Things To Do In Mpumalanga- Interesting Destinations And Activities That You Should Not Miss

Nowadays, people are interested in traveling. Mpumalanga is one of the places which many people want to explore. However, most people do not know destinations and activities that we should experience in Mpumalanga. In this post, we will recommend  interesting things to do in Mpumalanga.  If you have a chance to pay a visit to  Mpumalanga, check our reviews now to know what to do in Mpumalanga for a fascinating trip.

What Things To Do In In Mpumalanga?

Spend A Day At The Loskop Dam

If you come to Mpumalanga, you should experience a day in the Loskop Dam. In the Loskop Dam reserve, there are about 70 species of mammals including white rhino, leopard, and buffalo. The number of white rhino, oribi, sable antelope, and buffalo are decreasing so these animals are protected specially. You also will be lucky enough to see giraffe, warthog, hippo, and other wildlife there.

Beside that, you also can  book a  boat  trip to do game viewing. You can accompany a qualified guide so you can broaden your horizon about the birds and animals in the area. Bird seeing there is great and you can see fish eagles and a lot of other species of bird.

Have A Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail 

The  Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail passes through the third biggest canyon in the world, and is one of the most beautiful canyons. The Blyderivierspoort trail is about 60 kms and can be adapted from two to five days, with the diverse terrain through vegetation revealing not only incredible rock views and formations, but also there is a variety of animals.

You should go in a group or on an organised journey as the route is not obvious.However, experienced hikers usually do the trail self-guided.Tour overnight accommodation  there are huts.If you are an experienced hiker and want to get back to nature, you can experience up to 20 days in trails that go through wonderful scenery of indigenous riverine forest and  montane grassland.

 If you want more details, check out this video:

Do A Kaapsehoop ScootTours

Kaapsehoop has verdant beauty and the green scenery thanks to being on an hight escarpment .While you  can explore this countryside in many ways, heading downhill on a Scootour might be one of the most exciting things.The downhill is six kilometres on a Monster Mountain Scootour that takes you through pine plantations and indigenous forests, over rivers, and above Elands valleys and  the magnificent De Kaap. 

To begin this adventure, you will go from the small village of Kaapsehoop by a rugged vehicle, which takes you to the hills and forests of Mpumalanga. Then, you can climb on the Scootour and start your interesting descent. This adventure does not need  fuel or peddling, you just  rely only on gravity to take you through the amazing terrain. The mist of the mountains makes this experience more magical.

The scooters are used without  motorization, which means that this is a quiet and eco-friendly activity for the families. THe  over 10-year-old children can use their own scooter. All tours have been guided to ensure the safety for the riders.

Visit Shangana Cultural Village

Situated between the Kruger National Park and the Blye River Canyon, the residents of the traditional villages of Shangana welcome visitors to share their lifestyle.. The picturesque villages are located in the shade of trees in a reserve of grassland and forest.

A bustling market village creates the center of Shangana where local craftspeople sell their craft. From here, guides will be trained to lead visitors down to villages on tours.Shangana was founded  by local Shangana people, and creates a place of pride and to preserve a heritage for us, and an example of great cultural diversity of South Africa’s. The Shangaan people always look forward to welcoming you.

Make A Mountain Magic Helicopter Flight

This is an interesting one-hour flight created by Regent Exclusive Safaris that flies through deep gorges, through lush valleys with vegetation. You can linger above  cascading waterfalls and roaring rivers that allow you to take amazing pictures.

The flight will be along the escarpment to fly to God’s Window, which gives you awesome panoramic views below and on to the formations of rock which is fascinating and dramatic of the Blyde River Canyon. You will have a full view of the Bourke’s Luck Potholes and Three Rondavels.

Riding Horse In Dullstroom

If you like riding horses, join us to have unforgettable experiences.

You can  ride horses  through the great countryside to Dullstroom and see the view . There will be  guides who are professional riders and will make your trip interesting on the backs of horses. You just need to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery to relax.

For childr, they can join in riding led ponies around the Centre on ponies using the miniature saddles. Your safety is one of  most  importance so the helmet  is also given. All rides are under the personal supervision

Visit Forest Museum

Situated near thein Sabie town, the Forest Museum enables you to join in a  tour and get a unique view of the forestry origin in South Africa.

The display  shows  how technology had an effect on the flourish of forestry. 

Therefore the museum is an informative center of this industry. In other things displayed in the museum we can find a minimal pair of shoes made of wood by a war prisoner,  and a clothespin made 100 years ago in Ireland.

Visit St Peter’s Church

The quaint St Peter’s Church is worth a visit if you are near the Sabie area. It is located on Main Street and 8th Avenue. It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. This church was built and completed in 1913 by a group of Italian stonemasons. This church has been a place for worship every Sunday since then.

The roof was made of Swedish wood.The stone was taken from local mountains. This pretty church is also often used for weddings. There are the gardens which are particularly fascinating and planted in a way that they look beautiful whenever.

Go To The Sportman’s Bar

If you are finding local entertainment or just somewhere to see your favorite sport’s game, you can join us in the Sportman’s bar in the Nabana Lodge. This is the ideal place for locals to hang out after a hard-working day, visitors swap stories of their experiences in the day and. It is also a site where anglers meet each other to discuss the current best dams for kurper and bass and the latest catches.

In the Sportman’s bar, you can watch all major sporting events that you can follow on the large movie screen, bringing an exciting atmosphere during games. Ladies can try the various cocktail menus, especially in the Ladies Night monthly. There is also a pool table available for guests. A speed pool competition that takes place monthly held between locals is very relaxing.

Swimming At Ribbokkloof

If you are finding  somewhere to relax among nature, you can go to the Ribbokkloof Lodge.Here you can experience a stunning swimming pool that is located amongst nature with wonderful views of the hills around covered by great vegetation.

There are tables with food and drink  around the pool area that offer a nice  seat and delicious meals at lunch time for you to enjoy.If you are not interested in  the pool idea , you can walk  to the mountain stream and the dam for a great swim. 

Visit Casterbridge Centre

Casterbridge Centre is a great destination which you should come over. It is located outside the town. You will have lunch at famous restaurants or can enjoy coffee at coffee shops. Besides that, you can join in a performance or an art-circuit movie at the Barnyard Theater or go shopping.

Casterbridge Centre is a special place with gardens, open-air market, unique, independent shops. If you come here, you will have an interesting shopping experience that will never be unforgettable. You also will have a chance to see top famous national exhibitions at the White River Art Gallery 

Enjoy Breakfast In Kruger National Park 

If you are near the area of the Kruger National Park why not experience a game drive and enjoy breakfast at Afsaal. Though you can order from its menu, you can also hire a gas braai and prepare a breakfast for yourself.

Afsaal is a picnic site that is serviced fully at the juncture of the H2-2 and H3 with toilets, chairs, tables, gas cookers for hire, takeaway restaurant and a small shop.

Visit Duck’n Dive Saloon

You should go to the Duck ‘n Dive Saloon located in the centre of Malelane. It is a fantastic pub with friendly staff and tasty food. The Duck ‘n Dive Saloon offers catering services, a waiter service. Why don’t you go here and join in swimming in the pool, watch events on the big screen or join in dart competitions. You can also experience some interesting parties.

Take Part In Adventure Skydives

Adventure Skydives was founded in 1994 in Nelspruit .Tandem skydive is the fastest way for you to  experience freefall. You will wear a jumpsuit and harness. You will  jump from the height of 10,000ft with a professional Tandem master, who will support you during the  experience from instruction to the real  jump.

When you are in the aircraft ,you will be clipped into your  Instructor and freefall for 40 seconds with him before he opens the parachute, after that he and you will control the chute to come back to the earth safely

Visit The Bethal Dam

Bethal is located in the centre of  Mpumalanga,  close to the equator.This area is a great destination for couples,individuals and families that like to experience warm conditions in beautiful surroundings.

The Bethal Dam is a suitable site for fishing, swimming,skiing and boating.It also has   camping facilities here. It brings the perfect holiday for families  from city life. This place is peaceful for you experience relaxation. 


It is best to have a full preparation about any travel that you intend to make. If you don’t have much time to do research about destinations and activities that you should not miss when you travel to Mpumalanga, you can check our post right now to get the perfect visit to  Mpumalanga. We hope that our post can give you useful ideas of things to do in Mpumalanga. If you find this article useful and like it, let’s share it for all people to read.

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