Things To Do In Secunda: Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

Referring to world tourist destinations, people often mention places in Europe and Asia as the most and this is too familiar to travel lovers. That’s why today I want to mention a tourist destination in Africa that is Secunda. We will list 5 things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

You will get the following useful tips in the article:

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  • Things to prepare before going to Secunda
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What is the town of Secunda ?

Secunda is a modern town in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. It was built in 1974 and is known as a potential area for large reserves of coal and oil. Since then, there have started to appear many coal-oil factories and more factories that also produce a variety of chemicals as well as gasoline; supporting industries producing fertilizers, plastics, man-made fibers and detergents.

Not only that, in recent years Secunda town has become a famous tourist destination with interesting tourist attractions such as Lake Umuzi, La Bella Secunda Guest House, Graceland Casino, Golf Course, etc. Although it is only a small town, it is a tourist destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Things to prepare before going to Secunda

Before you want to know things to do in Secunda, you also need to prepare some necessary items for your trip.

Personal documents

One of the first things to keep in mind when traveling is an identification document. The types of identification documents to bring include:

Outside the country: identity card or citizen identification card, international driver’s license, passport, visa.

If you are traveling with small children you must bring a copy of the birth certificate to prove the relationship.

The types of identification documents are very important, so you should keep them in your wallet, always carry them with you. You can also prepare a small bag to wear on your body or bring a jacket with an inner pocket.

Cash and credit cards

Money and credit cards are among the most important things to have when traveling. In the process of planning your trip, you should find out what currency the places you are visiting use. Prepare a little cash, the rest you should put in a bank card (if traveling abroad requires a visa card). This is something that should not be forgotten in the list of essential travel items.

Budget for the trip is divided to make it easy for you to process when paying. As for cash, you can use it to pay for cars, eat at restaurants, and buy small items of value. You can use your bank card to pay large bills, or when you run out of cash. you can draw to use.

Carrying too much cash affects travel, safety. In addition, some countries have regulations on foreign currency and cash that can be brought in when going through customs. Therefore, you should take note.

Medicines and aid supplies

The question of what to bring when traveling is asked by many people before preparing for a trip. In the necessary items when traveling, you should bring medicine and some first aid supplies. Medicines to bring when traveling:

  • Painkiller: when having a headache, toothache or stomachache, a pain reliever is like a lifesaver while your body is tired.
  • Digestive medicine: In the case of eating too much or the food is not suitable for the digestive system, you can cause bloating, indigestion. At this time, the digestive medicine will have its right effect.
  • Iron pills, vitamins: Bring iron pills, vitamins to help you ensure enough nutrients every day, energizing to make your fun more complete.
  • Motion sickness medicine: Take motion sickness medicine as prescribed to minimize your discomfort and affect your fun plans.

For medical first aid supplies, you should bring some cotton bandages, red medicine or hydrogen peroxide, personal bandages, etc. to handle the wound if there is an unexpected event. The above medicines and first aid kit you should put in a bag or container, with a note on the type of medicine and how to use it to avoid getting it wrong and lost.


Carrying clothes when traveling must be something that should never be forgotten in the travel preparation list, right? You even bought a lot of clothes to enjoy wearing when traveling, to take souvenir photos.

When traveling, carrying too many clothes makes your area narrow, the weight is also heavier, making it more difficult to move. In addition, when you bring too many clothes you will spend more time choosing what to wear or you will not wear them at all.

Therefore, before preparing clothes, you should find out the weather and terrain where you will visit to bring the right clothes, just enough. To help keep your clothes wrinkle-free and easy to find, you can use convenient waterproof travel bags for easier sorting and peace of mind.

Things to do in Secunda

Visiting Eenden Dam

Eenden Dam, also known as Duck Pond, is considered the most popular spot in this town. This place is like a beautiful green oasis, an ideal place for families to travel together. Moreover, it also has a clean and fresh atmosphere that brings a pleasant feeling to tourists, which is very suitable for people to exercise and perform health training activities such as jogging, cycling, etc. and so on.

This place also has a place for picnics and brassi, if you travel here, you can prepare a meal yourself with family or friends. Just being on a vacation brings the feeling of being close to being at home.

There are many play areas specifically for children as well as several dormitories located in the forest. The ponds are just the right size to allow you to fish in this place. The most special feature here is that the miniature train is operated around the dam. Most of the children are usually very excited about this activity. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

Relaxing at Lake Umuzi Waterfront

If you want to experience a full and unique day, then Lake Umuzi Waterfront should definitely be on your list of places to hang out. It features self-catering wooden houses and suites. A rather unique restaurant built in a location with a beautiful view on the premises. When you come here, you will enjoy delicious and unique dishes. Sitting in the restaurant looking out, you will also easily see a cozy bar so that everyone who comes here can really relax and dispel all worries. My advice to you is not to miss the sunset here, it’s really like a work of art.

If you travel by company, surely the basement theater is a place not to be missed. This is a special place for companies to organize events to entertain employees or customers. Whether the event is large or small, it can and fully meet all needs. Not only that, but it also specializes in organizing events related to the culture of the region, talent shows, this place is really suitable and attractive to those who are knowledgeable and those who are learning about local culture.

For children, it is definitely a must to go to Aquazone water park, there are many games here to help the children’s vacation be more complete and become a memorable memory. If you come here in the summer, I am sure no one will miss this place, it helps tourists dispel the summer heat. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

Take the kids to Carnival Square

If you have young children on your trip, you should definitely bring them to this Carnival Square – a fun place for children, this place is also in the Lake Umuzi area.

It has the largest Jungle Gym in Africa. You can join your kid in this game that is escaping the forest together. This game can consume a lot of children’s energy . You can choose to either be the hero in the hearts of the children by always cheering them on outside the forest or let them play this game and when they no longer have the energy to play, you will have time to rest. The choice is up to you.

You can rest assured if you let small children play here because this place is absolutely safe. The entrance is controlled, there are play areas only for children and adults who cannot enter can only stand outside. Children-only play areas have a height limit of 1.35 m to reduce unnecessary risks for older children.

While children are playing, adults can sit and sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery here. If your kids are mature and can play on their own, you can spend a lot of time enjoying the new unique food at Eish. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

Spend time at the Action Sports Secunda

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to exercise even while on vacation, you should come to the Action Sports Secunda. This place offers you a lot of different sports such as netball, cricket, football, hockey.

This place is divided into three small courts where sports take place (these subjects can take place at the same time). There is also a small bait counter for you to chat with friends and relatives. A clothing store is located here, if you don’t have yourself a suitable sportswear, then stop by here.

This place is considered a modern sports arena. With the use of electronic scoring technologies with international standards, high quality grass, this place was chosen to host Secunda Action sport and is also one of the great pride in the place. this. The Action Sports Secunda can organize any action sports, most notably cricket, hockey.

Action sports can be considered as the place to organize the most activities here. Active sports enthusiasts stay active with Monday-Friday Night League games organized by Secunda Action Sport. There is nothing better than enjoying sports matches and drinking a cold beer with friends or loved ones, while watching sports you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the shores of Lake Umuzi. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

Go shopping at Secunda Mall

For shopaholics, Secunda Mall is definitely an ideal and interesting place. This mall has shops and boutiques with a variety of items. Having a commercial center located in a mining town like Secunda is already very unique and interesting.

This is also the only shopping center here and promises to bring an experience no different from famous commercial centers around the world. The hospitality and generosity of the people here have left a good impression on visitors. Coming to Secunda Mall you can also feel the culture and heritage of Africa whether you are looking for gifts or souvenirs or even just passing by the window.

It includes popular favorites such as Woolworths, Mr Price, Cape Union Mart, Foodlovers’ Market, Queue Shoes, Spitz, etc. Of course, when you are done shopping, you will feel hungry and want to eat. It has a very convenient chain of fast food restaurants. You as well as your loved ones can find anything here. This is also an ideal place to hold large celebrations and family gatherings, which makes this place a memorable memory in the hearts of visitors.

Not only shopping here, there are also 6 cinemas with 2 3D cinemas that always update the latest and hottest movies. Of course, when watching movies, you can’t go without popcorn as well as drinks and snacks. With a variety of entertainment activities, this place attracts more than 600,000 visitors every month on average. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

Playing golf at Graceland Golf Course

This golf course is part of the Graceland hotel – a place famous for its high-class hotel services, so it is not surprising that it is invested with a large golf course that attracts many high-class guests.

Gary player – a golf professional designed this golf course. Thanks to the clever use of each natural contour of the land itself to create a high-quality golf course. All the facilities in this place are top-notch designs of high quality.

This golf course has a stream flowing through 7 holes out of a total of 18 holes. Crenshaw’s green beach along with many species of birds flocking here has made this place special. Whatever level of golf you’re at, it’s for you, from beginners to pros. Tests are set up to ensure fairness for all levels.

When finished playing, take a few minutes to walk around Augusta Club Longue. This place has a very wide view that can see the entire golf course, strolling and chatting with people with the same passion talking about the same topic. I really like the topic. This is one of things to do in Secunda that you can’t miss.

In Conclusion

In this article I have emphasized on things to do in Secunda, besides giving you some information about this town and what you need to prepare for a trip to make your vacation more complete. Hope this article really helps you in your upcoming travel trip so that you have new and enjoyable experiences. 

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