Best Things To Do In Alberton 2023 – Fantastic Alberton Tour From A To Z

Choosing a place to travel or relax for the whole family is not easy, especially when each person has a different need. Adults want to go to places with beautiful scenery to see and experience, children like to run, jump and play games. If you don’t know what things to do in Alberton for your whole family, this article will answer all your problems.

The Alberton of today is very different from the Alberton of the past. It not only has great tourist attractions, but Alberton also constantly has new restaurants, lovely and interesting cafes. Alberton will become a more and more interesting place, have more sweet and cute things, be closer to people’s lives and interests.

If you are still wondering where to go or what to eat in Alberton, please check it out at our best things to do in Alberton – fantastic Alberton tour from A to Z below!

5 Best Things To Do In Alberton 2023

Hiking in Rietvlei Zoo Farm

We are now living on sunny summer days and preparing to welcome the cool autumn. But no matter what season it is, the weather is now very nice to be able to enjoy outdoor activities with our family. Especially, if you go to Rietvlei Zoo Farm you will find the best setting for the needs of every member of your family. Rietvlei Zoo Farm is not only loved by residents of Alberton, but many foreign visitors also love to visit.

For those who don’t know, Rietvlei Zoo Farm is a commercialized farm that offers all kinds of outdoor activities for your family. Although being commercialized, this place still retains the atmosphere and scenery of the natural environment and is also very hygienic. Rietvlei Zoo Farm is like a resonance between the beautiful landscape with the peaceful space, the fresh air of the blooming flowers, and the cries of the birds and animals in the center of Alberton. In the midst of a crowded and noisy city, it’s hard to find a place that has its own “quality” like here, right?

Coming here, your kids can see animals, learn more about animals and feed them by themselves. Also, there is a playground for children including swings, slides, and many other things to help them run and jump freely. Rietvlei Zoo Farm also has a trail that is ideal for hiking. During the hike, you can also enjoy the extremely beautiful scenery around. However, there is a recommendation that you should not walk here alone and always carry water with you. In case you don’t like walking, you can ride your bicycle here because there is a single track which is great for cyclists. During cycling, you should also be careful because there are many intersections, and many trees will obscure your view.

Furthermore, in the Rietvlei Zoo Farm, there is also a very large lake. The lake is one of the ideal destinations for you to relax on the boats and it will give you beautiful and romantic photoshoots to post on Instagram. Therefore, it is not spontaneous that this tourist attraction attracts many young people.

Fishing in Jackson Dam

Jackson Dam is a place that attracts people here and is always in the top places not to be missed for weekends with family. Located on Jackson Street with an inexpensive entrance ticket, this place is full of the most features of nature and gives you moments of relaxation after hard working days.

The experience that is in the favor of many people when coming here is fishing by the lake. In contrast to the fishing but the fish never bite at Rietvlei Zoo Farm, the lake at Jackson Dam is extremely ideal for fishing. The beautiful scenery on the lakeside is also very suitable for your family to sit here for a picnic or you can lie down and sunbathe by the lake.

Jackson Dam also offers a children’s park. When they come here, they can run and jump and play their favorite games or sports.

Shopping in Alberton City Shopping Center

As the “big brother” of all the malls in Alberton, Alberton City Shopping Center is a favorite destination for many people because everything is available here, and it’s located in a place which is accessible to many main highways that is convenient to go anywhere. Although it is the largest shopping center in the area, this place does not have the crowded, vibrant atmosphere as you might think. The number of customers coming here is very small even though there are many stores, and the service attitude is quite good. However, if you are a resident of Alberton and you haven’t been here before, you should definitely visit once because this place can certainly provide you with everything you require. Also, if you are a foreign tourist, you should visit Alberton City Shopping Center too because it includes both domestic and international brands, it will bring you a good experience.

With a large space, Alberton City Shopping Center almost meets everyone’s needs. If you like shopping, there are a variety of stores selling things like shoes, clothes, jewelry, furniture, etc.; If you like to eat, there is a floor with many food and drink shops for young people. In addition, there is a bookstore, a game area, a supermarket, hair salons, nail salons, etc. You could spend an entire day in this place and still be able to fully enjoy it all!

The only negative point in this place is that because the number of people coming is too small, there is no bustling atmosphere like other places. But in return, you will not have to spend a lot of time waiting in line to order or pay for a long time. In addition, if you are a foreign tourist, you can come here to buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

Climbing in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Located south of Johannesburg, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is known as the major nature reserve in this area. Although it is not part of the city of Alberton, the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is located near the border of Alberton so if you go to Climbing in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve from Alberton, it isn’t very far. This nature reserve is preserving a number of wild animals and more than a hundred bird species, many of which are rare and endangered.

However, most importantly, the landscape here is extremely natural and wild. If you come here, you will be living in the adventure footage of the wild world in real life. Besides being suitable for hiking, this place is an ideal place for you to climb the mountain in the most original way. Equip yourself with all the gear you need to climb, and you’ll have a great experience. Also, if you’re lucky, you might stumble across zebras, buffalos and many kinds of herbivorous animals roaming around. It is extremely wild and has beautiful vegetation. When hiking or climbing, you can also see small springs or lakes. Especially, after exploring the wild nature, you are also strengthened with great energy because there is a restaurant here. This restaurant will provide you with local food and drinks that are perfect for an outdoor picnic.

Eating in Il Forno Mediteranean Family Restaurant

After spending a hard day exploring Alberton, you need a delicious meal to reward yourself and Il Forno Mediteranean Family Restaurant is the perfect choice. Il Forno Mediteranean Family Restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, serves local and international dishes with selected fresh and quality ingredients. The restaurant’s menu with countless attractive choices is carefully selected and designed by the chef to bring an enjoyable dining experience to diners.

Taking advantage of fresh and abundant local ingredients, the dishes here are enhanced and become a delicacy not only because of their deliciousness but also because of their beautiful and stunning performance. According to the feedback of those who have enjoyed the food here, pizzas are a must-try when you visit Il Forno Mediteranean Family Restaurant. Besides, other sauces are also really the “spirit” of the restaurant when seasoned very well, with enough saltiness, enough sour taste, a little spicy and fragrant pepper, creating a feeling of numbness at the tip of the tongue but strongly hitting the taste buds. Ending the meal with a sweet dessert like ice cream or chocolate mousse is a good decision.

Besides, the excellent service quality and friendly attitude of every staff in the restaurant will be an unforgettable impression you will have for this restaurant.

FAQs About 5 Best Things To Do In Alberton

Q: Do you need a local guide when climbing or hiking in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve and Rietvlei Zoo Farm?

The answer is no because there are signposts everywhere in these two places. However, those who come to this place for the first time may be confused by the signposts. Also, in case you have a local guide, your trip will be safer, you will have more peace of mind and you will reach your goal faster without having to go around.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a local guide, you should find out in advance the schedule of the trip, information about the weather, the place to go, the level of safety, etc., and come up with a specific plan.

After all, you should absolutely avoid climbing alone. Climbing in groups can increase your chances of survival in the event of an accident. In addition, if you are unfortunately attacked by animals in Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, especially venomous snakes, or if you get lost without the help of others, you will be in danger.

Also, the interesting video below will show you the unspoiled nature of Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, let’s find out!

Q: How can foreigners travel in Alberton?

Foreigners coming to Alberton can comfortably take a taxi or bus here to travel. Since everyone in the area can speak English, you don’t need to worry anymore. Additionally, if you are confident in your ability to drive and want a new experience, you can rent a car but make sure your license is permitted in Alberton. In general, the road system in Alberton is quite good and it doesn’t have a lot of traffic on the road, so driving here is also quite safe.


Alberton really has a lot of ideal choices for those who love to explore and immerse themselves in nature and the lives of locals. Newcomers and even people who have lived in Alberton for a long time only see Alberton as an ordinary city with a quiet pace of life and always wonder what things to do in Alberton. But if you do a little research, you will realize that Alberton has a lot of interesting places for you to experience.

Going to Alberton in any season is fine, but obviously late summer and early autumn will be the most suitable because you can enjoy all the hot and wild suns of this place. And, you know that now is the right time for you to experience Alberton. There are so many wild and peaceful places for you to clear your mind, and it also has a list of restaurants for you to choose from. Have you found your heart pounding and your feet itchy? If the answer is yes, then let’s go, summer is knocking on the door!

If you have any suggestions or have any questions to ask us, please comment below. We will solve all your problems because all your comments will help to make our website better and help other readers to have more knowledge.

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