9+ Things To Do In Port Edward That You Definitely Have To Do

After a tiring and hectic working day in the city, the weekend is the time for you to relax. So why not treat yourself to outings on these occasions? Port Edward will be the ideal place for you to immerse yourself in nature, but forget the hustle and bustle of the city. And of course, there are things to do in Port Edward below that will bring a whole new feeling.

Specifically, Port Edward is a small town on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It is close to the Eastern Cape provincial border, so the area includes many beautiful beaches such as Palm Beach or Leisure Bay. This means that Port Edward is a suitable vacation destination for those looking for peace and relaxation.

Besides, can you believe it when Port Edward also has an ancient holiday house built among the dunes? So this will also be an exciting destination for novelty enthusiasts. However, if you are still surprised by the famous landmarks here, this article will help you figure out what to do when visiting Port Edward, including:

  • Take a picture at Port Edward Lighthouse
  • See the sunrise at Trafalgar beach
  • Day trails in the Umtamvuna Reserve
  • BoarDalign wakeboarding
  • Visit the Crags View Wild Care Centre
  • Explore the Red Desert
  • Discover WildCoast WildRun
  • See Mzamba fossils in the Petrified Forest
  • Enjoy coffee at Crop To Cup tour

I’m sure Port Edward is more impressive than you can imagine, so don’t skip anything on this list. Let’s start doing things one by one now!

Things To Do In Port Edward 2023

Take Picture At Port Edward LightHouse

Port Edward is on KwaZulu Natal’s Hibiscus Coast, named after Prince Edward, who subsequently called King Edward VII. It became a community in 1947, and it was the final village in KwaZulu Natal just at that time. Currently, Port Edward is indeed a famous vacation spot.

Port Edward has a beautiful, calm beachfront that is safe for swimming. However, one coastline is Silver Beach, a famous fishing spot, one of the best things to do in Port Edward. In Port Edward, boating is among the most exciting attractions. The slopes, stones, waves, stream, and lake together offer a lot of excitement between hook and pole. Also, watch ski boat takeoff and drop from the beach area, providing thrills for onlookers as they battle the strong surf conditions.

Tragedy Hill, which overlooks Silver Bay, is a popular tourist attraction. In 1831, a dispute over stolen livestock led to killing entrepreneur Henry Flynn’s household and supporters by Zulu Knights. After discovering that the colonists had been slain by mistake, the Zulu King was heartbroken. He demanded that the guy who originated the rumor be murdered by a few survivor settlers, who were handed five acres of farmland as a prize.

See The Sunrise At Trafalgar Beach

Trafalgar Beach is located approximately north near Port Edward along KwaZulu-gorgeous Natal’s South Shore. It is still peaceful, serene, and breathtaking to see. However, it’s also a Blue Flag coastline, which indicates it fulfills a set of stringent standards for safety, cleanliness, facilities, environmental value, and individual strengths. The granting of a Blue Flag beach puts Trafalgar in a category of its own as a truly spectacular beach. 

Because it is supplied either by the Indian Ocean, the weather is excellent, and indeed the swells are popular with surfers. Sharks net and lifeguard safeguard the area, which is also renowned for surfing, kiteboarding, stand-up kayaking, and snorkeling. Visitors are encouraged to bring their sunglasses and snorkels and have a look beneath the water’s surface to view the marine life in its natural environment. In addition, there seem to be 90 million-year-old fossil deposits here, which provide lots of opportunities for underwater exploration.

Day Trails In The Umtamvuna Nature Reserve

The Umtamvuna Wildlife Reserve, located 8 kilometers near Port Edward just on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, provides various paths of varying complexity and length to discover for such ambitious climbers and path walkers.

The Kingfisher Trail approximately 30 minutes of walking. Besides, and its Loerie Trail is about 2 hours of walking. The Fish Eagle Trail is still a 4 hour round path that allows hikers to explore an incredible diversity of birds, including several endangered bird species, as well as the stunning vistas of this varied reserve. This is considered by the natives to be one of the best things to do in Port Edward.

Several types of deer and monkeys occupy the reserve’s lush environs and other natural animals. So whenever you explore the account in spring, you will indeed be able to see several places that are carpeted with lovely blooms.

BoarDalign Wakeboarding

If one enjoys sailing in boardshorts in deserted surfing areas and hovering underneath a phat wake on sheltered, smooth, soapy air, then you have discovered a paradise! It is truly one of the best things to do in Port Edward.

Discover how to wakeboard (from newbie to expert) year open land underneath a Mastercraft X-star featuring personal training from South Africa’s most significant driver, Kevin Dry, and several other top worldwide pro wakeboarders.

That’s also South Africa’s top wakeboarding location, housing to a few of the country’s greatest pro wakeboarders.

Visit The Crags View Wild Care Centre

Crag’s View Wild Care Centre is the only recognized wildlife rehab facility servicing the upper South Coast area, and it is located on Crag’s View Ranch. Bring your children to the Centre for a pleasant academic opportunity.

The Centre is dedicated to birds and plants that have been injured or stressed. And it is due to human interaction to stimulate their natural surroundings. Ostrich, small animals, and native birds are among the ‘residents’ at the center. 

Crag’s View arose from the dreams of two persons called Craig-Hosken with Ina-de-Koker, who was deeply interested in the suffering of unique blue communication and enhancement. The center was founded in October 2002 when the founders realized their true purpose.

The center’s primary goal is to educate, care for, and restore many songbirds as possible back towards their natural environments. In addition, livestock such as the endangered blue process,  diversity of flora, and fauna have been rehabilitated at the center.

Visitors may have a positive experience at the center, participate in informative excursions, and assist the peaceful wildlife inhabitants at Crags by practically donating a creature for R10 each month.

Explore The Red Desert 

The next one in the list of best things to do in Port Edward explores the Red Desert, which appears in sharp contrast to both the accompanying tropical flora and Port Edward’s unique redeeming quality. The Guinness Book of Records recognizes this national historical monument as the world’s tiniest desert, measuring just 200 meters across.

Although many visits, severe habitat destruction, and other exciting stories have been linked to its beginnings, archaeological relics discovered in the Red Desert show that dinosaurs existed in Port Edward 250 million years ago. In addition, in the nearby meadows, woods, and marshes, some other scarce indigenous flora is discovered.

The Red Desert is the world’s tiniest desert, located close to Margate in the usually lush greenery surrounding Port Edward. The deep red of this arid terrain shines out because of the emerald of the indigenous flora, which is just 200 meters wide. The reason for these dry conditions has yet to be determined. Interplanetary intervention to overgrazing is among the possibilities.

But whatever case may be, the Red Desert Wildlife Preservation Area is a visually stunning and fascinating place to visit. The area’s path may be walked or cycled around, and it displays the area’s distinctive scenery, historical findings, and abundant birdlife—the Umtamvuna Estuary benefit of producing vistas that will leave you speechless.

Discover WildCoast WildRun

The Wild Coast Wild Run seems to be a four-day trial marathon for a restricted number of persons who are more than just a training run to those who participate. Since 2009, the festival has explored the Transkei beaches’ hidden beauty, its green winding roads, and the welcoming character of the inhabitants. It’s billed as a two-day jogging vacation in the middle of a pristine seaside paradise.

That event generally covers the 112-kilometer unregistered route connecting Kei Mouth with Hole-in-the-Wall, divided into day portions of 44.3 km, 35.3 km, and 32 km across various terrain, including beach, grassy dunes, coastline woodland, and cliffs. Just several river crossings have been tossed in for a good reason.

The Wild Coastline may not be the only place where Wildrun takes you. In addition, other Wild runs may be found in Lesotho’s inaccessible highlands, the Richtersveld region, and Mapungubwe’s grassland. Each race is one-of-a-kind and restricted to 80 participants. There are daily deadlines.

Restless bodies make their way into excellent dinners at lovely lodging locations along the shore each evening. Annually, the lodging providers do so much to pamper the participants to send them out refreshed and calm, ready for another round of walking adventure. 

Solid new connections have been formed, private successes have already been realized, and life balance has been recovered by the end of the competition runner weaves its way down the embankment that comes to Hole in the Floor.

See Mzamba Fossils In The Petrified Forest

The Mzamba fossils and Petrified Woodlands are located on the shore, approximately 2 kilometers from Wild Coast Sun, at Port Edward, just on Wild Coast’s northernmost reaches.

The Petrified Forest, a succession of mzamba fossils beds that are old logs embedded in rocks, may be found immediately downstream of the Mtamvuna River, past Thompson’s swamp. The wood was formerly part of a forest, but it was washed downhill by waterways and saturated with seaboard crevices. 

You may trek to see all the dinosaur layers, but it’s better to do that with a tourist agent since you’ll need to schedule catching waves (shoreline is preferable), and indeed the guide will understand where they might be. Even at the tidal cycle, though, more enormous fossils can be seen concealed in the sand.

Steep corals under which the forests are encased continue down the beach to White Man’s Cave, a sequence of cliffs with high ceilings. Another set of fossils named the Mzamba specimens can be found along this length.

The White Man’s Tunnel is a cliff with a fossilized overhanging. From underneath it, you may explore a succession of other fossils. For example, the Mzamba Cretaceous Formation refers to both the woodland and also the remains.

Enjoy Coffee At Crop To Cup Tour

A trip to the Beaver Creek Coffee Inheritance is a must-do on any Port Edward vacation. A Harvest to Cup journey takes you on a 30-45 minute stroll all-around farms, highlighting the various flavors of both the world’s coffee locations as well as the procedures involved in making the ideal cup.

After that, grab your caffeine boost at The Estate Cafe, in which you might try a variety of coffees.

See more places and things to do in Port Edward here


Conclusion: Things To Do In Port Edward

I believe the experience in Port Edward will not let you down. But, of course, if you haven’t tried any of the nine things above, it will be a pity. The tiny village of Port Edward is a beautiful seaside treasure in South Africa. Port Edward is the ideal vacation destination, located on the borderline of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape along the subtropical Hibiscus Coast. Its mild climate and laidback island-style feel make it the ideal vacation spot.

While the Wild Coast Sun Resort has everything you might potentially require – with exciting family activities and specialized children’s entertainment, as well as a casino, restaurants, and bars – if you’re seeking to take your family out during the day, above’s a list of our suggestions.

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