Top 9 Interesting Things To Do In Umdloti

Umdloti is a smallish resort town with two shopping malls, a post office, and a few eateries that provide many things to do in Umdloti. Only a few people live in the region, while the rest are vacation homes. As people walk along the beach road to restaurants and return home at night, this neighborhood provides a safe and secure environment. Westbrook attracts the young and successful, while La Mercy boasts exquisite residences with plenty of luxury. 

Umdloti is a close-knit community with a welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, the property is pricey due to the high demand for the area. However, this tiny town has a thriving social scene.

There appear to be a plethora of enjoyable things to partake in the Umdloti. So please read on to find out what those well-known activities are with us in this article.

Must-do Things In Umdloti

Visitors to Umdloti on the North Coast are mostly drawn to three beautiful beaches: News Beach, Umdloti Beach, and Selection Beach.  At shallow water, a diversity of marine organisms is shown in the rocky shores of Umdloti Beach, which also has a large, entirely natural tidal pool where little children can swim safely. Because of its popularity, Umdloti Beach is shark netted and has policemen on work, making it an excellent beach for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and diving on the North Coast. 

Despite fishing limitations in some sections, anglers come to Umdloti Beach because it is considered the best spot on the North Coast for shad and snoek fishing. Cray fishing and rock mussel collection are restricted in Umdloti and require a KZN Nature Conservation Services license. 

Without a hesitation, the 800 resident dolphins which frequented the coastal waters during the annual sardine run, a number that increases to approximately 15,000 during the sardine season, make Umdloti Beach the most famous beach in South Africa. Humpback and southern right whales can also be seen during the calving season, which spans from July to November. 

In and around Umdloti Beach, the following are some of the best things to do:

Visiting The Natural Tidal Pool 

A popular tourist attraction is the huge natural tidal pool on the main beach of Umdloti. On the other hand, it protects swimmers of all ages from currents on the beach and provides excellent snorkeling and bathing opportunities. 

During the summer, Easter holidays, or Christmas, Umdloti’s beaches are packed with holidaymakers, friends, and families enjoying the surf, sun, and sand. However, the one that sets Umdloti apart is its wonderful tidal pool, which offers fun water games, young children bathing, and an ideal snorkeling case for all.

You can also stop by one of the excellent beachside restaurants and cafés just across from Umdloti’s stunning tidal pool for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink.


Snorkeling all along coral walls at Umdloti’s large tidal pool, where the water is calm and translucent, enabling you to observe all of the small and colorful reef species without having to fight with strong ocean currents, is another gorgeous Umdloti pastime. 

Examine the tide schedules and try heading to Umdloti Beach’s Tidal Pool with your snorkel and goggles during shallow water, when the tidal pool is calm and visibility is the best. Beautiful little resident juvenile fish with vivid colors and trim to medium-sized reef fish constantly frequent Umdloti’s tidal pool taking sanctuary from dine, larger predators, and relaxing from the reef’s stronger outer ocean currents and surges.

Snorkelers in Umdloti’s Tidal Pool could either lay in the pool’s center where there’s few pebbles and the majority of the water contains sand, or swim along the coral walls to find small  fish, who like to stay close to the coral walls. 

As during storm surge, the tidal pool is normally sheltered, and this is why safe sunbathing and snorkelling are already so attractive in Umdloti.

Microlight Flying Along The Sea 

You’ve arrived at the right site if you’re seeking microlight flights along the Dolphin Coast, Ballito, and North Coast. 

Viewing the stunning Dolphin Coast coastline from above in an open microlight cockpit with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face is an unforgettable experience. 

Microlight flights are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A ten-out-of-ten guaranteed WOW factor! 

David Daniel owns and operates ComeFly, with the support of a fantastic crew of pilots. We’re based at the Mvoti Shell Ultra City on a private airstrip alongside the N2 Northbound motorway. It’s the ideal spot for Microlight flights, as it’s only two kilometers from the beach, ten minutes from Ballito, and allows you to fly in uncontrolled airspace. 

Our microlight flights take us over some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, from rolling coastal hills covered with sugar cane to vast miles of pristine, undeveloped beaches.

Kite Surfing

Umdloti Beach is a popular kitesurfing destination. Kitesurfers visit the  South and North Beaches of Umdloti to participate in this fascinating game. On Umdloti Beach, there are beginner kitesurfing lessons as well as a windsurfing shop where you would buy stuff and schedule lessons. 

Kitesurfing lessons are offered at the calm flat-water Mdloti Lagoon, just north of Umdloti Beach, to teach novices how to kitesurf with experienced IKO instructors using multiple radios to make your windsurfing learning process safer, easier, and faster. Kitesurfing classes can be scheduled at Umdloti’s KiteSports kiteboarding and kitesurfing business. 

Hundreds of kite surfers go to Umdloti Beach over the summer holidays to enjoy the warm waters, amazing wind conditions, clean beaches, and babes, in addition to Umdloti’s Lagoon.

Going Deep Sea Fishing 

Deep-sea fishing enthusiasts flock to Umdloti Beach regularly. Deep-Sea Fishing Boats can be launched conveniently on South Beach Road at Umdloti Beach, where your action-packed fishing adventure begins. 

It is a must-do in Umdloti for everyone, especially fishing lovers. While on vacation in Umdloti, you don’t want to miss out on an action-packed day at sea. Bring your deep sea fishing boat if you have one! Umdloti Beach has a designated boat launch point for all those boat owners, and what a way to end a day of fishing with a catch of your favorite big game fish for the BBQ later that evening, with a beverage to celebrate and share the bounty.

Watching Dolphins Swimming And Playing

Schools of dolphins swimming and playing close off Umdloti’s beach are a typical sight, and whales can be seen breaching out of the water during their migration to warmer waters during the season, whether you’re looking at the ocean from the beach, restaurant, or accommodation patio or balcony. 

The most significant time to go whale watching in South Africa is between May and December, depending on the whale species. For example, the most critical time to see Southern Right Whales is between July and December. August and September are the peak calving season, and September and October are the best months for whale sightings along the KwaZulu Natal coast.

The ideal time to see a Humpback Whale is between June and December, which is also the best period to see a Southern Right Whale, but the tiny Bryde’s whale can be seen all year. 

When it comes to Dolphin Watching, Umdloti and the North Coast, also known as the Dolphin Coast, are an absolute delight. Dolphins can be seen all year long off our shore, including near Umdloti beach. 

If dolphin and whale viewing or spotting on the North Coast are on your bucket list, that is the best reason to take it a step further and do it in a microlight aircraft tour.

Come Fly offers Microlight Coastal Safaris throughout KwaZulu-Northern Natal’s Coast, giving you a higher chance of viewing manta rays, whales, turtles, dolphins, and other marine life, not to mention breathtaking views of the coastline and Umdloti.

Visiting The Crocodile Rivulet

The crocodile creek, founded by the Watson family in 1983, is nestled in the subtropical coastal wilderness, midway between Ballito and Tongaat, overlooking the Utongati river floodplain.

This well-thought-out attraction is a fascinating, hands-on, interactive, fun, and adventure for all, whether you’re a bulls party, family, school tour, individual, group, birthday party, and more, with roughly 7000 west African dwarf crocodiles, deadly mambas, slender-snouted crocodiles, Nile crocodiles, American alligators, and a wide array of tortoise, snakes, rabbits, banded mongoose, wild monkeys, and more, this well-thought-out attraction is a fascinating experience.  

Their knowledgeable guides have a combined 100 years of expertise and will provide you with an inside look at the intriguing lifestyles of these carnivores. Crocodiles have been around for around 240 million years, dating back to prehistoric times.

The venue is spread out over a broad area, with all sections expertly connected by walkways, decks, and walks. With plenty of viewing areas, it’s easy to keep an eye on these prehistoric reptiles as they go about their business. 

There are also many covered learning and party areas with plenty of seats and space and a fully working cafe or restaurant that serves delicious, simple, and budget-friendly food.

Seeing Barn Swallows

Mount Moreland, South Africa, and the rest of the world, local and international Barn Swallow news, roosting and nesting, habitat, migration records, conservation, and intriguing anecdotes 

Barn Swallows arrive in the spring at Mount Moreland, and by early November, the number has grown to millions of birds. Tourists travel from all over the world to witness the spectacular evening swallow show before retiring to their reedbed roost for the night.

From November to April, the Barn Swallows returning to roost half an hour before sunset has become a worldwide attraction and has been declared as a Global Treasure and Natural Wonder. The beautiful Barn Swallow twilight display is a sight to behold and experienced; no words can completely explain it except for seeing it with one’s own eyes.

This European Swallow is not considered endangered. However, there is not a lot of it right now, which is sad. Swallows have a wonderful way of living, eating and drinking on the wing, which allows them to migrate hundreds of kilometers around the world and come close to people during the spring and early summer. 

The Barn Swallow is said to dwell in an everlasting summer and is unaffected by winter. The Barn Swallow also is called the “bird of rain” since it arrives with the springtime rains after such a dry winter. You can also learn more about this fascinating bird by watching the video below:

Playing Golf

Golfers will be pleased to find that there are about eight excellent parks in the Umdloti Beach area, and also some of South Africa’s best Golf Course properties, to visit when on vacation in Umdloti Beach.

Some of the top golf courses in Durban and South Africa can be found in the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, north, and south of Umdloti Beach. The following is top golf courses in and around Durban and Umdloti:  

Mount Edgecombe Country Club 

It is a golf course South of Umdloti Beach, at Umhlanga Mount Edgecombe. Mount Edgecombe Country Club has established itself as the premier location for hosting and facilitating corporate golf outings. Top organizations from all across South Africa have counted on the Club’s and its staff’s unsurpassed service, efficiency, and quality. 

The Club can accommodate up to 264 players with two championship golf courses and a fleet of 90 GPS-equipped golf carts. It is ideal for the perfect golf day for every occasion, thanks to its professional infrastructure and world-class facilities. 

Durban Country Golf Club

The Durban Country Golf Club is a golf course located in Durban, South Africa. So settle in to Durban’s hottest place for family joy and world-class athletic activities. It has a nearly 90-year history since it initially opened its doors in 1922. It is just 1 kilometer from Durban north’s  “golden mile” oceanfront and the center of Durban’s busiest sporting sector. Durban Country Club features two beautiful clubhouses and two excellent golf courses.

Golf Estate & Course of Prince’s Grant 

Prince’s Grant Golf Estate is placed on the stunning Dolphin Coast, South Africa. This North Coast gem offers a peace of mind lifestyle, quality relaxation, and natural beauty. Prince’s Grant, recently crowned South Africa’s Top Golf Development, exceeds expectations in living from the Estate motto: “Live the way life should be!”

It delivers a special and great experience for any player, with enormous greens and stunning fairways. Peter Matkovich planned and built the course, which has links or parkland patterns.

Final Thought 

As we can see, Umdloti is well worth a visit because of its stunning environment, delicious cuisine, friendly people, and especially exciting things to do in Umdloti mentioned above. So please share your Umdloti trip knowledge or experiences in the comments area so that others can benefit. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you in Umdloti soon!

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