Things To Do In Durbanville: Amazing Destinations For Your Memorable Trip

Looking for the things to do in Durbanville when traveling to this place? This article is totally for as right now we will offer the wonderful destinations of this place to help you have an unforgettable trip in Durbanville.

Durbanville is an attractive destination that has attracted a whole range of tourists coming to this place every year. At the present time, more and more people would like to travel to this amazing place, therefore they are looking for some destinations and activities that they should not miss when visiting Durbanville.

If you are looking for things to do in Durbanville and do not want to miss the amazing destinations and activities in Durbanville, read this article as well as all the information below carefully. We believe that they can help you have a memorable Durbanville trip.

In this article, we will offer you the information about the following destinations:

  • Barnyard Theater
  • Rose Garden
  • Willowbridge Slowfood Market
  • Nitida Wine Estate
  • Reptile Garden
  • Tyger Valley Shopping Centre
  • Microlight Scenic Flights
  • Galileo Open Air Cinema
  • Conclusion

Barnyard Theater

The Barnyard theater in Durbanville – a cozy and relaxing social atmosphere where you can enjoy the highly qualified upscale theater productions with friendship, food, wine and wonderful enjoyment. Bring children if they love a show, meet friends at work, share some wine bottles, have a birthday party, arrange a saturday date, double date or New Year’s Eve.

things to do in durbanville

Doors normally open about an hour and a half before the show begins, so that you can have a comfortable dinner at your own wooden desk and at home. Pack a gastronomic picnic, catch something from a drive, take your favorite Chinese pick-up last night, and bring a few chopsticks. Everything’s going to go on the eating front, no fuss. There are a selection of pizzas, nachos and snakes in the bigger Barnyard Theaters which can be ordered and picked up on your arrival. Drinks are not allowed as a full bar catering (closed during the show) is available, so be sure to store before the show.

Non-smoking theaters and children’s facilities with smoking lounges for smokers. Shows include plays and musicals from the local and the international, live bands and special circus productions. Built in a rustic Barnyard-inspired setting with wooden tables facing the central stage, the stage, lighting effects and sound quality are Broadway quality showings. The shows usually are so much fun to be part of and since dancing is not possible on the tables, the manufacturing company regularly organizes talent auditions. 

Rose Garden

The rose landscape is flourishing as romantic fragrances float. The love flower in Durbanville has a dedication of 3.5 hectares, where the 500 varieties of roses are found on a surface of 4500 bushes.

things to do in durbanville

The color concussion contrasts with the tranquil feeling set in the wine region of the Durbanville Rose Garden. In 1979 the Western Cape Rose Society founded the garden with rose fans giving the most roses. In the garden on family-sponsored land belonging to the Old Eversdal estate, the rose encloses Schabort family burial grounds.

The clay ground on the eastern side gives flowering ground. The splendid garden depicts beds of antique roses, miniature roses, award winners, country climbers, shrubs, hybrid teas and flowering plants. Awash with splendour. Walking around the fountain, gazebo and the rocky past, a refreshing experience will be offered in the clubhouse in October and May, with a Sunday afternoon tea.

This rose garden of world class is one of only three trials in the southern hemisphere and serves as a worldwide rose kindergarten. Four full-time council jardinieres welcome the volunteer support of the non-profit organization Friends of the Rose Garden. Public picking is not allowed, but tailoring is sometimes done.

Willowbridge Slowfood Market

In this urban center at Willowbridge Slowfood Market, food grown on the urban banks is sold directly. Only a small proportion of imported foodstuffs is permitted on the site, so most mouthwatering is local love labor. Here, producers who only sell products they’ve grown, raised, taken, made, built, preserved and/or processed in their own hands recall this formerly forgotten food selection style.

things to do in durbanville

Unfrozen freshness and unexpected goodness means ecologically delicate farming methods and unbroken shipment from farm to market. Tasting and taking home is done with wood-fired bread, homemade pasta, green garden, Saldanah oysters, organic meat, sauce, vineyards, handmade delicacies and everyday food.

Purchase raw for home-cooking or buy cooked for lair meetings already home. Nutrients have declined, but satisfaction continues to be an earthly encounter. Food needs on the road meet the means of slow food. Bring your family to the stock, swap a recipe. Slowly simple. Slowly simple. It feeds slowly. Slowly tasty. Little by little on Saturdays.

Nitida Wine Estate

For modern, rustic, simple, genuine and sincere food! The spice named Cassia is known as the Asian cinnamon after the bold and fascinating spice. Simplicity is high here and temporary flavors also prevail. This wall-down approach says “let’s eat, not fuss,” since the contemporary approach to rustic dishes inspires a changing menu.

things to do in durbanville

In a unique setting, overlooking the farm dam with panorama of the vineyards in Durbanville, Cape vernacular design can all of these followed by one of Nitida’s award-winning wines. Enjoy relaxation and the inspiration of the wonderful textures of this food, wine and environment experience.

Reptile Garden

Reptile Garden is a reptile screening park with over 35 reptile organisms.  Our goal is to educate the public on how to live with them in nature and in our garden. The fascinating world of the reptiles. Reptile Garden is an excellent way both for adults and children to learn but also to see both native and exotic reptiles in an environment that is safe, well looked after and attractive.

things to do in durbanville

We help reptile owners with the right knowledge and support in looking after their animals, both now and for the first time. We also have a specialist shop for reptiles and all associated supplies of hardware and food.

Reptile Garden is an amazing addition to things in Cape Town and is an excellent place to enjoy the experience of Stodels and turn your day into a journey by introducing you and your children into the unidentified reptile world. At the Stodels Restaurant parents can appreciate a great meal and attend some shopping in the garden while children can enjoy play areas, train rides and the petting zoo, pet shop and Reptile Garden.

All our specimens are carefully raised and carefully cared for in their good health, hygiene and comfort. In addition to each cage with its own temperature control, our pets have a climate controlled environment that circulates through the cages.

For schools, birthdays and other special occasions, Outbound shows can be organized well in advance. Public reptile shows are included in the entrance fee at the reptile garden on weekends at 12.00. We show some of Africa’s deadliest snakes in fun and factual ways. Visitors can interact with inoffensive reptiles.

Tyger Valley Shopping Centre

If you have chosen the right places to stay in Cape Town you will certainly explore what to do. If your retail therapy services are your business, you will gladly know that it is a Worldwide Center of Shoppers and Capetonians proudly calling it their own. This interesting and creative center of shopping and leisure is on the N1 just a 12-minute drive from City Bowl.

things to do in durbanville

In the rapidly growing business district of the Tyger Valley and the retail center of Cape Town, this stylish and welcoming shopping center is known for. Ster-Kinekor Cinema Complex comprises ten movie theaters, 275 stores and a banking center with trade offices, healthcare facilities and dental services in the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre.

Customer support is an essential priority for the shopping centre, and the Tyger Valley Centre’s three customer service desks and customer support telephones facilitate outstanding customer service.

An entertainment arena with food, recreation, banking & entertainment stores is located at the Tyger Valley Arena. In a three-level arena, the Tyger Valley Arena uses state-of-the-art designs and techniques to incorporate glass panels with decorative designs, fusioned with brushed steel clothing and accessories.

 An intercom system is also available at each entrance, which customers can use when they need a wheelchair. There are over 5 000 parking lots for customers when visiting Tyger Valley and either undercarriage or free parking is available.

Microlight Scenic Flights

One of these small aviations certainly has an adrenaline rush when you rush across land and sea. Without a huge metal cocoon, micro-lighted travelers and pilots enjoy the unspoilt views all around, such as underneath, with a much larger range and perspective, with memorable views.

things to do in durbanville

Initial and final at the Fisantekraal airfield outside Durbanville, Louis Geldenhuys undertakes a micro light tour in the magnificent western terrain of Western Cape, and enjoying the west coast and the shadowy agricultural land on its banks. Its ancient and fun way allows travelers to enjoy low-level dives and then ascend to the vast expanse of Cape Town. Look for dolphin schools and even whales as you cross the sea as close as possible to the water and even skim waves. Table Mountain, where its scale and beauty are not impaired, is the best view from the microlight.

The pilot’s seat is learning to fly here if he wishes to take the next step and jump. Theoretical and practical components are available as private courses. You will receive your Microlight Pilot License once these have been passed successfully.

Sunrise is typically the best time to fly because the weather is calm, and the cold air and light make the circumstances idyllic. Remember to bring your camera along, along with warm clothing, shoes and something to tie back your long hair.

Galileo Open Air Cinema

Galileo Open Air Cinema is a simplified theory – a spellbinding, star-filled and finally sensual outdoor movie experience. Hillcrest Quarry is located in the Wine Valley of Durbanville and offers a beautiful location with a magnificent view. The Hillcrest Quarry is the idyllic location for one of the open air cinemas in Galileo that is a popular place among locals seeking a different night out. Hillcrest Quarry is also the ideal location.

things to do in durbanville

Rounded by mountains, gardens and a giant lake, visitors can expect a big film that begins at sunset, a stars’ ceiling, fabulous food and drinks in the market, music and play. The standout feature is of course the film. There are currently more than 100 films from classics and comedies to modern music and documentary films in the Galileo line up.

The Hillcrest Quarry will be held on Tuesdays from November to April, and during the splendid summer evenings specific shows will be held. You can purchase tickets on the website. The standard ticket suppliers include a blanket, a backpack, or an ice-cold Savanna to be served in premium places, plus snacks (for example popcorn, sweets).

No other alcohol is permitted. The doors open at 18:00, and the first arriving seats are secured. While guests wait until the movie starts, on the prestigious market you can find and purchase handicraft goodies or just walk amongst the stalls.

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We hope that after reading this article about things to do in Durbanville, the destinations above will appear in your travel list as they are worth visiting destinations. If you come to Durbanville, do not miss the places above, we believe that they are places that can give you the best experience when traveling.

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