Interesting Things To Do In Welkom: Everyone Need To Know

South Africa, is a large country located at the southernmost. Bordered by two great oceans, the Indian Ocean to the east and the southern sea of the Atlantic Ocean, the mainland of South Africa borders and completely encloses the kingdom of Lesotho. In this article we will learn about things to do in Welkom, a famous place.

In our article you will know about:

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Things To Do In Welkom

South Africa i a country located at the southern tip of the African continent, with a long coastline running through two oceans (Atlantic and Indian Ocean). South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world, sharing borders with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. South Africa is a country of more than 43 million people with different cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Welkom is the second largest city in the Free State province of South Africa, located about 140 kilometers northeast of the provincial capital Bloemfontein. Welkom is also known as Circle City, City Within A Garden, Mvela and Matjhabeng.

When should you travel to Welkom?

When it comes to South Africa, many people will think of positive things like elephants, lion king or football, a few will think of other negative things like crime, Ebola epidemic. But if you try to ignore those evils, you will find that South Africa is not only completely bad, because this land also has many other interesting things.

Southern Africa is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean on three sides, thanks to its location in the Southern Hemisphere with milder weather and due to the increasing temperature to the north (equator) and inland. . Because of these topographic and oceanic influences, South Africa has many climatic zones. But basically South Africa has a temperate climate that is very convenient for tourists to visit this country

The climate of Africa is influenced by both geography and latitude. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, even in winter, South Africa’s weather is not as cold and snowy as other European countries. This country’s winter starts on the first of June and ends in August. This is also the answer to the question of which season is the most beautiful to travel to South Africa.

Winter in South Africa (starting from June and ending in August) is not bitterly cold, there is no snowfall. You can come to Africa anytime you want. The most beautiful time to travel in Africa is spring, which lasts from September to November, the weather is quite pleasant, there is spring rain but not cold, the temperature is from 12 to 16 degrees Celsius, the scenery is very romantic. romance suitable for couples.

Spring in South Africa usually starts from September to the end of November every year with a temperature of about 12 -16 degrees Celsius along with spring rains. It’s nice to wear a cold coat and walk the streets of South Africa when spring comes

Not too cold like spring in European countries or as harsh as the climate of the country and continent in South Africa spring brings a little bit of fresh air, a bit chilly and warm sunshine crept into every corner of the city. The streets are crowded with purple phoenixes Jacaranda.

How to get to Welkom?

Perhaps, you have read a lot of articles, they share their travel experiences in Welkom, or even other countries in Africa such as Morocco, Tanzania or Kenya. But if you go to the actual experience alone, it is a completely different story. If you have a little knowledge, you will know that South Africa is not a safe country. That is not to say that the trip to South Africa is dangerous. Simply, you need some information to make sure your journey is as good as hoped.

When it comes to South Africa, many people will think of positive things like elephants, lion king or football, a few will think of other negative things like crime, Ebola epidemic. But if you try to ignore those evils, you will find that South Africa is not only completely bad, because this land also has many other interesting things.

Traveling to South Africa, if you have a diplomatic passport and an official passport, you are completely exempt from visa to South Africa. The rest, if you are a Vietnamese citizen in the category of tourism, work, visit relatives, study, work, etc., are required to apply for a visa if you want to go to Welkom.

For tourist visa, validity is 3 months, single entry is allowed. Because of this, you should not apply for a visa 3 months before departure, if the visa is more than 3 months, you will not be allowed to enter. The advice is that you should apply about 20 days in advance, so you will be more proactive, if the review time is long, it will not affect your plan.

Travel Welkom by bus

Known to be the most popular means of transport in South Africa, Greyhound, Baz Bus and Intercape are the companies that you can choose from. According to South African travel experience, you should choose Baz Bus because it allows you to get off at any time you want. This bus runs the Johannesburg to Cape Town route, it takes you through a number of famous attractions such as the Garden Route, Drakensberg, etc., so it is very convenient for those who intend to backpack South Africa. One-way Baz Bus fare is about 40 USD for a 2-hour journey.

Travel Welkom by plane

With places thousands of kilometers away from each other, people will choose to take a plane for convenience. For example, between the two cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, with a distance of 1,400km, most of them are by plane, with a total flight time of about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Travel Welkom by taxi

If you want to travel in the city, the most convenient way is still by car, a very useful South African travel experience for you is to book a taxi at famous companies like Rikkis Taxi (in Cape Town) or East Gate Taxi Rank (in Johannesburg). To avoid looting, you absolutely should not take a taxi on the street if you are traveling to South Africa for the first time.

Traveling Welkom by train

You may not know, but traveling South Africa by train is a very luxurious thing. This is also one of the super interesting experiences for the rich. Rovos Rail and Blue Train are two of the most luxurious train companies in the world, making visitors gasp in amazement by the luxury of the interior, no different from any 5-star hotel. In particular, these trains also pass through beautiful routes, allowing you to enjoy high-class meals with breathtaking views.

Accommodation and food

You should consult the information about the address of the hotel/resort in the place you want to go to to book a hotel room online. With this way of booking, the price on online booking websites will be much cheaper than the price of booking directly at the hotel. South African cuisine is the result of cultural interference and historical periods. 

Some famous South African dishes: Bobotie consists of grilled minced meat with egg toppings. Braai: grilled or roasted meat, although prepared like other grilled dishes, still has its own unique national secret.

Chakaalaka curry : traditional vegetable served with bread, curry… Umqombothi beer: beer made from corn malt, yeast and water, rich in B vitamins. Melktert: dessert has a Creamy pastry crust made from eggs, sugar, flour, and milk. Enjoying these unique delicious dishes and sipping a little wine is truly nothing better.

Which gifts to buy home?

Vuvuzela trumpets began to be popular in South Africa in the 1990s and now it has become an indispensable cultural specialty of the people of this country during major festivals such as the 2010 World Cup. This colorful will definitely be a great souvenir in your South Africa tour itinerary, because you can only find it in South Africa. 

Also, if you have the conditions, you can buy it. Diamonds, The diamonds here are exquisitely crafted with rich lines and colors, luxurious and extremely noble. In South Africa, only rand money is spent, not traded in other foreign currencies. including US dollars. 

What to prepare before going?

Prepare for the costume

The South African paradise is still inviting visitors because of its rich ecosystem, along with finding beautiful places and delicious food, preparing clothes is also quite necessary. Not the Vietnamese sea paradise or the ancient Korean villages, South Africa stands out for its wildlife sanctuaries, so the costumes also have their own characteristics.

Accordingly, for the convenience of explorations to remote South African regions, you should put jeans on the first list. Clothes with stretchy materials like jeans will make it easier to move, run and jump. Moreover, jeans are always the wisest choice, giving you peace of mind for long trips. In addition, T-shirts are also a popular outfit for many young people when coming to South Africa. Besides, you need to prepare a small bag, a thin jacket and a cap, a common combo for a South African trip.

Along with that, you also need to know a few things to limit. bring it, because it’s actually not suitable for the weather conditions in South Africa. For example, a Jumpsuit, mini skirt or maxi skirt, etc…it is only suitable for vacation trips to Mexico, Jamaica, etc.

Yellow fever and lion flu vaccinations Travel to South Africa, you don’t actually need to be vaccinated except in case of traveling through yellow fever epidemic areas. Many people also recommend getting vaccinated against lion flu, rabies, hepatitis A, tetanus or measles, mumps, polio, etc. In general, you should go directly to vaccination offices to Ask them for advice before you go.

Prepare the medicines

According to South African travel experience, to ensure safety in some cases, remember to bring bandages, red medicine, etc. Moreover, this country is also popular with dengue fever, remember to bring both insect repellent, especially common drugs such as stomach upset, flu, etc. 

Personal household items 

To take care of your health, skin is good as well as convenient for personal activities. You should make a list of personal items to bring along during your trip to South Africa. For example, lotion, sunscreen, shower gel, cleanser, brush, whitening cream, etc. There are also spare clean batteries, cameras, phone chargers…

As a country famous for tourism in the African continent, the system of motels and hotels in South Africa is very rich in quantity and quality. It is important that you are willing to spend how much money you are willing to spend for your night. According to South African travel experience, you should book tickets about 1 month in advance, do not book too early because the visa is only valid for 3 months. In addition, if you are afraid of being hacked or afraid of the cost of staying at the hotel, you can buy a tour of South Africa instead of going on your own.


Don’t tell anyone you’re a tourist. Unlike countries in Southeast Asia, if you tell people here that you are a tourist, you may not receive sympathy and you are also very vulnerable to them at any time. The best way to find your way is to ask the police, hotel staff and the map is an inseparable object. It is best that you do not bring expensive items (jewelry, cameras, watches, ..) when traveling to South Africa, if you have brought it, you should leave it at the front desk for guests. hotel. South Africa travel experience is that you should not carry too much cash with you, it is best to use an ATM card and absolutely not withdraw money at an ATM at night. Do not go alone in places where there are no people and lack of light.

Hope you will get useful information through our article about things to do in welkom !

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