A Great Vacation – Top Things To Do In Port Shepstone In 2021

Have you ever traveled and felt like “wow” about the new place? It happens in Port Shepstone for many tourists. Port Shepstone might not be quite as popular in South Africa as other towns, but do not be fooled by that. Port Shepstone is a tourist attraction that is little yet lovely to be visited in the future. Some of the things to do in port shepstone and to discover this secret destination will surprise you.

Perhaps you would want to visit Port Shepstone again some day to take a holiday and relax. You will continue to be able to read if you plan to come to South Africa and you are uncertain whether Port Shepstone is on your schedule. We’ve put a few things in and near Port Shepstone together in the list. We have a feeling that you are quite happy to have included this city in your trip plans.

Port Shepstone is a famous tourist destination with a variety of activities and spectacular outdoor events, quaint vacation cities and lovely beaches that may be enjoyed by locals and visitors. In this article, we will give you things to do in port shepstone:

  • Port Shepstone – Where Is It?
  • Top Things To Do In Port Shepstone
  • Closing Thinking

Port Shepstone – Where Is It?

Port Shepstone is a large town on the coast line, located on the tropical southern coast of KwaZulu-Natal.  An antique steam train through indigenous woods and traditional communities in the KwaZulu-Natal region. Guests may relax on beautiful white beaches and stunning landscapes such as the Oribi Gorge. Enjoy numerous outdoor activities, such as the tallest abseil or many chances for water sports.

The KwaZulu-Natal town was formed on both banks of the Mzimkulu River in 1867, when quantities of marble were found near the center. After the river channel was opened a port for maritime trade was created.

Trade began regularly at the beginning of May 1880 between Port Shepstone and Duban. The major exports included marble plaques, lime and sugar. The land was brought to agriculture in 1882 by Norwegian immigrants. Marine commerce kept going from the  KwaZulu-Natal town, but in 1901, the port was being utilized less and the river finally rebuilt, making port access impossible. With the long awaited railway connection in 1901.

The economy has been boosted by more residents of varied origins, and the town is now the administrative, trade, distribution and transportation hub of the Southern Coast. Over the years, Port Shepstone has become one of South Africa’s most famous tourist destinations with several attractions.

At the local museum visitors will have the opportunity to explore this unique South African region with its amazing history and a variety of exhibits. The lighthouse structures are also of importance on the beach. The beautiful church of the descent of the Norwegian immigrants is at the outskirts of the KwaZulu-Natal town.

The Kwa-Zulu natural town in Southern Africa is a perfect place for plunging and snorkeling, swimming, surfing and fishing among others adrenaline activities such as jet ski and skiing. Port Shepstone is also home to magnificent beaches and warm seas that contain plenty of marine life. Dolphins can also be swimmed and the whales visiting this shore may be seen.

Top Things To Do In Port Shepstone

Visiting The Game Reserve of Lake Eland

About 40 mins outside Port Shepstone, the Lake Eland Game Reserve is a fantastic place to meet, an ideal trip to Oribi Gorge.

Guests may enjoy a wealth of unforgettable activities, including self-driving gamen, scooters, a lovely wildlife tour, horse track, scooter tours, mountain biking single tracks, fishing, paintball and more, much more in this place in the midst of the calm and natural surroundings. A wonderful restaurant also features a licensed bar and a playground for children… You mustn’t miss your outstanding gourmet burgers!

Visiting Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge is one of South Africa’s most stunning natural wonders. Thus it is only appropriate to plan to see this unique open-air destination for anyone visiting the Southern Coast – of KZN generally.

Even though Oribi Gorge may be more commonly called a canyon – there will be no question that it is a magnificent sight to experience whatever you want to name it! The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, offers a wide range of picnic spot sites along the river and an opportunity to discover some local animals, apart from a major draw of Oribi Gorge.

Visiting Mzimkulu River

This is the greatest of many rivers on the shore, and it is one of the contributors to the construction of a railway line from Durban to Port Shepstone which is the Mzimkulu river that runs down to the ocean, which means home to all the rivers.

Today you may enjoy boat rides down and up the river and see the landscape and fauna. The rivers, canoes, boats, Windsports and Water Skiing are many activities provided here. The town in KwaZulu-Natal also boasts some outstanding wildlife parks including as Leopards, Babu, antelopes and magnificent birds.

Visiting Bellevue Eco Park

Bellevue Eco Park is the magnificent park with approximately 200 types of native trees, plant life (from frogs to birds and dassies), barrier tracks, children’s play facilities, and much more located near the Bellevue Guest Lodge in Ramsgate.

People of all ages may enjoy hours and hours of outdoor fun and also learn about nature and its preservation. The park is best, wheelchair accessible and comfortable for everyone to enjoy. Sensory play zones, sand pit, slides, roundabout, swings and more are the attractions suitable for youngsters.

Visiting Wild Waves Water Park

The Wild Waves Water Park on the Wild Coast Sun resort is an unmissable attraction for anybody near the southern shores. The hotel is located in the family- oriented Wild Coast Sun resort of Port Edward. The water-based entertainment park has a variety of thrilling slides, such as the Boomerango, Superbowl, and many others. 

Besides, a special children’s section is also available to guarantee everybody at Wild Waves Water Park (parents involved) is fun to relax.

Visiting The Port Shepstone Country Club

The Port Shepstone Country Club is the greatest golf course in the Southern Coast and is a treasure of the year-round, sunny and warm atmosphere for golfers that like dry soil. The Port Shepstone Country Club provides an 18-hole golf course with a diverse variety of golfing difficulties, where golfers may exchange experiences at the 19th hole and even clubhouse with local golfers.

The Port Shepstone Golf Club, with a relaxed environment produced by ‘afters the weekend’s golf music, and great price-free weekend braai meals is really one of the most friendly clubs in all of KZN South Coast.

Visiting Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Riverbend Crocodile Farm is an excellent spot to go for people who would like a more memorable experience. Guests may experience entertainment and culture on crocodiles at the renowned crocodile farms in Southbroom.

Special emphasis will be the viewing of crocodile feedings, the other inhabitants (some nineteen snake species), the weekly demonstration of snake feed and so much more. Having developed your appetite, get a lovely meal for your breakfasts, light meals and afternoon tea at the Crocodile Café. There’s also a great children’s playground here.

Visiting The Port Shepstone Museum

You can visit the Port Shepstone Museum to learn more about the interesting history of the community. With a number of expositions with a marine theme, this beautiful museum describes the history of the city. At the river mouth Mzimkulu rises the 27 thousand candela lighthouse. The current iron cast lighthouse was built around 1906 and this unusual lighthouse still may be explored today.

Visiting Aqua Planet Dive Centre

Visitors may take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with sharks at the Aqua Planet Dive Centre. In Shelly Beach the diving center provides PADI tauchen training for everybody from newbies to professionals, as well as speciality courses.

You will travel to the Protea Banks once you are taught and ready for diving. Here you may swim between a variety of sharks – from Hammerheads to Bull Sharks. Whales and dolphins are also often seen as a plus during the whale season! So fit – and get ready with the sharks for swimming!

Visiting Basset Breweries To Enjoy Craft Beer

Look no farther than the famous Basset brauereies for anybody looking for great craft beer in KZN. There is an awe-inspiring new taproom, the Doghouse Craft Cafe, where customers can drink amazing beer, in lovely Pennington.

Why not schedule one of the brasserie excursions during your visit? Every stage of the process, from the pure malt barley and hope to the exquisite final foaming of your cold glass, will let you understand everything about the system of beer production….

Fully licensed bar and natural paths that lead you past the two bass-dams and through the beautifulnara Yellowwood Private Nature Reserve, are all on site (including Basset Brews, speciality gin, wines and even cocktails), a fantastic children’s playground and a pet-friendly beverage (pet should be leashed).

Exploring Oribi Vulture Hidden View

We are blessed to have a permanent breeding colony of more than 200 Cape Vultures in the canyon of Oribi, permitting us to meet these majestic birds quite closely. You may see vultures rising along the hills from readily available cliff viewing spots, swooping up, down and at the eye level.

Look at the astonishing structures and hear the flow of air passing through their fathers, occasionally in meters. This is a true (and nearly mystical) experience. This is absolutely unforgettable. You’re in Oribi a short distance off the road surface. No 4×4 highways, no mountains, no lengthy walks.

Visiting Mac Banana 

Mac Banana in Port Edward is the one-stop shopping trip on the Southern Coast to enjoy your family. They provide a wonderful shopping experience on-site, 4 excellent restaurants, approximately 20 adventurous events and much more (with their famous Pancake House). Mac Banana, Pancake House -Banana Cafe –  Mac venture golf, Mac Quads, Mac Farmyard, and Mac Butterflies, to mention just a few, are among the highlights.

The farm or farmyard does not only provide parents and kids the opportunity to observe many lovely creatures from the farm in close proximity. But it also offers a huge trampoline and hayrides to explore. These are only some of the fantastic events that adults as well as children may enjoy and discover at Mac Banana!

Experiencing The Ultimate Rush

The Wild Gorge Swing in Oribi Gorge provides a guaranteed high amount of enthusiasm if you are an arousing seeker searching for the thrill of an entire lifetime! Enter gravity, throw yourself away from the brink of Lehr’s Falls in what should be your life’s greatest exhilarating ride! The tallest gorge swinging in the world means that this activity takes you off the waterfall and sinks into the 55-story deep canyon. It involves stepping from the waterfall.

The free fall is great and in 2.3 secs you may reach the amazing speed of 120 km/hr. Wild 5 is located on the grounds of the hotel Oribi Gorge on the South Coast of KZN and 20 minutes by car from Port Shepstone. In a backdrop of world famous landmarks and beautiful nature, Wild 5 Experiences provides a variety of intense (and even gentler) adventures.

These are 110m abseil, an 85m road bridge and water sports boating on the Umzimkhulu (birding, hiking and horseback). The fresh air flow marvels the hunger, so why not end the beautiful day with a snack in the Wild Fig Cafe in the Oribi Gorge Hotel.

Closing Thinking

Port Shepstone features a number of beautiful natural reserves which contain baboons, leopards, antelopes and other lovely kinds of birds. Exploring the magnificent animals in the beautiful countryside, take a tour of such nature reserves. Port Shepstone is particularly popular due to its large range of entertaining activities amid spectacular views. Port Shepstone provides something for everybody, whether it’s merely relaxed or adventurous!

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