Things To Do In In Somerset West: Interesting Destinations And Activities That You Should Not Miss

What to do in somerset west? Here are 12 beautiful and famous destinations in the somerset west that you can’t miss

Make A Cape Canopy Tour

When you join in  the Cape Canopy Tour, will have a chance to experience a lot of extreme sports and adventures in this unspoiled section of the world. This tour is made at the Hottentots Holland Mountains 

The Cape Canopy Tour will give visitors experiences of nature with fastinacing adventures. Each tour will have a professional guide that will provide full safe rules as well as insight along the road and interesting information, with a lot of fun. A driver will take travellers into the mountains to begin a ziplining adventure. There, you will see 13 elevated platforms, a swing bridge as well as slides.

Slide through valleys, waterfalls and at dizzying heights of the Western Cape vegetation, you will be suspended by a harness that is safely attached overhead. Visitors will be divided into small groups, and guides will make sure that each person can be swung giddily above the beautiful terrain below.

Visit Strawberry Safari

Strawberry fields are waiting pickers in the Cape summer. There, visitors can enjoy  warm weather and take part in leisurely fruit picking which is an interesting outdoor activity. Coming to the Strawberry fields,  you can pick strawberries and  put them into  your basket and you just need to pay for the strawberries you bring home.If you are an outdoor activity lover, this is an ideal place for you to visit.

For the pickers that are less enthusiastic,the strawberries are sold in the farm in the 1909 historic building. Additionally, they also sell  refreshments, preserves,  snacks,nuts, local wine and dried fruit. 

Joining Lwandle Township Walking Tour

When joining the township walk, we will begin from Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum There will be a tour guide, the route includes visiting the Hector Pieterson Library,the Betheli Creche, Hostel 33, shops,  the Town Square, a tavern and the Arts and Crafts Centre. Then you will be back to the museum.

The walking tour is not perfect without coming over Hostel 33 which was founded in 1958.Beside that, the Betheli Creche was formerly a kitchen serviced for migrant workers. At present it is a studying space for the children in Lwandle.

Go To Helderberg Veld Winkel Market

Markets are ideal places to buy local products. If you come to Somerset West, you should visit the Helderberg Veld Winkel-Mark.It is free to browse.It is located in Southey’s Vines, 186 Main Road.

This market takes place on the first Saturday of every month. This market has a lot of things for everyone including jewellery or  woodwork.Additionally,artwork and plants are also sold so you should try to come to have a chance to go shopping or bargain hunting. There you will find something interesting to bring home and give to your friends or family.

Make Dombeya Wines Tour 

At the vineyard Grapes  are harvested early and fermentation tanks in a cellar. You can pay a visit to the estate of  Winemaker’s Sunset sessions where you can get a meal from the Long Table restaurant and you have a chance to taste wine from their wine cellar.

Long Table restaurant has the view of a peaceful country located among the vineyards of Dombeya in a factory of old angora wool on the farm. Additionally, you also have a chance to study other wine estates in the region. For example, you can  see South Africa Wine Estates, see Bottelary Hills Wine Estates to know a general overview and connect to other wine producing areas.

 If you are interested in wine, you can come here to broaden your horizon and have chance to taste various kinds of wines.

Play Golf At Vodacom Golf Village

If you are interested in golf, playing golf at the Vodacom Golf Village might be one of the most fascinating things when you come to Somerset West.Vodacom Golf Village is one of the eight professional golf centers in South Africa, it has everything available for you to conduct your performance.

Not only are the facilities great and modern but you also will find the service very good, the staff professional.While you are in the Vodacom Golf Village, you can come over to the beauty salon or practice  at the gym on site. Additionally, If you are finding a ideal place to eat, there are also  a McNaughton’s and a Primi Piatti  where you can enjoy a tasty meal.

Do A Helderberg Farm Trail    

Go  along the roads of Helderberg Farm, along this ten kilometer circular route. It will take about an hour for you to complete this route and pass through varied terrain by bike.

From gravel roads to tarmac,single track and paving. There are challenges around corners There are some great descents and  inclines that can keep those muscles operating on this short route.

There, the scenery is wonderful and you can get the view of Table Mountain and the vineyards , especially you can see views over False Bay.However, you have to pay an entry fee  at the gate on entry.

Visit Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall includes 204 stores and offers for families from Somerset West to Mossel Bay a safe, interesting entertainment environment, and  a great shopping experience. Somerset Mall give you the perfect combination for a good life.

Somerset Mall has everything to ensure browsing and entertainment experience all day for locals and visitors. It includes an international food area, 10-pin bowling alley,8-screen movie complex, book and music stores and games arcade.The Somerset Mall  also has a Customer Care Desk that is convenient to support you with related  information. 

Go To The Daily Coffee Cafe 

The Daily Coffee Café is located in the suburbs of Somerset West, with great views of False Bay and the Hottentots Holland Mountains.This café is a fascinating, comfortable spot in which to enjoy good service, delicious coffee and tasty  food.

The Daily Coffee Café is a perfect spot for visitors as well as for locals arriving in Somerset West. You will have a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, cappuccinos, lattés, milkshakes or snack meals at leisure . If you are a sweet eater, you will be satisfied with a range of baked cakes. There are also fluffy scones, and delicious muffins.

Gordon’s Bay Main Beach

The Main Beach has several shallow swimming areas, which are suitable and fantastic for families with little children that aren’t ready to approach the waves. The warm white sands are the ideal place for beach games or sun-tanning , and It has a brick walkway that is perfect for energetic runs, strolls or exploring the site. 

This is also  an ideal  spot for snorkelling for people that are qualified, or SCUBA diving.Families can come here to relax, listen to the sound of children playing and waves crashing and enjoy a picnic After playing  in the sand ,sun,and sea,you can come to the restaurants or coffee shops nearby for food and beverage  with the family.

Visit The Fiore Garden Centre  

The  Fiore Garden Centre offers a great combination of beautiful gardening accessories, delicious food, friendly service and a cozy atmosphere. Come here you can enjoy the peacefulness of the gardens. This is the ideal place for a vacation to escape from the buzz of the City. The nursery has a lot of exciting things that include herbs,succulents, trees, flowers, and shrubs. However, it is most popular for its collection of bonsai.

The Fiore gardening shop is well-stocked with soil, mulch, pots,  accessories.

ornaments, gardening tools.The coffee shop in The  Fiore Garden Centre  offers a lot of tasty meals, as well as a lot of sweets and cakes. The coffee shop is designed with a spacious outdoor area and has a play site for children.

Come Overfish Trigger Brewing

Triggerfish Brewing is situated in the Western Cape town of Somerset West. Not only do you enjoy the cold beers, you also can make a brewery tour to learn experience behind the cold beers and arouse the passion. They use local ingredients as much as possible to create unique flavours that are undeniable in South African. 

The menu of Triggerfish includes tasty snacks and healthy meals that you can enjoy with an ice-cold beer. Triggerfish Brewing is a must-go place for visitors to Somerset West with an expectation for something moreish and different.

Visit Capelands Restaurant Mangiare 

Come to the Restaurant Mangiare you will find freshness. They select the best material on the market, and our  vegetables and herbs are organically planted and freshly collected from their own garden.

The professional Italian and French Chef will bring to you the great flavor of Mediterranean cooking style. You will be served with a great choice of local and international wines.

Visit Monkey Town

Monkey Town is a space where there are over 230 primates. Visitors can see  the monkeys and apes with 27 different species. With the caged walkway visitors can not intrude on their living space, but you still can observe their lifestyle.

You can have a chance to hug a monkey, in the interaction area. Additionally, it also has a touch farmyard, a range of birds, koi ponds on the grounds. The park has water slides, a rock swimming pool,  play park  trampoline and a braai venue. It also has  a restaurant for refreshments.

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