Amazing Things To Do In Hartenbos: You Should Not Miss For A Perfect Vacation

After a long time of hard work, having a trip to Hartenbos is an excellent idea. As this place has a wide range of interesting activities and experiences for you to participate in. You might wonder what are things to do in Hartenbos and search for in the Internet. There is a lot of information about the destination which gives you a headache. Therefore, we are here to help you solve this problem. 

Hartenbos is a small town in the Western Cape province located in South Africa. It is about 45 kilometers far outside George, South Africa. It is located a few kilometers south of Mossel Bay. This small city is truly a hidden gem which includes all the luxuries that give you a seaside experience but without being noisy.  

If you are a beach lover and thirst to see something new, this place will definitely suit you. Hartenbos is an excellent getaway if you are finding some peace for yourself or a great small family holiday to spend time with each other after a long period of working and studying. 

Let’s dive in and find amazing things to do in Hartenbos to start writing down your journey plan. We will provide you very useful information in this article, so do not miss out on any part. Let’s get started.

Things To See And Do In Hartenbos

There are a variety of things and attractions to see and do in Hartenbos you should know about if you have never been there before. Maybe in the first look, Hartenbos is quite boring to travel, however, the place is really something that you have to discover and experience.

Hartenbos was initially a farm and it has gradually developed into a picturesque seaside town owing to the Transnet, South Africa as well as Harbour Operator. The impacts of the railways may still be observed in plentiful attractions of the town and well-ordered decommissioned railways that travellers utilize for photo positions. It is covered by the greater town of Mossel Bay to the West, and the smaller town of Klein Brak River to the East, this beautiful Hartenbos place is wealthy in natural landscape and offers a lot of magnificent attractions for visitors.

Based on our research, we will provide you some outstanding amazing things to do in Hartenbos so you can have a satisfying and new experience in your life. 

Hartenbos Water Park

Water Park is one of the most popular places you should write down on your list of things to do in Hartenbos. This place is also called Diaz Water Park which is a great destination to come to play when the weather is beautiful. There are a wide range of joy activities for the children to immerse themselves and soak up with water. For the adults, they may just lay down on their back and enjoy the fresh seaside air.

You will have a chance to relax behind the pool and hear the crashing waves of the beach, meanwhile, you can still check your eyes on the kids. Hartenbos Water Park has a lot of big tubes for tourists to slide around and through it. 

Come here, you must experience mini-gold and trampolines which are the main parts of the fun. Trust us, you will not regret it. Besides, braai facilities are also really fun, so remember to take your meat with you if you get hungry. The open time is different on different days in a week. Monday and Thursday, the park will open from 9am to 4pm. Opening time is from 9am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday. And on Sunday, it will open from 10am to 4pm.

You can easily find this park on the corner of Goede Hoop Ave and Port Natal Way in Hartenbos. The place provides the largest diversity of water sliding tubes in the Western Cape. Visiting and spending the day here is suitable for all ages, from babies to grandpa and grandma. 

Janine Iron And Washing Museum

This place is a museum devoted to the history of laundry as its name – Janine Iron and Washing Museum. In the list of things to do in Hartenbos, this trip is highly recommended for visitors who want to know more about the destination. It is a pretty stimulating location where you can know the impressive difference between washing and ironing. 

This place owns more than 640 samples of irons and washing machines. It is a valuable collection which includes things you most likely see before and the organization of every piece is fabulously considerate. Do you like a fancy wooden or hand controlled washing machine? This magnificent museum will bring you across a voyage of how laundry has developed over time.

Once entering, a video of 20 minutes will show you the history of laundry which is recorded through the ages. There are also plentiful pieces in the collection which are the only ones left, therefore, they are very worth seeing. The products also create amazing photographs and an artist can have a chance to research in here to produce an artistic gallery. 

This trip is free to visit so you ought to certainly write it down on your list because it is one of the most attractive places you can come to visit in Hartenbos. 

Hartenbos Beach

Hartenbos beach is an apparent selection and a must visit as soon as you arrive at this seaside town. The beach has obtained a Blue Flag rank, which means that it ensures the clean and safety for visitors. An exceptional feature of the Hartenbos beach is that it offers wheelchair road, with a lot of ramps that contribute to making it easy accessibility.

The beach possesses white sands which make it look more bright and offer great views towards the blue sea. It also offers public services which are maintained in good condition. 

Parking slots are also enormous so you do not have to worry about your car. If you want to shop for clothes or souvenirs, there is a nearby shopping center. You can meet tour operators in the region through the high season to take water sports such as surfing for you or the entire family. It is located really close to the metropolis of Mossel Bay and on the way to George, which is an excellent stop across the Garden Route. 

Diaz Express Train Ride

Another great thing to do in Hartenbos we would highly recommend for you. This Diaz Express Train Ride is a perfect idea for your whole family to have a chance riding a fun railway. It operates on a Transnet railway system between the city of George and the coastal resort town of Mossel Bay. 

Thanks to this excursion, you can admire a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and the spectacular plant world of Cape Fynbos. The train owns 2 departure positions which are one in Mossel Bay and the other in Hartenbos. In Hartenbos, the departure times are respectively 9:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30 and the last is 15:00.

You will be provided 4 distinctive excursions that take visitors across the indigenously common destinations of Santos Beach, Great Brak River, Glentana and Maalgate. Every excursion’s availability will vary depending on Rail Safety Regulations. So to be sure, you can find and contact Diaz Express via their website. 

ATKV Hartenbos Museum

The ATKV Hartenbos Museum is a place devoted to the Great Trek of the very first settlers and the origin of South Africa. ATKV stands for Afrikaans Language and Culture Association. If you want to know more about Hartenbos, this place is perfect. It indicates the Great Trek event which was the migration of the first settlers from the Cape Colony to the center of the nation.

The place demonstrates how the Voortrekkers existed throughout their journey and the wilderness in countryside and luxury situations. The Voortrekkers brought anything they had, consisting of cattle, oxen, horses and even furniture. Then they went over mountains and rivers to new locations of settlement.

The museum will display photos and literature of ancient days. You have a chance to see the appliances that were utilized by these visitors and the wagons that drove them across the country’s scenery. There are also mannequins which are in life-sized dressing in the old-day fashion. 

Entrance fee to come into the museum is cheap, just R5 per person. The opening hours on Monday to Friday are from 9am to 4pm, meanwhile, Saturday will open from 9am to 12:30pm. So remember to check the time.

Outeniqua Moon

If you want to take your children to see and interact with animals, this place would be a great idea. Coming to Ruiterbos, Mossel Bay, your family can have an opportunity to see a Percheron stud, which is nurtured in Outeniqua Moon. This place is managed by a group of extremely passionate people, who contribute to keeping this rare breed alive and take care of them well.

Thanks to their spectacular strength and impressive beauty, these Percherons have been bred across history. This kind of horse was utilized by royalty in nations all over the world to drag carriages. Besides, it also was necessary for farmers who needed them to plough their grounds. In the Medieval time, Heavy Draft Horses were entirely armoured and transported knights into a fight. 

Visiting Outeniqua Moon, you are offered the chance to interact with these gorgeous mild giants with a ride to be carried by them around the area. You can sit in them and admire the background of the Outeniqua Mountain Range and the total view of Leeukloof Valley. Furthermore, the operators also provide trips surrounding the farm area, where you can know more about this rare horse. 

Outeniqua Moon is also the hometown of Shadowfax, the largest Percheron bred in South Africa. There is a playground for children which has a tiny touch-farm with rabbits and Miniature horses. You can enjoy cakes, small lunches, tea on the porch, oversee the mountains, and watch the Perchron’s grazing cheerfully in the far distance.

Dolphin Paragliding

The Garden Route of South Africa combines a lot of natural beauty including mountains, rivers, forests, seaside towns and beaches. All of them have a lively, irresistible and stunning look which visitors and explorers want to come to discover and experience by themselves. Therefore, Dolphin Paragliding provides tourists and locals the main chance of seeing the magnificent Garden Route from latest heights with an extra dash of adrenalin. 

This destination will give you a delight of soaring over the scenery with years of existence and the absolute in safe ways. All of the equipment and training is attached to your paragliding trip, pictures and videos of your flight as well so you can keep this great memory. This would be one of the best things to do in Hartenbos for you.

You will have a chance to relax your mind and enjoy the picturesque villages while your mentor controls the flying. You can select to fly without instructor, however, we recommend you should fly with mentor, so you can totally admire the Hartenbos in the above. 

This trip is all about joy. The flight is above the water or land, so it is perfect for those who wish to watch the dolphins, sharks, rays and turtles. This is also ideal for incredible snapshot opportunities. 

This short video will show you the whole Hartenbos from above, so you can have a total look at this beautiful place before visiting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Trips Take In Hartenbos?

It will depend on your chosen and preferred trip. There are a wide range of things to do in Hartenbos. Every trip and activity has a distinctive price as well as free experience. For instance, fee free will have Janine Iron and Washing Museum, Hartenbos Beach and so on. ATKV Hartenbos Museum charges a fee but just R5. 

There are just some trips that require a fee to enter, however, the price is too cheap, so you do not have to worry about that. Just give every trip a try so you can experience a lot of different and interesting things in Hartenbos. 

Is It Easy To Look For Accommodation In Hartenbos?

Definitely yes. There are a lot of websites as well as agents which offer and advise you to choose an accommodation for your trip in Hartenbos. You can easily book a hotel or motel online through the internet. 

According to our research, we highly recommend you to consider several accommodation below:

  • Guest house: Outeniquabosch Lodge, Fly Me To The Moon, Marine Manor and Hart En Huis
  • Self-catering: the Urban Villa, Sea-Esta, METIME, and Cheetah Lodge

Sum Up

Some people might think there will be nothing to do in Hartenbos as this place looks quite desolate and a waste region. However, there are plentiful things to do in Hartenbos you would definitely be interested in. The destination offers a lot of fun activities which you have never tried before. So do not hesitate, prepare a trip plan and list things to do and go visit Hartenbos. You will not regret it. 

This is all about a list of suggested things to do in Hartenbos. We hope you find this helpful. Tell us your thoughts about this article so we can know about its usefulness. Cheers.

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