Top 9 “Must” Things To Do In Hatfield Pretoria In 2023

As you know,South Africa is a popular location for many travellers in 2023, especially the capital of the city Pretoria. Today, in this article, our team will bring to you the top 9 things to do in Hatfield Pretoria – the heart of the capital.

Hatfield’s beautiful and tranquil neighborhood is known as the embassy fringes due to the embassies’ tendency to settle into the big houses which offer one, in turn, clues about its size. Hatfield is located in Pretoria’s central business district, between Arcadia and Lynnwood. 

South Africa is surrounded by the sea, so the climate is usually cool all year round, visitors can visit the city of Pretoria at any time they like. According to statistics, the period from September to November – the spring of South Africa is the time with the largest number of tourists visiting in a year. Or you can also come to South Africa in winter from June to August. Therefore, we recommend you to go at this time because the climate favors the scenery and is also very beautiful, suitable for traveling South Africa’s for the most memorable experience.

These are the top 9 things to do in Hatfield, Pretoria.

Union Building

Hatfield Plaza

National Zoological Garden of South Africa

Ditsong Museum Of Natural History

Javett UP Centre

Fort Klapperkop

Scottish Country Dancing

Duncan Yard

Papa’s Real Food

Union Building

In this enormous neoclassical edifice, the office of President of South Africa has a lovely lawn available to the public. This is the first thing to do in Hatfield, Pretoria.

Tour the Union Buildings manicured gardens with South African presidential offices. Here were some of South Africa’s most important events. Take a look around the Union Buildings Garden to the statues.

In a majestic neoclassical design, the Union Buildings completed in 1913 were made from sandstone. The structures form a complex of two similar wings, which are capped by the bell towers and connected by a semi-circular wing. When constructed, it was the biggest structure in South Africa.

The Union Buildings are conveniently approached by bus in the east of Pretoria. Take Stanza Bopape Street to the south via one of the gates. The Union Buildings offer free parking. The union buildings are open daily and there is no cost for entering the buildings.

Besides, a flea market is available every day except Sunday close to the Union Buildings Parking Center. Buy one of the sellers that sell handcrafted arts & crafts usually for a keepsake.

Hatfield Plaza

Hatfield Plaza is a medium-sized shopping center in Pretoria’s well-known student neighborhood. Nothing spectacular, but all you need, including restrooms with baby changing facilities.

Hatfield Plaza includes a large national grocery shop (Pick ‘n Pay) with late-night trading hours, which is ideal for stocking up on picnic supplies, restocking your self-catering unit, or stocking up on trail mix for a local trek. Purchase a cell phone at a phone store or utilize public telephones that allow you to call home (at landline rates) to recount all of the legislative sites of interest visited.

There are both a wide range of inexpensive clothing stores as well as a florist. A dry cleaner takes care of all professional cleaning needs. 62 stores include a music speciality shop, lavatory shops, a grain shop, tour companies, banks and transportation services, gift stores, picture shops, a photography shop, optician, merchants of sports and outdoor sports, tobacco makers, jewelry shops, and a location for napkins and beauty.

Movie time, have a bite or a cup of coffee at a favorite local take-out chain, pick up a tattoo at a body art store, reserve a show on the Computicket, ship a package home form to the post office are all available in Hatfield Plaza. South Africans will like it. Specially, pay and safe parking will be free in the first two hours for customers of the Pick ‘n Pay. Hatfield Plaza is promised to be one of the most fun things to do in Hatfield, Pretoria.

National Zoological Garden of South Africa

Visit the biggest zoo of South Africa to view lions, tigers and a vast aquarium, visit the largest Zoo in South Africa by day. Arrive in the night for exciting nightlife or overnight on the campground in the park.

The zoo is generally regarded as one of the greatest zoos in the world, exploring 210 acres (85 ha) with over 9,000 animals from about 700 species. Bring the children, ride the cable and camp near a lion’s lair overnight.

A broad selection of big animals is one of the greatest aspects of the park. See lions and tigers and enjoy one of the world’s greatest antelope collections. See one of the more amazing animals endemic to the continent in the African cheetah enclosure.

From the main station of Pretoria, it’s easy to reach the park via bus. Bring shoes, because there are around 6 km of trails throughout the zoo. There are about 3.7 miles. For individuals with restricted mobility golf carts are available for hire.

The entrance price is applicable, however seniors can access the park for free during certain days throughout the year. For further information, see the website. The wilderness is open every day.

Two excursions provide the option to view the zoo by night. Hear lions roaring in the dark on the camping trip, which lets visitors sleep overnight at the zoo’s campground. Take a two-hour night tour to watch the nightlife of the park coming alive. Both of them are in charge.

For park events, visit the webpage of the zoo. Join a monthly fun park to watch the animals and practice or check whether the Zoo is hunting for scavengers around the park. It is promised to be the best thing to do in Hatfield, Pretoria.

Ditsong Museum Of Natural History

The National Museum of Ditsong is one of South Africa’s largest and most remarkable natural history museums. And it is considered as a priority thing to do in Hatfield, Pretoria for people who are passionate about history.

The museum has several collections in different categories, including cultural, geological, military, archeological, paleontological, floral and fauna and anthropological.

The past of South Africa has been very well maintained and you can witness actual skeletons, skins, fossils and other land-based treasures sealed in time here. If animals are your goal then be surprised at this gorgeous creature’s dinosaur and whale skeleton and size.

You may discover about the origins of the creatures and about their lifestyles and habits through the fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians collection. Make use of the center of exploration and gain knowledge about nature and science. 

Javett UP Centre

In September 2019, the Javett-UP opens to guests, inviting them to discover the art, participate with it, touch on and even build it. This is more than a gallery; it is a chance to dive into and discover some of the intellect and artistic mind that people have never had before. Javett UP Centre is a must thing to do in Hatfield Pretoria for artlover.

Javett-UP has opened four exhibits, comprising amazing collections of Mapungubwe’s gold pieces as well as more than 350 West African gold articles. The displayed art consists of many works from the Javett Foundation and by Pretoria University. They have a passion for making art publicly accessible and a desire to focus on their educational skills. And as Africa has been a country where art has for ages been part of culture and history, it is the obvious motivation to celebrate creativity.

For individuals who want to take advantage of these unique items and require a 48-hour booking, guided tours are offered. There are also guided tours. School groups, retired people, and kids receive discounts on some public holidays free admission. Pretoria has galleries, markets and artisan stores that are not enough for cultural vultures, to add to your tour. 

Fort Klapperkop

One of the things to do in Pretoria we recommend is to visit Fort Klapperkop. The highly grand and spectacular Fort Klapperkop is located near Grönkloof in Pretoria. Now rebuilt, this fort has been one of the greatest arms defenses in the world in the 19th century. It has an atypical dry moat architecture and was constructed in 1986 prior to the beginning of the second Anglo-Boer War. This excellent fortified building has an unbelievable museum with objects, guns and furniture recovered and utilized throughout the conflict.

The steam locomotive used to transport troops at that time, the duplicate of the long tom cannon employed and Pretoria’s final tram will surprise you. The monument is incredibly moving and dedicated to those who have given their life to protect their nation by the South African Defense Force.

Klapperkop’s vistas are awe-inspiring, and people regularly use this rugged terrain to hike and mountain bike.

Scottish Country Dancing

Pretoria Branch encourages everyone to try and dance in Scottish Country for pleasure, health and fellowship. RSCDS (the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society) If you are 10 or 100, this is always available for anybody. This is considered as a thing to do in Hatfield, Pretoria to have an amazing experience ín this lovely country

Learn how to dance bobbins and strathspeys with Scottish heritage. Dance mostly to fellow music, however some dances are done to the pipes of the bag. They’ve got professors qualified. Our members are nice, helpful and kind to take you in the correct way. Our members are friendly. There are mostly ladies, although there are often 5 or 6 guys dancing.

A break for tea and refreshments is available halfway through the evening. It is welcoming and free for both visitors and newbies. Soft flat shoes, cozy clothes and a want to dance are everything you need. Although some men wear them frequently, kilts are not obligatory. Basic dances and complex dances are available.

They’ve got a class for novices. In most dances there are regular dancing courses. Since they are an NGO, fees are reduced to a minimum. Those who want to attend regularly have a modest door charge.

Duncan Yard 

Located in the center of Pretoria, Duncan Yard is a distinctive lifestyle boutique center where you travel over cobbled pathways of stone and towering castles, through small boutiques and restaurants.

A unique shopping experience, with more than 15 restaurants and stores, is offered in the open air. Its quaint environment recalls a rustic Italian village and offers an unusual experience in a refreshing manner.

Duncan Yard is known for its renowned Papa’s Real Food restaurant and Duncan’s delicious range of delicacies and offers an attractive assortment of shops with boutique clothes, jewellery, indoor and open-air décor.

Papa’s Real Food

Whether you want to go out beneath the trees in the new square or cozy next to a roaring fire in the songbird, Papa’s Real Food has excellent food and ambience to make every event special. The DUNCAN Yard Center is in Pretoria all the more cause for Papa’s Real Food. Trying out thí local restaurant is considered as one of the things to do in Hatfield, Pretoria

Papa’s Real Food provides from Monday to Saturday breakfast, lunch and supper, and on Sundays Bluesman entertains you with friends and family throughout your laid-back meal. A comprehensive Mapa menu, vast winery and excellent service ensure an exceptional experience for every visit, from mouth-watering pizzas or pasta through to substantial oxtails or lamb-potjie.

Even with a leisurely lunch with friends or a romantic dinner, all the items at the Papa’s Real Food restaurant compliment one another to provide the right environment for a fantastic time, either. Papa’s Real Food – there is no such thing as it!


Pretoria is a city full of green spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy nature all year round. Currently, Pretoria is a favorite destination of those who love to travel because of the airy space as well as the beauty and diversity of tourist destinations. I hope that the article “Top 9 must things to do in Hatfield Pretoria” will help you in your upcoming South Africa trip. If you found the article of our team useful, you can provide feedback via the comments section and share this article if you liked it. Thank you for reading.

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