Top List Of Things To Do In Greyton: Wear Your Backpack And Let’s Get On Your Endless Journey

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is happening, we believe we are still planning to travel around the world after getting vaccinated. However, traveling is an unable-give-up hobby; many people like adventuring and discovering new lands, whether it is very dangerous and challenging. If you do not know where to go, we have a suggestion: Greyton, a wonderful tourist place in South Africa. In this article, we will let you know the best things to do in Greyton.

Top List Of Things To Do In Greyton

Greyton is an ideal address to relax at the weekend. You just come to Greyton; you can set foot and lie back the mountains in the Western Cape’s Overberg. This peaceful countryside has fresh food, fabulous beer, and wine, gorgeous landscape. You can exercise, relax your mind, and enjoy incredible things here.

Now let’s check the top list of things to do in Greyton.

Discover culture and history

Stay in a national monument

The Old Potters Inn building

I think visiting a national monument is the first thing you should do when you come wherever because this way helps you understand the culture and history of the new land.

You can visit and stay at The Old Potters Inn building; people built it in the 30s of the 19th century. It was the potter’s house. It is an ideal choice for those who are ceramic art enthusiasts. You can also enjoy quality dishes here.

Besides, you can choose other modern rooms with king and queen beds at an affordable price. 

If you like homely spaces, you can rent a country-style cottage. You will get the best self-service facilities such as a wood supply (braai), a mini wood fire stove (great for cold nights). You also can have breakfast or some light meals for dinner and lunch.

Furthermore, you and locals can brew beer in the home yard and jump to the cool swimming pool whenever you want.

Make a historical stroll around the village

When you walk around Greyton for a few minutes, you will see many ancient buildings. They date from about 1854 and are still in excellent condition because the Aesthetics Committee frequently takes care of them to protect their architectural integrity.

You should spend hours taking a stroll on the quiet roads and view these well-preserved buildings. You may visit the Herbert Vigne cottage (the Greyton founder) and the Moravian church. Additionally, a winemaker’s home and a liquor store may be a great stop in the middle of a trip.

You can view a few original mud-brick houses (date from about the 60s – 70s of the 19th century) at Vigne Lane.

While walking, let’s be careful and pay attention not to hit the horses roaming on the road. You should prepare a map from the Information Centre or follow a local citizen’s directions.

Participate in a special event

If you want to get on well and understand Greyton deeply, you should try to participate in a special event such as a festival.

Greyton people often hold any events around the year. Hence, you can see that this peaceful town will never be boring. The festival types are rich (ex. live music, beer festivals, or pop-up dinner).

Go to Genadendal

If you are planning to Greyton,  the Genadendal Historic Village and Museum is a must-go place.

Genadendal was established in 1738. It is the oldest Moravian missionary village in Africa. When you come here, you will have turn-back time experience with maintained ancient buildings. The old watermill still operates. You can buy a stoneground powder sack from the museum building.

You can visit the printing museum if you are interested in this field. When moving on the road, let’s be careful with cows and horses.

Go mountain biking

Greyton has many trails, so don’t hesitate, go for a ride with a mountain bike. You can seek the locals’ help; they can map out a route, and you just follow it to have a nice day on your bike.

You can rent a bike or bring your own. You should come to Retro Rides (outside The Old Potter’s Inn) to make a light journey around Greyton with a classical bike. 

If you prefer further trips, let’s try to use a mountain bike. Then, you can go to iMTB Africa where provides the guided excursions in the area or long expeditions according to the customers’ demand.

In case you own a bike, the friendly local people will let you know about the great trails in this town. However, you must have permits when you move on the trails. You may get them from Vanilla Café before departure.

Walking and hiking

Walking on the mountain

If you do not like riding a mountain bike, you may try to walk on the mountain.

Walking on the mountain is a beautiful time to view all the beautiful landscape. So let’s pick the best shoes and see incredible waterfalls or make an adventure trip by climbing on the top of mountains or any ravine.

Take a hike in the Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve

When you have gone all the way to the center area, you should try to discover the Greyton Nature Reserve. It was established in 1977 by Professor Brian Rycroft with a size of about 2200 hectares. The Greyton Nature Reserve is one of the largest nature ones in the Western Cape.

From Professor Rycroft’s point of view, this reserve is still unexplored. This place has plants that we have not seen since Burchell described them in 1812. Therefore, you should depart to this nature reserve immediately. 

Don’t forget the entry permit if you stay overnight in the Boesmanskloof Trail or Genadendal Trail. You can go to the Greyton Conservation Society to get detailed information.

Hike from Greyton to McGregor

Boesmanskloof Hiking Trail

Greyton town is the starting station for the famous Boesmanskloof trail. Besides, its other name is the Greyton-McGregor trail. It will take you a day or two on the road to come to McGregor.

Moreover, you not only can hike from Greyton to McGregor but also set foot in different interesting places, for example.

The Genadendal trail: length – 25.3 kilometers, take 2 days, require a Cape Nature reservations office permit.

Natuskloof: length – 7 kilometers, take 2.5 hours, there is a shortcut via Boesmanskloof, you can see the top of Boesmanskloof, Scholtz river, Sewefontein Dam, Fynbos during your journey.

Gifkloof Trail (about 7 kilometers for 2 hours): You can try to discover the highest and lowest point (330 and 210 meters). However, don’t hope you can ride motorized traffic. Instead, it would be best if you rode a horse or mountain bike. You will begin and end at the junction of lower Regent Street and Vlei Street. Then, you can hold a picnic at the Gobos River’s side and view farms and mountains (Hottentots-Holland, Abdolskop) and other beautiful landscapes.

You can try to ride a donkey cart. It is excellent when you can rush like the wind on the highway at high speed.

Riding a horse

If you’re bored with walking or biking, try to get in the saddle and riding a horse. You can look out for the Moses family at the Saturday morning market. This place will give horse and cart ride services.

You can choose to ride a horse around town. If you like a wild space, you should go with the Moses family through valleys and mountains in the Riviersonderend. 

Don’t worry if you are a newbie; you can still participate in the Greyton Riding Club. You will learn how to pass a mountain, streams, dams, or orchards.

Swimming in a mountain pool

If you travel to Greyton in hot summer, what’s better than being immersed in a rock pool or a hidden waterfall.

After walking for a long time, dangle your feet in cold water flow is so amazing. Then, you can relax a bit and continue your trip.

You can find the icy water area and try to pass it to see how great your endurance and cold tolerance are. I think those are excellent experiences that you should have once in your life.

Caledon Hot Baths

If you like to enjoy warm water flow, let’s go to Caledon Hot Baths. It takes 30 minutes to get from Greyton to Caledon. Caledon is the famous  Natural Warm Mineral Baths in the Western Cape. These natural streams produce 1 million hot water liters per day, with an average source temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.

Caledon natural springs contain rich iron (chalybeate); you can realize this due to the unique brown here.

Thanks to the high mineral content, the lake surface has many oil layers. Their density will change over time based on the weather condition.

Caledon Hot Baths also own facilities such as a jacuzzi, Swiss shower, frigidarium pool, sauna, a steam room, cascading hot pools,  and a luxurious Victorian Bath House (built-in 1897).

Eat and drink comfortably

Enjoy manner of seasonal goodies

When you travel to Greyton, you should forget your austere diet in a few days and enjoy cuisine here.

You can go to address Peccadillos Bistro, 23 Main street, Greyton. The owner is Rupert Fage, who makes delicious dishes thanks to seasonal local ingredients such as crème caramel, lamb shanks, pork belly, and leek risotto. 

Try to sip handmade Belgian chocolate

If you love sweet chocolate bars, you can come to Richard von Geusau’s store next to the Oak & Vigne Café.

Richard von Geusau spent time studying the art of making luxury chocolates from Chantal Coady (Rococo Chocolates founder). Then, he established his small chocolate factory in Greyton. He uses the best ingredients to produce the best products, for example, dipped chocolates, molded chocolates, truffles, milk, and dark chocolate with hazelnuts or Frangelico, Maraschino Cherry Wedge, Rose Geranium, etc.

Von Geusau Chocolates opens at the weekend; however, if this store is closed, you can ask the Oak & Vigne Café’s staff, they will help up open it up.

Eat a toast on Sunday

The Hungry Monk inside

If you often have a frugal diet, you may try to change the taste on Sunday in The Hungry Monk. This restaurant has an Anglo-Indian and Polish mixed with South African style. They will serve pasta, fish dishes, curries, and a tapas selection. You can enjoy South African cuisine, Euro-Asian twist dishes (oxtail or lamb shanks)

If you must eat vegan food, you will have a vegan menu that everyone can eat together. After a meal, you can finish with a cocktail or handcrafted beer.

Continue to maintain the vegetarian diet

Spaghetti with vegan meatballs in Pure Café

If you are vegetarian or vegan because of religious or health reasons, Greyton town is ideal for you. Local people are friendly with plant-based food. You will be welcome in Heart & Soul, Abbey Rose, or The Hungry Monk. You also can go to coffee shops such as Vanilla Café or Via’s Deli to order vegetarian meals.

Another address is Pure Café where serves vegan breakfast and lunch. You can buy vegan dishes, for instance, plant milk, herbs, spices, chickpeas, quinoa. They are Pure Café’s flagship product and friendly to vegetarians. Moreover, if you like eco-friendly household and skincare goods, this shop can meet you.

You can try to eat spaghetti with vegan meatballs or other tasty vegetarian dishes (vegan flapjacks, cottage pie, mac n’ cheese, chickpea omelets).

Sip drinks

You can enjoy a range of great wine types to complete your delectable meals happily. 

If you don’t want to go wine tasting at a restaurant, you may come to 3 following boutique wine farms; they are all near Greyton town.

First, Andy Mitchell Wines is a family-run cellar and vineyard in the garagiste style (a modern cellar style). This place produces the vintage MCC wine in a small amount. Their style is a combination of Rosé, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux (Décolletage), and Shiraz.

Andy Mitchell Wines farm

Second, Lisamore Wine Estate farm owns classic wine recipes with a cool climate. Their wine recipes are diverse and complicated. They always make handcrafted wine in a lovely way.

Lastly, let’s go to Swallow Hill Vineyard and Winery to see the sunset with 5 wine types and 5 tapas. You can walk around this farm and enjoy the poetic scene, where have Viognier and Tempranillo vines. You should call to book a schedule and sip wines here.

After eating fully, let’s go to any pub to sip local beverages. If you love authentic old style, you should drop by Posthouse. Finally, you may visit Searle’s Trading Post to get a unique Afrikaans country atmosphere.

If you don’t like alcoholic drinks, let’s go for tea now. Here are our suggestions for you.

Miza & Max

If you are looking for an ideal place for the whole family, Miza & Max will be a reliable address. Miza & Max has a children’s play area and babysitting services. It is excellent to sip teas and not worry about your naughty kids who may run and jump wild. 

This place specializes in “the lekker stuff.” Additionally, ice cream, waffles, cakes, coffee, especially Lady Bonin’s Tea may become your favorite dishes.

If you are a chocolate fanatic, you can like handcrafted chocolate spoons that will melt into hot milk to give you a delicious hot chocolate.

Vanilla Café

In case you want to enjoy a salty tea with someone, you can come to Vanilla Café. This place will also offer savory sandwiches with full of figs, brie, cream cheese, and fresh cucumber. They also have a children’s play space, your kid can stay there, and you still drink your cup of tea or coffee for many hours leisurely.

Alternatively, if you want to chill out with a local beer or have smell great cups of coffee, the Oak & Vigne will be suitable for you.

Shopping in the market

Are you looking for a snack or local products? Then, you can go to the Saturday Morning market (from 10 to 12 a.m.) and buy Ilse van Lingen’s biltong, wood-fired bread, pancakes, or other delicious food. 

All things here are homemade, for example, organic veggies, cheeses, olive, lemon cordials, low-fat yogurt, labneh, farm butter, pestos, rusks, biscuits, koeksisters, freshly baked, marmalades and jams, etc.

You can find cute gifts for beloved ones from this market. Arts and crafts are excellent choices for you, for instance, Norma’s hand-stitched bookmarks for those who love books, Norma and Chiv’s watercolors for the artist, Gill’s beautiful calligraphy cards to save memories.

If you like fabrics and outstanding needlework creations, you should try to visit the Hearts’ Design gazebo. You can find some magazines or second-hand old books at the Greyton Red Cross stall. This place adopts a few abandoned pets; you can also buy some cute things for your pets at home.

If you can’t go to the Saturday market, the Produce Market will be a good choice on Wednesday. You can find mushrooms, vegetables, freshly baked goods, preserves, jams here. 

Wednesday Produce Market 

The Produce Market is outside Via’s Deli. You should come in the morning to get the freshest food.

Another great address is The Fig Tree Deli. This place has many delicious dishes that are waiting for you, such as scones, quiches, cupcakes, and pies. All are homemade. You can go to The Fig Tree Deli from Friday to Sunday.

The Fig Tree Deli also has takeaway goodies if you do not want to eat in the store or cook. You will have many options for pestos, pates, preserves, and locally sourced cheeses. If you are a vegetarian, you can visit Real Food to pick vegan-friendly products.

Find the antiques

Vintage & Vogue

After visiting the Saturday Morning market, you can continue to go to the center of town and buy some antiques in the afternoon.

There are many souvenirs, collectibles, and antique stores along the streets in this beautiful town.

You can go to the Vintage & Vogue on the DS Botha street to buy decorations, arts, fragrances, fabrics. Muishui is an ideal space for people who like antique furniture that has been meticulously and beautifully restored. If you are looking for arts and vintage clothes and something more interesting, coming to Railway House.

Articles de Fantaisie

Next, the Roots Antiques – Articles de Fantaisie in Oak Street sells and stores indigenous jams, the items that are attractively and carefully restored.

You can walk along Main Road, where have precious collectibles and antiques to find something to make gifts for everyone at home. 

Meet the locals

On Wednesday night in Greyton, the local people will gather in The Old Potter’s Inn, drink beer, and talk. You can visit here, order a draft beer,m and listen to some exciting stories about folklore.

During all night, you will never know who you can meet; you also learn why you should avoid Sucking Susie. Finally, let’s remember to hold the Inn’s craft beer. The beer factory here produces 4 beer types to pick and immerse yourself in folk tales.

Alternatively, don’t ignore the happy hour (from 5 to 7 p.m.). You can enjoy a light dinner with new friends at opening-afterward local restaurants.

Live together with nature

Bring a tree from the nursery to your home

From 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, you can join Colette Kemp from Terra Blossom Africa to get helpful info about the tree and their role in the forest system.

Colette believes we should learn deeply about how the natural system works. Then, we just need to listen to nature every day, and Nature Mother will show us the correct way.

You can go to the native forestation nursery from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to buy a seedling on Sunday. Then, when you come back home, you can make your own garden to improve your living space.

Shop for hydrophilic plants

Nowadays, the drought condition is becoming severe, so hydrophilic plants are also more popular. You can visit Fiore Garden Centre where have fantastic selections of indigenous plants and succulent herbs.

While staying here, you can see exciting sculptures or enjoy tasty milkshakes, light meals, or sweet cakes.

Learn about plants’ medicinal effects

The native plants’ healing features will make you amazed very much. They can prevent cancer cells from growing in the first stage. Besides, the indigenous herbs also reduce earache and toothache. Moreover, you can use it as a general method of repelling harmful insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

Overall, the plants have many healing abilities that you have ever known. Hence, let’s spend a period learning about them. You should contact locals who can take you on about 2 hours into the Nature Reserve. You will definitely have a different sight about some plants such as wild dagga, spekboom, wormwood, or wild rosemary. 

Meet a donkey

You should visit the EARS Donkey Sanctuary at the Greyton Riding Club if you are an animal lover. It is only a few kilometers from town and takes a few hours to move.

This farm is home to old or abandoned donkeys. They all need a warm home and endless love to heal hurt. You should call before coming because The EARS Donkey Sanctuary is an active farm.

When you stay here, you can feed the donkey carrots. If you want to take care of them, you can adopt any donkey or donate monthly.

Tickle a pig

Pigs often like to tickle very much, especially Mr. Crackles at the Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary. This farm is a paradise for animals run by Nicola Vernon with 30 sheep 80 pigs, and a range of other animals (geese, ducks, goats). People rescue them and give natural life to them without hunted risk. 

You can book a schedule to visit and play with animals. You may also spend time becoming a volunteer here.

Walking with your dog

Greyton is a friendly place with dogs. You can see dogs everywhere, even in restaurants.

You can walk with your dog on the road in the town. Near the Nature Reserve, there is also a route dedicated to dogs. You can find it easily on the map. There are many great places for dogs (ex. Oewerzicht).

Visit the Rose Fair

If you love flowers so much, let’s go to Greyton in October every year, there is a Rose Fair. On the weekend, you can join the opening parade and the rose show. Besides, wander and view all the open gardens are fascinating. You can see brilliant flowers and breathe their incredible aroma.

Enjoy true arts

A small town is an excellent place where many artists reside and hide. You can see their work at different points in Greyton.

You can visit Sculpture Garden, the Ateljee Marina Aguiar, Gretha Quinlan candles, and the David Kuijers Art Studio. Oak & Vigne also stores a few lovely arts; you can sip coffee or a light meal and enjoy these artworks.

You can go to Willow & Bailey to see quirky and exciting crafts. If you want to find artists, Greyton Tourism will offer some helpful info to help you contact them.

Furthermore, you can attend art classes and interactive workshops at Willie Jacobs Greyton Art Gallery. The gallerist Annalie Wesson will often these activities for locals and tourists. After completing the course, you can walk around and view other artworks and have a meal at Ambiance Eatery.

Peek-a-Boo at a Doll’s House

Doll’s House owner is Norma Musgrave; she began collecting and managing Doll’s House on her 50th birthday. Her inspiration comes from stately homes and the collectors’ fairs.

You can see and rate her collections in Searles Trading Post. I believe you will be lost in a scene like a period film. It is so unique and fantastic.

Supporting a local charity

There are 3 charity shops in Greyton; you can definitely find bargains for good purposes.

The EARS charity shop in Greyton Oak Center has a donkey conservation fund. Meanwhile, Lady & The Tramp on the Main Road is supporting the Animal Welfare Society. 

On the Main Road, the Red Cross Charity Shop has many pieces of clothing with vintage style. You also can buy available clothes to raise money for Red Cross.

If you have a decent amount of old clothes or furniture that are still in use, bring them here, they will be welcome.

Take care of health

Enjoy a massage

After a long day with walking tours, your body deserves pampering. Nature’s Touch service includes massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy which help you relax and recover energy. Alternatively, you can go to High Hopes Healing Energy Centre, which also offers excellent therapeutic methods, including reiki, acupressure, massage, and applied therapies kinesiology.

If you like to experience country relaxation, you should visit Jennifer Lotter Health & Beauty in DS Botha Street. This place will provide pedicure service, foot and back massage to you.

You can go to the Main Road and book an appointment at Perfect Profile Health and Beauty. You will get a manicure, pedicure, massage, and facial, and more outstanding services.

Sleep one night in a tipi or a Hobbit house

If you want to change the sleeping place in one night to sleep well, you can look out for the Blue Hippo Farm, were located a few kilometers from Greyton. This farm provides completed American Indian-style tipis with futons and fireplaces.

In case you do not like Indian style, let’s stay in a Hobbit house to enjoy an atmosphere like in The Ring movie. These houses are made of natural materials so that you will be comfortable all night.

Your pet can come to this peaceful space. You also swim, hike, view birds, discover or simply relax all day.

You can join retreats or creative art workshops in the Blue Hippo Farm. Your kids will be able to take part in children’s camp or funny parties. The medicine walks, and sweat lodges may be suitable for your parents.

All these activities are perfect for your family members’ physical and mental. Hence, let’s enjoy leisure time with beloved ones, relax, forget troubling things, and recover health.

Tree House

If you want to try something new and strange, sleeping in The Treehouse is one of the best ideas. The Anna Elisabettini designer created it. In this room, there is a bed, gilt gold mirror, and a stand-alone clawfoot bathtub. It will be a great night when you sleep floating in the air.

Learn cooking in The Ladle Cooking School

If you want to be a master chef or simply love cooking every day, you should go to the Ladle Cooking School.

This school is located in a beautifully recovered Victorian building on Main Road. The Ladle Cooking School owns a new approach to cook. You will practice very much to create high-end dishes from local materials. Inspirational teaching can make you more passionate about cooking.

Chef Tutors will show their professional level and train you carefully about needed materials, stoves, pans, pots, aprons, knives, cutting boards.

After cookery courses, you will get helpful notes and recipes. So now, don’t be afraid of your cooking skills and show them to your beloved ones.

Get married in an Abbey

There is nothing more awesome if you can hold the most important day of your life in Greyton, where there is beautiful scenery like fairy tales.

If you do not know where you can hold a wedding party, Abbey Rose will be an excellent choice. Abbey Rose is a self-service restaurant with great dishes. It also has a back garden. This place had a storehouse, and now there is an abbey here where you can get married.

Abbey Rose

The abbey here owns a beautiful and impressive design. It has the doors that belonged to the slave merchant in Zanzibar. Oak tape chairs from 1926 from a church in Stellenbosch. Your wedding will be sparkling and fanciful due to the chandeliers and a magnificent stained glass window. 

The chandeliers are the owner’s original artwork. It has spent 200 hours creating colored glass windows with 420 meters of copper leaves, 8 kilograms of lead, and more than 2000 puzzle pieces.

After the wedding, your spouses can engrave your names on a copper board on the chapel wall. It is class compared to leave the name in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world to mark your happy day memories.

Buy a house

If you want to stay here for a long time, you may buy a house. Provided, of course, you’re rich enough to buy a lovely home in Greyton. 

Prepare a house also helps you get excellent short journeys around a year without renting a hotel or homestay.

Stay away from the crowd on the weekend

On the weekend, people often want to escape the center city and go to the countryside to enjoy a tranquil space. 

However, if you need a peaceful time to forget daily stress, Greyton is a perfect place for you. During staying here, you can relax your mind, walk all day, breathe pure air, take some photos, spend time thinking about your purpose in life.

When you are too tired from life, work, money, let’s put them down; for now, pack your bags and go to Greyton.

Let’s watch this video to see the beautiful landscape in Greyton.


Above are things to do in Greyton. They may be a part of amazing things that we have yet discovered. When the pandemic is controlled, and we can return to the new normal condition, let’s wear your backpack and go anywhere you want. You only live once, so don’t stay in one place; you can create chances to have wonderful journeys for you and everybody.

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