Things To Do In Riebeek Kasteel: Best For Exciting Travel!

The historical backdrop of Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland returns far, as stone-age devices and KhoiSan craftsmanship found in the mountains around it show. However, today it’s a much-adored end of the week escape for Capetonians. Here’s my pick of 12 things to do in Riebeek Kasteel. 

Short Street 

Called Short Street, its Karoo-style design is truth be told distinctly around ten years of age, a propelled plan.


At it’s anything but a local area improvement trust dedicated to handling environmental change and neediness among country young people. 

Assists with forcing the Path to leave Poverty program guides youngsters. ‘We contact nearly 10 000 individuals per year,’ PR and promoting advised me. They additionally have ecological, youth initiatives and microenterprise programs. 

Stay Over 

Full-administration cabins and inns, from notable or heartfelt to current, from spending plan cordial to extravagant. With such a huge amount to do, everyone needs to remain for in any event an evening or two. 

Things To Bring When Traveling

Personal documents

One of the first things that you need to prepare for your trip is identification. Some types of documents that you must carry with you wherever you go are identity cards, citizen identification cards, driving licenses, passports, etc.

In addition, you should also prepare a copy of your identity card, passport, travel insurance, or bank card, which are also things you should bring in case you need to use it.

Cash and bank cards

Cash and bank cards are also one of the things you need to prepare carefully to bring with you on your trip. To prevent bad situations that may happen, you should prepare some cash. The remaining amount, you keep in your bank card, both safe and convenient for you during the trip.

Travel suitcase

Your trip is indispensable for a travel suitcase, depending on your short or long trip, choose a suitable suitcase for yourself. A good travel suitcase will help you store your belongings and things to bring on your trip. Therefore, when preparing to travel, you should bring the best suitcase.

A good suitcase is light in weight and has good impact resistance. Besides, you should pay attention to the storage capacity inside. A large travel suitcase will help you to store a lot of things inside without having to carry too many other travel bags.

Medicines and medical supplies

Medicines and medical supplies are indispensable items in your travel suitcase.

Therefore, you should bring some common medicines such as flu, stomachache, allergies… Also don’t forget basic medical tools such as scissors, bandages, ugo. To save space in your suitcase, you should put them in a small bag.


When preparing for travel, do not forget to bring personal hygiene items. Although in some hotels there are also toiletries available such as toothpaste, brush. However, you should also bring it in case you are delayed at the airport for too long.


Depending on the date of departure, the destination to choose the most suitable clothes for you. You should bring enough clothes to wear, avoid bringing too many clothes and then not wearing them.


Just like clothes, shoes are also one of the items that you should not forget when preparing for travel. 1 pair of sports shoes/doll shoes + 1 pair of sandals for convenience in travel will be a reasonable choice.

Electric devices

Cell phones, cameras, and laptops are indispensable items in your luggage. However, do not forget to bring devices such as power banks, power adapters, chargers for cameras, phones, and laptops. In addition, a waterproof bag is a must to carry to protect these items.


Having to sit for many hours on the train, car, or plane will make you feel sad and crave something to make the time pass quickly. Therefore, prepare in your bag a few snacks such as cakes, sausages, candies… However, when you finish eating, you should not throw garbage indiscriminately to avoid affecting the people around!

When going to a new place and living for a few days. Things are sometimes very different from the area we live in every day. Food that does not suit your taste or is too strange will make you feel uncomfortable. Especially for the elderly and young children, eating is even more difficult. So, you can prepare some fast food or some favorite dishes that can be used for a long time. In case of an emergency, you can use it to not be exhausted from hunger.

The price and location of food is also a very interesting thing. Before traveling far, you need to carefully research the places to eat in that area to avoid being “hacked” when traveling. Currently, many websites and bloggers often review travel destinations and share them on social networks. So you can easily search and choose.

Eyeglasses + swimming goggles

Let’s not talk about the effect of beauty for you, good eyewear also works in shading, protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Choose for yourself high-quality, safe eyewear to protect your eyes as well as the skin around your eyes from darkening or wrinkled!

In addition to eyeglasses, swimming goggles are also one of the indispensable items when you prepare that beachwear. Swimming goggles will help your eyes not dry, hurt or strain your eyes when exposed to water for a long time.


One of the must-have items, when you are going to the beach, is sunscreen and lotion. You know summer weather is inherently uncomfortable, especially when the scorching sun of the sun makes your skin dark, melasma even causes skin burns. Using sunscreen is considered the perfect choice to help you protect your skin.

Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF because it will protect you from the sun for many hours, in addition, you should also favor those with “water-proof” ability!

Waterproof beach bag

Because we will often have to carry a lot of things when going to the beach such as clothes, towels, and snacks, so you need to put them in a bag. Different from regular fabric bags, when choosing to bring them to the beach, you should pay attention to good waterproof beach bags to help preserve the contents inside in the best way.

Things To Keep In Mind When Going Trip

Make a to-do list

Make a specific list to answer the questions: where will you be, will you need to change accommodation, what will you do at the destination… This is a process that takes a lot of thought, but no equally important as it gives you an overview of the trip.

Ticket booking

Airlines usually issue flight tickets as early as 11 months in advance, and the earlier tickets are purchased, the cheaper they are. Flights closer to departure will cost more. So plan early, book hotels, and air tickets wisely. You can save a decent amount of money.


The earlier you book your accommodation, the better rates and more options you will get, especially if the destination is crowded with tourists or in the high season.

See the weather forecast

Even if you have researched the travel time of that place in newspapers or travel websites, watching the weather forecast carefully should not be ignored. The weather today is increasingly erratic, wherever you go, you need to do this. Especially in the seas and islands, avoid going during storms to avoid danger.

Besides, knowing the weather in advance also helps you prepare appropriate clothes and luggage, for example, if it’s sunny, you will need to bring a hat, more sunscreen, if it’s drizzly, you need to bring an umbrella/umbrella, a shirt. rain,…

In addition, when you arrive in another land, you may not fully understand the customs, habits, ways of speaking, etc. of the people, which may lead to misunderstandings. or have conflicts with strangers. Calmly solve the problem with gentle words, sincere actions, do not behave uncultured will make the trip unhappy. If you behave properly, maybe you will have new friends in that land?

Stay healthy

Take good care of your health before traveling. Do not change your exercise routine, but keep your favorite activities such as walking, swimming, aerobic, or cycling… However, do not overdo it to avoid injury or muscle fatigue.

When traveling to new places, there will be many attractive regional specialties. However, if that dish is not suitable for your health, it should not be eaten. You should learn about the ingredients and how to prepare the dish before enjoying it.

Pay close attention to eating, hygienic food to ensure health. Do not skip meals or eat too late to avoid stomach pain or exhaustion when traveling. Can bring familiar food so as not to be too dependent on local food.

Bring your belongings on the plane

At health care stores, you can find convenient kit packages for long-haul flights.

This package includes earplugs, an eye patch, and a collapsible neck pillow. When you get on the plane, you just need to blow in to make the pillow inflate. When not in use, you can deflate and fold the pillow back like a piece of cloth.

You should prepare this kit as some airlines only provide blankets but not eye patches or earplugs, even on long flights.

Whether traveling on our own or a tour, we still need to arrange our luggage appropriately based on the long and short duration of the trip. Consider bringing the most necessary things such as identification documents, personal belongings, clothes, … and especially do not forget to bring cash. Although many places can now pay by card, there will still be times when you need cash like when going to the market or buying street snacks.

Self-sufficient travel is not difficult, it’s just that you need to prepare yourself a solid suitcase, learn carefully before each trip and accumulate a lot of experience, then surely your trip will be successful. That’s so memorable!

Keep your mind happy and comfortable when traveling

The occurrence of some problems when traveling is inevitable. Instead of being depressed, confused when encountering unexpected cases. Stay calm and slowly solve the problem. Your mind needs to be prepared for those bad cases.

Typical characteristics when traveling are: traveling a lot, food may not be suitable for taste, time zone difference if traveling abroad, unexpected weather changes, .. all cause a lot of pressure. force while traveling. Therefore, you need to prepare psychologically and anticipate all situations before traveling. Solve things comfortably and peacefully instead of using violence or being angry. Traveling is to relieve stress, enjoy, not a time for you to be stressed or uncomfortable.

Choose the right means of transportation

After you have chosen a place, you need to see which means of transport to go there to save unnecessary costs. If you go by plane, you can book tickets early or watch for cheap ticket deals to save costs. If you only go within the country to nearby places, you can choose to go by train, bus or even closer, traveling by motorbike is also a good way to save money.

Schedule travel, meals

One of the factors that determine the success of your self-guided trip is the ability to plan your schedule. Find out in advance where you are going to have outstanding tourist attractions, where to go, where not to go, where to eat and drink, … and make a list again.

All of these things you can easily find online through the reviews of those who have gone before, or you can go to find tours and base on that to schedule your own. Although self-sufficient travel is not limited in time, if you do not know how to arrange a reasonable time, you will likely miss many things and cause regrets.


Above are our suggestions and summaries about things to do in Riebeek Kasteel. Hope you will have an enjoyable trip with our article about things to do in Riebeek Kasteel!

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