9 Things To Do In Harties But 99% Stress Relieving

The Covid-19 has made everything shut down for a very long time. It has also stopped you from enjoying all the things you should have done in your summers, especially traveling. However, you can list out all the places that you want to visit after the pandemic and get ready for it right now. And searching for things to do in Harties, South Africa, will undoubtedly be a great tourist attraction. 

Harties provides plenty of fascinating as well as intriguing experiences, then be sure to read out our itinerary of the top things to do in Harties if you have a chance to visit there someday.

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Why Choosing Harties To Travel? 

During this super-fast development of social media platforms, it can be said that the new kind of Instagrammability of people’s destination will be such a significant element that affects people in making a decision when it is coming to a getaway location. The Hartbeespoort site is overflowing with Instagram potential. Its closeness to Johannesburg makes it an excellent weekend getaway, and there are many things to do in Harties.

Hartbeespoort, which translates as “Hartebeest’s gateway” (something of a gazelle), is a group of modest resort communities located around the area of Hartbeespoort Dam and at the side of the North-West region, in South Africa, and close to either the Gauteng frontier. This was founded around the 1920s, after dam-building started, and is formerly recognized as Harties. 

Hartbeespoort is around seventy kilometers from Johannesburg, which is only a 45-minute drive. It’s now a tourist attraction with many things to do in Harties and considering the hype on vacations, with plenty of people making this quick journey to the village. We have compiled a majority of some top amazing things to do in Harties, several of which are genuine must-sees.

Things To Do In Harties – Have Fun And Enjoy Beauty Of Harties

If you named yourself a true travel lover, you would never want to stop or sit down at one place, but plan to explore everything about the country, the area at which you are supposed to land as much as possible. As a person with the same passion, I know it is helpful if there is a list of things to do in Harties, mainly, or anywhere else you will come. 

It is enough for us to wander around the corner of information. So let’s jump right into the list of some fantastic tourist attractions in Harties!         

Aerial Cableway Hartbeespoort 

Suppose you’re searching for the most fantastic vantage point to be able to see the breathtaking and magnificent landscapes of Harties as well as its environs. In that case, this Harties Cableway seems to be one of the most worthy activities for you!

This provides a cable vehicle journey back towards the Magaliesberg Hilltop. However, the journey does not end with this cable car trip that is thrilling in and of itself. High in the mountains, you may experience the spectacular scenery of Harties’ Hartbeespoort Dam, Magaliesburg, and Hartbeespoort properly.

Short hiking along an area called Dassie Loop concrete path will bring you all around the highest point of its mountain, with information boards indicating places of an attraction along the journey. Light lunches and beverages are also available with such a sight of its mountaintop. Hiking up and down the mountain is an option for the more daring. This Harties Aerial Cableway will be a must-see attraction in Hartbeespoort as well as among the most stunning cable cars, which you can take a chance to try in South Africa.

Location: The Cableway has been situated in Harmonic on the Farm Properties site, somewhere off its R511 on Tielmann Avenue.

Times: From Sunday to Friday, opening at 9:00 am and closing at 4:00 pm, mainly with the final car leaving at 4:30 pm. Moreover, Saturday opens at 9:00 am and closes at 4:30 pm, also with the last vehicle going at around 5:00 pm.

Cost: Adults pay R420 for each ticket, children pay R140 per kid return, and pensioners pay R130 for every person (evidence of identification needed).  

Quick Tip: Each cable car is constantly moving, even though it’s ready to get us on/off, so take that into account whenever that is your turn. Every cable car has a capacity of six or seven persons.

Little Paris 

This hidden treasure may be found among the Harties’s major roads. The miniature duplicate of Paris’s “Eiffel Tower” partially situated at the bottom of a lakeside surrounded by many “locks of couples” is the primary explanation for its popularity and original name.

The entryway to the castle is adorned with various colored locks that decorate the lake’s balustrade. Those locks, which come in a variety of sizes, may be bought on the facilities. Partners can always have their monogram etched on these locks before putting this in a unique location. You may stroll across the small bridge as well as near the castle to get excellent beautiful scenery. With its photogenic and attractive charm, this is a great “Instagram” location.

Location: Little Paris has the address at R511, Harties, 0216.

Times: Monday to Sunday with the opening at 08:00 am and closing at 5:00 pm.

Cost: Free entrance is offered for every person.

Hartiwood Films Set 

Hartiwood Films has become a local firm that provides a somewhat “one-stop production house” complete with its settings, costumes, and post-production workshop. In addition, it sets two permanent shooting setups that are available to the public. Portville seems to be a vibrant replica of something like a 1950s rural community main road in which you might put on yourself in 1950s costume, pose for photos with antique vehicles, slow down for milkshakes after the meal, as well as choose an Afrikaans movie at Harties’ bioscope.

French Toast Coffee shop would be the next set. Continuing along with the Little Paris, this coffee shop on the grounds was created mainly for the film French Toast as well as has been identified as Cafe Alexandre throughout the film. This cafe is a  must-try with a great selection of either tasty and savory French toast flavors. We recommend you give their milkshakes a chance; it will never make you disappointed.

Another must-order item is famous chocolate croissants that are topped with a few Belgian chocolates as well as delivered with ice cream.

Location: Petville is addressed very near Xanadu Park on R511. Whereas, French Toast Coffee shop is near 97 and R511 of the Hartbeespoort Dam with 0216.

Times: Pretville is available from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Meanwhile, the French Toast Coffee shop is open Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  

Cost: Pretville costs R100 for adults, R50 for kids under the age of 12, and R50 for seniors and over 70. Everybody is welcome to enter the French Toast Coffee shop.

Hartbeespoort Dam 

The dam-building itself is among the most well-known “landmarks” as well as attractions. In practice, the Hartbeespoort dam is largely utilized for irrigation, including for household and industrial purposes. The Hartbeespoort Dam is an enormous structure located inside the Magaliesberg mountainous region. The Hartbeespoort dam’s entrance is via a curving corridor. Parking is not permitted at this location of the Hartbeespoort dam.

You might park your car all around the corridor from the Hartbeespoort dam, then go around to this area of this dam. You may enjoy the scenery while taking photos at the Hartbeespoort dam. Water entertainment, boat excursions, hiking, as well as a snake or animal zoo are among the many activities available at the Hartbeespoort dam. As a result, there will undoubtedly be plenty of things to do in Harties dam for everyone.

Location: The address is on the street of Scott, near the junction.

Times: Different times are based on the activity selected 

Cost: Free at the viewing point; entrance prices vary depending on the activity.

Hot Air Ballooning 

This was a wonderful and strange event, which has long been on our bucket list. We floated gently with the chilling wind up into the air, taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Harties Magalies Wilderness Area. Just the odd tweeting of birds, as well as the irregular explosion of sparks into these hot air balloons, disrupted the new morning’s peacefulness and tranquility. We could see the main Hartbeespoort Dam as well as the cityscape from a distance.

Whereas the staff arranges the execution of the Air Balloon engine for inflation, customers can have hot chocolate with some marshmallows or hot drinks. You will drift endlessly above the ground, going anywhere the wind takes you, making each voyage a wonderful experience. Enjoy a beautiful all-around vista of the Hartbeespoort region, Magalies Ridge with Valley, then, assuming the sky is magnificent, Pretoria as well as Johannesburg.

Location: The Hartbeespoort Dam or Magaliesburg

Times: The ballooning occurs around sunrise because winds are always at their gentlest throughout the earliest hour of each day, making this the optimum moment to take a flight. This is an odd beginning of the day, however it is absolutely highly recommended.

Cost: R2150 per person. A 50% savings is available for roughly two children under twelve every trip of six people. If you’d like a private journey (— for example, just a couple and a pilot), the cost is R3000 for each person sharing.

To more experience with this hot air ballooning, check the video below:

Windmill / Jasmyn Farm Stall 

In Meerhof, you’ll see a vast Dutch Windmill structure, which houses an excellent Windmill Restaurant with a must-try Waffle House or the Jasmyn Farm Station, as well as several little stalls and businesses. The waffle café is worth a try; they make either flavorful waffles as well as provide an excellent milkshake covered with something like a waffle. Overall,  It would be both invigorating and satisfying.

Location: The address is first of street of Jan Smuts and Meerhof and Hartbeespoort, 0216.

Times: Monday through Sunday, opening 08:00 a.m. and closing at 7:30 p.m.

Cost: Free

Quick Tip: If you’re going to buy fresh vegetables, make this the final destination on your journey to avoid deterioration.  

Chameleon Village 

Chameleon Village would be a family-friendly attraction with a wide range of events. A big African artisan marketplace, boutiques, a serpent and lizard zoo, a leopard and cheetah park, and numerous eateries are among them. The artisan market has a broad selection of locally created products where you may pick up a keepsake for yourself as well as your families/ buddies. 

There are also plenty of parking spaces nearby, and this is located on a busy road, making it conveniently accessible. You might definitely spend a couple of hours simply exploring this town before moving on to any further destinations on our itinerary.

Location: Chameleon Community, R104 Ancient Rustenburg Road, Damdoryn, Harties, 0216

Times: Monday through Sunday, 08:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Cost: Entry is free of charge. Its price varies depending on the activity.  

Upside Down House 

This Upside Down Home, as the title implies, is a building designed upside down. As a result, all furnishings within the building, especially furniture that would typically be out on the ground, are already above your head, creating excellent photo possibilities.

Location: This Upside Down Site is actually upon its R3, somewhere outside Broederstroom, near the R512 intersection. 

Times: 07:00 am – 6:00 pm every day.

Cost: R100 for adults, R60 for children under the age of seven as well as pensioners, R60 for children under the age of three, and R100 for those over the age of eighty.  

Kleine Rijke 

The final spot in our article on things to do in Harties is Kleine Rijke. A truly stunning venue constructed on an ancient family farm near the Pecanwood Mansion on the Harties dam’s southern borders, which is available for booked brunch on Sundays. This venue’s decoration (which was initially meant for events) was developed by award-winning artist David Krynauw as well as Khanye Interior designers and combined traditional Cape Dutch architecture with quirky wooden details.

Kleine Rijke provides fantastic handmade pizzas every Sunday, which may be eaten on the grounds. After lunchtime, there will be a leisurely and picturesque 5km stroll from the house that loops around to the Harties dam’s coast.

Location: Kleine Rijke will be on the southeastern shore of the Harties dam R512. 

Times: Open every Sunday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; reservations are required.


Those are a few of the activities available in Harties. Rock climbing, group biking, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, sports, wildlife viewing, river rafting, as well as other activities are indeed available. While it is feasible to visit on a month’s journey, there is always something to experience in the region that remaining for over weekends makes good sense because you might discover the local sites slower. We hope that you will enjoy our itinerary on things to do in Harties.

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