Top Best Things To Do In Yzerfontein: Fulfill Your Holiday Trips

After a long time of hard work, having a trip to Yzerfotein is an excellent idea. As this place has a wide range of interesting activities and experiences for you to participate in. You might wonder what are things to do in Yzerfontein and search for in the Internet. There is a lot of information about the destination which gives you a headache. Therefore, we are here to help you solve this problem. 

Yzerfontein is a picturesque and undamaged fishing village, which is a town conservancy where people and nature live in coordination. It possesses the 16-mile beach, which is the longest undisrupted beach on the South African coastline. Besides, it also presents an impressive view of Table Mountain. 

If you are a beach lover and thirst to discover something new, this place will definitely match you. Having a plan on where you should go, where to eat, what trips you should take in Yzerfontein before packing things to go would be easier and more convenient for your journey. 

Let’s get started and discover great things to do in Yzerfontein to start writing your journey plan. We will bring you very helpful information in our article, so do not miss out on any part. Let’s roll down. 

Things To See And Do In Yzerfontein 2021

There are a variety of things and attractions to see and do in Yzerfontein you should know about if you have never been there before. Maybe in the first look, Yzerfontein is quite boring to travel, however, the place is really something that you have to discover and experience.

Based on our research, we will provide you some outstanding amazing things to do in Yzerfontein so you can have a satisfying and new experience in your life. 

Walk Along The 16-Mile Beach

16-mile beach, which is considered South Africa’s longest stretch of beach located in Yzerfontein. Therefore, the destination really respects and preserves the beach in good condition. The beach runs from the main beach of Yzerfontein in the South up to the beginning of the West Coast National Park in the North. 

The stunning beach provides a huge range of activities for the whole family which consists of surfing and kite surfing. These activities are ideal for beginners who love surfing but are still nervous to try. On the other hand, you can just simply prepare a beach bag, towels, picnic package and go to the beach for a day. Keep in mind you do not forget the sunscreen! 

If you wonder about things to do in Yzerfontein, visiting the 16-mile beach is a great option. This beach provides whale watching from September to November which is a calving season for the whales. This beach is also perfect for those who have a big love for sunbath. Besides, this specular beach is suitable for kitesurfers, because it can be fairly windy at particular times of the year and the stretch is long which is best for newbies in this water sports. 

You can easily contact agents which provide activities with horses for horse-lovers such as outrides, those activities are available in the sunrise as well as sunset. Just based on your preferences. 

things to do in yzerfontein

Hiking With The Schaapeiland Hiking Trail

The Schaapeiland Hiking Trail is located on the edge of Yzenfontein’s village. Its length is approximately 2 kilometers, starting from the 16-Mile Beach and then expands in a southerly way towards the harbour. It is a simple walk for almost all people. 

When you leave the Main Beach, this hiking trail will run higher up sideways the rocks. There is a well-upholded footpath sheltered in crushed mussel shells which is obviously signed road with the white footprints to present the way. On the Schaapeiland Hiking Trail, visitors can easily encounter the indigenous bird species. One of the popular kinds of birds is the tiny black Oyster Catcher with its lively red legs, long and jagged red bill. The bird has a shrill which sounds like a whistle screech. However, it would be a great change for you to see and take pictures with these endangered species. 

In the trail, there is a “Vishuis” (Fish House) where you can freely come in and have a chance to see the black and white pictures demonstrating life in the village from ancient days. Walk across the harbour and choose a path on the distant edge. There will be a great position to sit and watch the fishing vessels coming back with their hardworking day. What a peaceful view!

things to do in yzerfontein

Dassen Island Lighthouse

Visiting Dassen Island Lighthouse is one of the popular things to do in Yzerfontein that you should write down in your trip plan. Although lighthouses are normally destined for remote places, Dassen Island, off Yzerfontein, is considered to be the most isolated lighthouse on the South African sea. It is set on a pretty infertile ridge of rock and sand about 55 km from Cape Town. The height is 28 meters and has a circular shape with its special white and red bands controlled by a solitary lightkeeper.

This Dassen Island lighthouse maintains one of the primary beacons on the Cape shipping path. In reality, its name is from the popularity of shipwrecks in the region. The tower’s external walls are coated in 8 substitute horizontal strips of red and white, meanwhile, its lantern has a diameter of 12 ft.

On an obvious evening, one can watch it from the highest of Signal Hill in Cape Town as the light’s range is 24 sea miles. This beautiful island was the nest of thousand Afrincan penguins prior to the problem of overfishing of pelagic fish. Besides, the gathering of eggs also means the quantities decreasing. Nevertheless, the latest implies that the Dassen Island penguin society is one of the biggest concentrations of penguins in the Southern Cape, approximately 30000.

things to do in yzerfontein

Pearl Bay Beach

This destination is located in the southern boundary of Yzerfontein and is noise;es, private and unspoilt. The growth in the zone just means that it is solely getting better and will own even more to provide than it previously did. In Pearl Bay Beach, you can see the most amazing views of Table Mountain and Dassen Island. 

If you look for things to do in Yzerfontein which bring you peace, this place is perfect for you. You can have a chance to cast your eye out above the Atlantic Ocean and feel the sights of the waters near the shore. The peacefulness of the beach permits you to peacefully immerse yourself in the year surrounded by sunshine. 

Standing here, you can easily notice anglers sideways the waters border and fishermen in boats. Besides, you can join the suft and participate in water skiing and sailing as well as kayaking, which are popular activities in the Pearl Bay Beach. Not too much far from your location, you will see several small restaurants and cafes providing the most fresh and delicious seafood. 

things to do in yzerfontein

West Coast Farm Stall

If you are going on a trip with your children, visiting this place is an ideal thing to do in Yzerfontein. In order to spend an excellent evening out and the greatest farm stand experience, you have to come to the West Coast Farm Stall in Yzerfontein. Visiting this tourist destination, you will not only be overwhelmed by the souvenir shop, but also extremely impressed with a magnificent bird sanctuary where you can stroll and see a lot of species. 

The restaurants here offer a wide range of ingenious dishes consisting of traditional bobotie, trotter and tripe which are processed in farm style, fish and chips and so on, so you can choose among lots of good food according to your preferences. The West Coast Farm Stall has everything that you might desire for the perfect day out.

This place is a tiny hideaway midway in the West Coast where your family can come to find the tranquility for your trips and also simply to reach Cape Town. This farm stall will offer you a relaxed feeling with a cup of real “BoereTroos”, and try a different home cooked meal.

When your family arrives, spend a walk across its marvelous nursery that plants and sells local flora and herbs as well as vegetables. Your children will wish to visit the Aviary, which is big enough for the Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey and other different huge parrots to freely fly in. 

things to do in yzerfontein

Ridge Riders Sandboarding

The Ridge Riders Sandboarding is positioned in Cape Town, which provides extra adventure and adrenaline pumping joy with professional sandboarder Kati Bohm. You will get an opportunity to ride the gorgeous white sands of Atlantis on the fabulous west coast. 

Take this activity, you are provided to stand up and lie down boarding or a mixture of both. This game does not require experiences, even though earlier boarding experience is usually a plus point in terms of ability in balance. 

  • On stand up boarding, they usually use snowboards and bindings. On the other hand, for experienced snowboarders, it is vital to be conscious of the difference among snowboarding and sandboarding in the stance required and particular methods which would need to be affixed slightly. For those who have experienced this trip before, they can feel the similar feeling like snowboarding at a thick level. 

The sand is quite softer and slower compared to snow, therefore, you will have a chance to start to be familiar with the board. The professional instructors will teach riders from balancing methods at the beginning and then move into ways in turning. When you are confident with the equipment and riding, your skills could be simply boarding. 

  • On lie down boarding: in this type, the rider lies down on stomach, first to shoot the head down the dune. Guiders will start with a short instruction time, after that you will take your first ride. The beginning ride is mild, just introducing the rider to the ride’s feeling and offers them the chance to exercise and affix to steering the board. When you are so confident, you can discover and try other dunes. 
  • On the tandem ride: every rider chooses a partner and starts to be sent down a mild slope with a person sitting in the front and another person controlling the board from the behind. 

You should bring several things when taking this trip including closed shoes, sunblock, jacket, cameras and of course sunglasses. All the equipment is imported from a great condition Germany brand to make sure you will feel the complete comfort and refreshments while riding. Ridge Riders Sandboarding offers an extreme safe environment to have fun, learn and enhance skills.   

The operator is an eco-friendly with environment. Their priorities are to leave no trace and truly respect the biodiversity of the exceptional dune region. 

things to do in yzerfontein

This attached video will show you the whole Yzerfontein from above, so you can have a total look at this beautiful place before visiting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Much Trips Take In Yzerfontein?

Well, it will depend on your chosen trip. There are a wide range of things to do in Yzerfontein. Each trip and activity has a different price as well as free to experience. For example, the private horse riding trip in Western Cape Local Farms just charges $39.65 per adult while the West Coast Adventure costs much higher ($175.35 per adult).

There are several free trips and activities such as hiking with the Schaapeiland Hiking Trail. Therefore, based on your preferences and budgets, there are various activities which will definitely suit you.

  1. Is It Easy To Find Accommodation In Yzerfontein?

Yes, of course. Yzerfontein Accommodation will cater for every customer from guest rooms to self-catering services. You can visit this organization and pick from 20 distinctive accommodation locations, all with their exceptional offerings. 

Some are friendly with children, beach facing, pet-friendly as well as wheelchair-friendly. You can do lots of things in Yzerfontein during your vacations such as horse riding, an excellent picnic or visiting penguins. 

Yzerfontein Accommodation is a family corporation established on openness, loyalty and devotion. The business nurtures personal and intimate connections with locals, allowing them to bring you the best experience in Yzerfontein by providing holiday packages as well as self-catering housing. 

Sum Up

Some people might think there will be nothing to do in Yzerfontein as this place looks quite desolate and a waste area. However, there are plentiful things to do in Yzerfontein you would be interested in. The destination offers a lot of fun activities which you have never tried before. So do not hesitate, prepare a trip plan and list things to do and go visit Yzerfontein. You will not regret it. 

You can book Yzerfontein Accommodation before arriving, so you do not have to worry about a place to stay there. This is all about a list of suggested things to do in Yzerfontein. We hope you find this helpful. Tell us your thoughts about this article so we can know about its usefulness. Cheers. 

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