Top Fun Things To Do In Strand – Hot Destinations That Are Loved By Many Tourists 2023

While everyone around is eagerly preparing their suitcases and clothes to go to enjoy a vacation, you are also preparing for your vacation ideas. And of course, in the midst of a hot summer like this, there is nothing more wonderful than blowing away the summer sun and immersing yourself in the cool water of the Strand beach paradise in Cape Town. But are you wondering what things to do in Strand to make your vacation the most meaningful?

This article will be our perfect answer to your question. The Strand has long been known as one of the best beaches in Cape Town. The Strand tourist map is still causing a rumbling fever for many people with many famous places. If you are too tired of having to wait in line or bathe in the middle of too many people on a beach on vacations, the 8 destinations below will be ideal for your forthcoming trip!

8 Best Things To Do In Strand 2023

The land of Strand is not large, but it has almost all the places from dining, entertainment, relaxation, experience, and discovery. This is a place to enjoy nature. Bring your phone and take pictures of all the beautiful views you see, then share them on our free instagram post maker so we can feel how amazing this paradise really was!

Here are some interesting places that are worth checking out, take your time and enjoy!

Strand Beach

If you come to Cape Town without visiting Strand Beach, you have accidentally missed one of the most beautiful beaches in the Strand. This beach is quite large, and the surrounding scenery is worthy of 100 points for beauty.

Strand Beach owns a long stretch of fine white sand, the sea and sky are the same clear blue, there are mountains in the distance and undulating brown rocks. This is a scene that if you take a picture, it will always be beautiful. Here, the best weather for you to explore the beach is in the summer months, the cool breeze of the sea will reduce the heat of summer. This is the time when the sea has few big waves, and many fun activities are held. However, during all times of the year, this beach is suitable for you to travel to.

We think that no one who visits the sea will leave without watching the sunset. Once you visit Strand, there is no reason not to watch the sunset here. The most beautiful and popular sunset viewing spot is also at Strand Beach. With the immense scenery, the blue sky, the blue sea, and the yellow sunshine mixed with white clouds create a very eye-catching scene. At this point, you just need to put aside all your worries and enjoy yourself quietly.


Although not large in size, Melkbaai beach is also a beautiful beach that is quite popular with people in the region because of its clear blue water, fine sand, and always windy. Because it is not famous to many people like Strand Beach, Melkbaai has a very peaceful atmosphere and is suitable for people to come here to relieve stress after tiring days. Along the Melkbaai beach is a road for cars, if you drive along this road, you will admire a beautiful landscape stretching out before your eyes. On the way here, you are free to let the sea breeze blow your hair, stretch your chest and inhale the scent of the sea breeze blowing. Specifically, you will feel the flavor of the sea when going through this road.

Because of its small area, the beach here is always kept clean. Melkbaai has blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, and very calm waves. The sea at Melkbaai beach is most beautiful in the afternoon. If you see the sunset at Melkbaai beach, you will have to admire the Creator for creating such a beautiful nature. If Melkbaai during the day is like a vivid picture that changes color hour by hour under the sun, when the night falls, it will be the time of the wind becoming the music of the sea. The sound of the waves and wind create wonderful sounds of the beautiful, wild and attractive sea.

Harmony Park

If you go to the town of Strand and you miss Harmony park, it will be a waste. When you come to Harmony park, you can still enjoy the pristine sea air, blue water to the bottom, white sand, and golden sunshine. In particular, there is a tidal pool with circular pedestals that are worth experiencing. Coming to Harmony park, you will have many good photos to post on Instagram with the scenery here.

Not only a place to swim or a scene to take pictures, but this place also has braai spots, so this is really an ideal place to help you love this life more. Just having fun with family and watching the vast ocean in front of you is really great, isn’t it? An interesting beach like this without taking advantage of the holiday to invite family and friends to enjoy a trip is too wasteful.

However, the beach here is quite dirty compared to the two locations above, in the sea, there is garbage floating around. So, you should just watch, take pictures and eat, but don’t litter on this wonderful beach. And it seems that the managers here should also pay more attention to Harmony park because it is impossible for such a beautiful place to become a dump and become desolate.

Waterworld Strand

Your next stop is Waterworld Strand, which will give your family and especially your kids an equally exciting experience out at sea. The highlight is the interesting water activities but also quite safe and not afraid of drowning like in the sea. There are swimming pools, slides, and many other games here that are very suitable for those who like to play, but if you want to explore them all, a whole day is enough. The water and land amusements at Waterworld Strand are sure to stir up the kids’ trip, beat the summer heat, and create excitement like never before.

Besides water activities, you can also organize a great birthday party for your child here. Waterworld Strand will provide full catering services for you, your kids and their friends will have an unforgettable birthday party.

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve is really a place for nature lovers to keep an eye on. However, this place is the most beautiful and has the most flowers in spring, so if you come here in other seasons of the year, you will be disappointed. Also, the best time to visit Harmony Flats Nature Reserve is in the spring morning when the gentle sunlight hits the ground and illuminates the vibrant flowers.

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve was created with the purpose of protecting rare turtles but later became a nature reserve to preserve the rare vegetation left here. Therefore, the flowers here are wildflowers, they grow by themselves without nurturing hands, and they are the typical flowers of the land here. Wildflowers, with many special flower varieties here, will be a good place for you to study biology. This place includes orchids, protea, disa, etc. Also, they are also a place to help you have very artistic and beautiful photos to post on Instagram. The blooming, colorful flowers are arranged in rows as beautiful as a picture, and in the distance is a very poetic green lawn. When you come here, you don’t have to worry about not having beautiful pictures to bring back! Just choose a random corner and you will have beautiful, shimmering virtual live photos.

Lwandle Migrant Labor Museum

Besides beautiful natural beaches and delicious seafood restaurants, Lwandle Migrant Labor Museum is also a place that many tourists choose to visit. This place is a tourist attraction with historical significance, it keeps all the images and mementos of Lwandle town and its migrant labor. When you come to Lwandle Migrant Labor Museum, you will be able to see firsthand the life of the migrant labor system under the Apartheid system in real detail through the local hostels.

Lwandle Migrant Labor Museum will be a place that gives you a lot of information about the history of this land and the experiences that the people here have left behind. We think the surrounding schools should let their students visit here, although it is not very large, it is quite historically significant.

Pajamas And Jam Eatery

After visiting Lwandle Migrant Labor Museum, you can easily visit Pajamas and Jam eatery. Although it is not a seafood restaurant, whenever you come to the Strand, if you want to ask people here which restaurant is the best, everyone will point you to Pajamas and Jam eatery.

The reason Pajamas and Jam eatery is famous is because of its quality ingredients, rich food, and many delicious dishes. Besides, the factor that makes a lot of satisfied diners love it is because the restaurant has a beautiful space, the decoration in the restaurant is very harmonious and hidden luxury. The beautiful space here is not only suitable for couples to have dinner together, but also for the whole family to have breakfast or anyone who wants to come here at any time.

The menu at Pajamas and Jam eatery focuses most on Western-style dishes. The layout of the dishes is quite unique and beautiful. Besides, the dishes have a taste that is both delicious and harmonious, they will not make diners bored even if they order many dishes on the same food. The restaurant also has a reputation for customer-friendly service, satisfying customers. This also contributes significantly to making the meal of the diners more delicious and the name Pajamas and Jam eatery adds another plus point to be remembered in the hearts of diners.

De Brasserie

If you’ve been to the beach, you can’t miss the seafood dishes. If you are traveling in this Strand area of ​​Cape Town and want to find a good seafood restaurant to enjoy seafood specialties but don’t know where to go, stop by De Brasserie. Located on Beach Rd, De Brasserie is an ideal destination that promises many surprises for visitors near and far. With its location next to the beach, this Belgian restaurant will bring you excitement, discovery, and interesting food experiences.

De Brasserie’s menu is extremely diverse, rich with many delicious dishes such as mussels, fresh oysters, sashimi, etc. that are all made in the Belgian style. The dishes at De Brasserie are carefully and eye-catchingly prepared by the chef, which will make the meal more delicious and sophisticated. And a team of professional and enthusiastic service staff always create sympathy and impression for diners when coming to the restaurant.

Because the restaurant has a very spacious and airy parking space, you can rest assured and enjoy fresh seafood dishes, and immerse yourself in the wonderful space of the sea.

About Strand

Strand’s Location

The beach town of Strand is located in the southeast of Cape Town and about 50 km by road from Cape Town. In recent years, when tourism has grown strongly, they have begun to improve services here, building more restaurants and hotels for visitors to have the best experience. For foreign visitors, you can fly to Cape Town and then go to this Strand land.

The Right Time To Explore The Strand

According to many people who have been here, the best time to visit the Strand is all year months, because the waves here are extremely calm and the seawater is always very warm. However, if you come here in the summer like now, you will have extremely wonderful experiences with the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine.


Coming to Cape Town, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the Strand, a land of white sand, blue sea, and a paradise for wave lovers. Be captivated by the charming and poetic landscape: smooth white sand, blue sea, bright yellow sun, and cool climate all year round. Especially, for those who do not know what things to do in Strand, this article will provide the ideal places for travelers to enjoy the most beautiful and memorable vacations of their lives.

Last but not least, if you have any feedback or questions for us, please comment below. We are happy to answer any questions for you.

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