Things To Do In Krugersdorp: The Natural Beauty That You Should Not Miss

Looking for places to enjoy your trip in Krugersdorp? This article is totally for you as right now we will offer you the crucial information about things to do in Krugersdorp and that you should not miss when visiting this wonderful place.

Krugersdorp is an amazing destination that you should visit when coming to South Africa. Its natural beauty will give you the best experience and not let you down. At the present time, more and more tourists decide to take a trip to this amazing place. Therefore, an article about things you need to do in this place is important for you before visiting this place.

If you are looking for information about the destinations and activities to do in Krugersdorp, do not miss this article as well as all the useful information below. It will help you a lot in planning a trip to Krugersdorp.

In this article, we will offer you the following destinations and activities that you should not miss when visiting Krugersdorp:

  • Wild Cave Adventures
  • Wonder Caves
  • The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve
  • Burma Bridge
  • Playing Paintball
  • The Lemon Tree Organic Market 
  • Woodsman Survival Training Course
  • Basic Survival Course
  • Florida Lake
  • Bigtime Bush Bootcamp
  • Rockland Breweries

Things To Do In Krugersdorp

This caving journey is fantastic for you if you wish to explore various caves in Krugersdorp. Caves with various formations offer various activities. If you want to know the bats and their cave life, go to the cave of the bat. In the daylight or even after sunset, you can go to this cave. You will have the chance to comprehend the night life in a cave during the evening. For those who love climbing, Crystal Cave is awesome. In this cave there is no tour. The fence of the cave is abseiling. There is also a basic abseiling course on the ground. All these trips will be guided and sufficient safety initiatives will be taken.

Wonder Caves

This cave is, to put it mildly, a wonder, as the name implies.  The cave is said to be almost 2,2 billion years old and is brilliantly furnished in an area of 46.000 square meters. By the end of the 19th century, miners were looking for calcareous stones at this cellar, and what was uncovered was nothing less than a miracle! It has about 14 stalactite and stalagmite structures, about 15 meters high. Come and enjoy the art of nature in this cave as part of the oldest history of the world.

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve of the Lion is a confidential game deposit in the Cradle of Humanity covering some 1200 hectares with over 650 game heads of 25 species, large spaces, predatory birds and very unique and endangered game species. You are welcome and trusted to enjoy your tour by management and staff. Day visitors can explore the reserve on the paved roads of the vehicle with several four-wheel drive routes for adventurous explorers in their own vehicles.

There are many Braai and picnic areas, as well as Boma Restaurant and Croc Pub (children’s playground) and the Animal and Reptile parks and it takes almost two or three hours for you to travel through the reservoir and ordinarily stop at the Center for tourists to Kiosks/Day.

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge is a suspended bridge that consists of a 4-cable scheme, 120 meters across the King’s Kloof canyon and about 60 meters above the ground.

There is a lower cable on the Burma bridge, linked to two “handrails,” two cords. Use a harness linked over your head to a cable. You wobble haphazardly to the one side, even the faintest breeze.

You have to focus your feet on the bottom cable, but look at the potential plug wide-eyed down. The popular words “do not take a look down” are completely nullified. You cannot fall, although you know this, because your connection to the top cable is strapped.

Playing Paintball

The game is simple. Remove the opposite side with little. 68″ plastic shell calibre paint globe fired from your automatic paintball gun, which will break with effect, when it travels at high speeds. The player hit is deemed to be out of or out of the game until the rules indicate the moment it returns.

One of the games is to win the match by capturing the opposing flag. Speedball is the other. On contrary sides of the field, two teams of five or so begin. Both teams begin in safe areas until they start the game with a whistle or blow from the air. Within a matter of seconds, these two teams are breaking up and heading as soon as possible for their opponents to gain a good advantage. The aim is to eradicate its adversaries either as quickly as possible or to take their flag to the other side of the field.

The Lemon Tree Organic Market 

The Lemon Tree Organic Market takes place every Saturday in the heart of the West Rand. The Lemon Tree market has chosen hand-picked attendees to highlight South Africa’s truly talent.

You don’t look any further if you’re looking for something unique and special, because we have attendees from mosaic classes for young to old and gorgeous detailed leather work. Cool home-made bread, pastries and a lot of other interesting stalls. We believe that the market is open to all – from the art lover to the fundamental introvert. The Lemon Tree Market loves special opportunities and looks forward to special days in the market.

Woodsman Survival Training Course

Bundle your box and lose the way a Woodsman is going to answer the wild call. Sofa close to the NGO’s and the “Bear Grylls” cocktails to see whether or not your mushroom appetite is toxic whilst also your wife’s eyes roll; will keep you alive for the long run.

Probably the most excessive survival training in South Africa is the Boswa Woodsman Survival Course. Bushcraft On Safari Wilderness Adventures is offering the course. At the base camp, a ‘last dinner’ is shared with unattended survivors after a sustenance guru safety briefing before sunrise sharing, flame starter and more.

You will qualify as an African native by spending a week between the bush and the brush, watching African animals from a distance and watching tutorials for ‘if your life depends on’ choices. You’ll dry grass to heat your knife strikes, and the heat will protect you from depredators. The African stars are hanging you to bed. Your cage will be the African soil. Your food search keeps you sleeping, and you will be lifted up by the burning African sun. 

When a pen is located under the heading of your own manual for survival, the search conditions in the outdoor area and the soul are ample materials to consider. During cutting time the adventurer is excited to return to the base camp and is happy to hold the scour party.

Basic Survival Course

Your journey to the bushcraft and survival world begins here – you’ll learn all of your skills to survive in the wild: Fire, shelter, food, water, traps, knife and polishing techniques, shipping and other activities covered by skills. This course is open for everyone irrespective of age or physical ability.

Sharpen your core survival knowledge, so you can hide from the search group sent to your crash site, because in the middle of nowhere you have so much fun doing nothing. The Advanced Survival Course offered by Bosma is subject to the completion of its Basic Survival Course (Bushcraft on Safari Wilderness Adventures) or, if required, an evaluation with the option of subsequent lessons.

Florida Lake

Florida Lake, situated in the southern suburban Roodepoort, offers a bird sanctuary with a lake that contains many waterfowl that makes birds looking at the lake a pleasure. The park also has a Putt-Putt, an Olympic pool (nearly repaired) and a children’s adventure park. The place is usually bustling on public holidays.

The lake is large from the sky, surrounded by large shady trees, and a place where locals canoes and sailing boats to relax and picnic in the lake.

Further north is Florida Lake and parkland to the east and the west is flanked with residential properties It is used in a densely constructed part of Johannesburg as a green lung. Although the latest news has been that other parks such as Diepsloot and Diepkloof Parks nevertheless offer a much more pleasant space in Florida’s neighborhood.

The local scouts from the lake Sea Scout Hall use the lake for sailing from Florida for boys and girls. The objective is to develop young people through fun and activity as members of the World Scouting Movement, particularly by riding, boating, sailing, snowshoeing, walking, camping, orientation etc.

Bigtime Bush Bootcamp

Once tested, the most experienced economic travelers will be able to live for several hours without a spray in the mouth and cappuccino or biscotti. If an external magazine made an unnamed poll however, even the utmost campers wearing hemp sets and garments made from reused dairy cardboard boxes would mark the ‘ye’ box by allowing a luxury stash into the invisible carriage of their organic sleeping cart.

A small blended team of ten people would smoke their herbal stockings and spray their mouths if they met the obstacle of self-experience with their wisdom and wild background during the vacation for a rustic African bush.

Beside the predetermined set of cleavage cuts and dioxide products, normally not permitted to travel, volunteers can return many of the items, whether they are sharp or fluid or solid as marshmallows, that are usually found in a bakery. Boswa’s Extreme Survival Training Course.  Most bush enthusiasts at first glance turn a page as though they want to check the other items that are allowed. The page is spotless and no errors were made.

The next materials, including the complete list of permitted kits and resources, were never more accurate than the travel light: bottle of water, fire steel and machete. Find your own food, find your own water, and find your own bed. In case of too much clean air under african heat and two sleeping suns under the African stars for three days, a band-aid stored base camp will monitor binoculars for bushwackers.

Rockland Breweries

Rockland Breweries was established in 2010 and has become a renowned venue for sampling a range of beers from the craft. It is located in the Northwest province of Hartbeesfontein.

Breweries in Rockland are microbreweries that are known for their bold, delicious beers. Each week, they produce up to 500 liters of craft beer and invite visitors to try and have fun. Including their beers:

Ale Blond (4.5 percent )

This is fruity and slightly sweet, ultimately cool for avid beer lovers and those who like to try a cold one on a hot day occasion.

Blissful Ale (4.5 percent )

This smooth beer is slightly darker in color, sweet and bitter.

Draught Farmer’s (4 percent )

A beautiful German lagar with a sweet aftertaste and a golden colour.

Reaper Stout (5%)

Dark and rich, this is a subtle fruit indulgence. The thick head is creamy and perfectly finishes the full beer.

Millstone Weisse (4.5%)

This dry drink is fabulous for a hot day with citrus notes and a distinct wheat malt flavor.

Increased by pure passion and a keen insight into what distinguishes a beer from the crowd. For those visiting Rockland Breweries, a true experience focusing on the integrity of the ingredients and techniques can be assured. The outcome is unusual flavors.

If you would like to watch a video about a destination listed above, click the following video which is about the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve:


We hope that after reading our article about things to do in krugersdorp, you will successfully choose the amazing destinations and activities to enjoy in Krugersdorp. All of the destinations in Krugersdorp are wonderful that you should not miss when taking a trip to this place. We believe that they are worth your choice and will give the best experience.

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