our beautiful country and the people that reside in it.

The paraglider also works wonderfully well as a travel companion for a drive around the Drakensberg Mountains. For those of you searching for the best South African long journey or a quick getaway, go no further than the Midlands Meander & Drakensberg.

I thus propose that you choose the perfect midlands meander things to do that is the most like your choice among all these. I hope that this blog has been found beneficial! 

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