Are You In Need Of A Tour Guide? Do Not Worry Because Here Are Things To Do South Coast KZN

Do you want an immediate trip to South KZN but do not know what activities are there that you can enjoy? This article will show you things to do South Coast KZN and guarantee that all of them will be extraordinary experiences. 

South KZN is actually the south of KwaZulu-Natal which is also known as “the garden province” of South Africa. The most attractive thing about this location is that it stands beside the shoreline of Indian Ocean which offers lots of breath-taking scenery of sleeks, slopes, mountains and even sea. 

However,  South KZN is still a new destination to many travel enthusiasts around the world. We still do not know what experiences  we can have when arriving at this wonderful location. That is the reason why I, a travel lover who has been to South KZN, am writing this article showing you things to do in South Coast KZN. 

There are 13 destinations that will be covered in this blog: 

  • Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve 
  • Ntelezi Mani Heritage Site 
  • Umzumbe Surf Camp
  • BBS Farm
  • Wild 5 Adventures 
  •  Pure Venom 
  • KwaXolo Caves
  • Mpenjati Nature Reserve
  • Beaver Creek Coffee
  • Red Desert Nature Conservation Area 
  • Clearwater Trails 
  • Butterfly Valley 
  • Lake Eland Game 

Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve 

If you want a little fresh touch of Mother Nature, then heading to Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve which is situated in Scottburgh is not a bad idea. The place has an area of more than 2.000 hectares and offers numerous gagging scenery. 

Especially, Vernon Crookes is considered to be a big botanical garden as there is a great combination of forests, mountains, rivers and grasslands in this area. This amazing advantage enables tourists to venture into the wildlife and experience one of the most adventurous trips with nature. 

It would be a huge mistake if we do not talk about animals when we are discussing natural reservation. Vernon Crookes is a home of countless wild animals that vary from mammals, birds to fish. In addition, if you come here in spring, you will have an opportunity to witness charming insects such as beetles and butterflies. 

Last but not least, the reserve is completely a paradise for wanderlusts. Those who like to take a walk along trails, roads in order to experience the most, they should not miss this chance. 

Ntelezi Mani Heritage Site 

Are you interested in the history, culture and traditions of local inhabitants? If so, why don’t you drop by Ntelezi Msane Heritage Site in Mtwalume? The first reason to visit this wonderful centre is that you can deeply investigate the Zulu kingdom’s origins. Specifically, all of the great events happening at this land are presented under the form of conventional music, dance and war cries. Additionally, tourists will have a chance to listen to talks about the land’s culture and history. 

The second reason is that anyone can try craft art and stick fighting. The tourists can witness the one and only spectacular stick fighting showcase at the centre and not stopping right there, you can also challenge yourself by crafting. Remember that there will be the first prize so try your best! 

The third reason is to try the ritual of ancient-stone throwing. This activity relates to the past myth of the region, which is that Zulu warriors used to throw a stone on the way they travelled throughout the nation to show respect to the previous leaders. 

Next one is that you can discover something interesting about Zulu tradition. For example, you can learn the tips to maintain longevity and a healthy life from the inhabitants. It could be about physical activities or just nutrition that you put in your daily meals. 

Last but not least, you can support the local residents by many ways such as purchasing craftsmanship or attending tourist activities. 

Umzumbe Surf Camp

Isn’t it a big miss if you do not go surfing in the region that is situated next to Indian Sea? Let us find out what Umzumbe Surf Camp has to offer. 

First thing first, it has surfing courses if you do not know how to surf or are just beginners. You will have a chance to dip yourself into the warm waters of the sea and enjoy the mesmerizing view along the shoreline. 

Furthermore, the instructors here are very professional and extremely friendly, maybe you will become an intermediate surfer after the trip or at least you will start to have passion for this amazing sport. 

BBS Farm

BBS Farm was established by a woman named Lubanyana and she is also the owner of this wonderful farm. The farm was brought to life with the initial purpose of creating job opportunities for women in the area but soon after that her farm developed and now it exports fresh vegetables to Europe, the US, the UK and many other countries. 

BBS farm mainly grows bananas, tomatoes, green peppers and especially macadamia nuts. When you come here, you will have a chance to interact with Lubanyana and witness the cultivation of the vegetables in practice. Maybe you can also try cultivating something there. 

Wild 5 Adventures 

There are five  attractive adventures that you can go on to have a little bit of excitement at Wild 5 Adventures. Let us check them out!

The first one is getting on a top notch and feeling your heart jump. This activity will test how brave you are if you have something to prove. 

The second one is falling out of the Lehrs Falls’ edge with the feeling of freedom. Feel the wind blowing through your hair and the pull of the gravity. 

If you do not like swinging, then try going down the slope holding a rope to feel the real adventurous experience! In addition, you can slide across Oribi Gorge for more exciting moments. 

Finally, if you do not like playing in the sky, you can challenge yourself with the river by rafting through the Umzimkhula River, conquering nature! 

 Pure Venom 

Pure Venom Reptile Park, known as Africa’s largest reptile park, is located in the village of Shelly Beach on a lovely, ancient land in Izotsha. There are plenty of olive trees that surround the area and these trees are centuries old. 

In this park, tourists can see many kinds of snakes from pythons, vipers to mambas and cobras. Crocodiles are in the list also so the choices are not limited. Furthermore, you can take pictures of you holding a snake as a souvenir. If you want to learn more about reptiles then why not drop by this lovely yet interesting reptile park? 

KwaXolo Caves

First thing first, the caves are one of the historical locations of the region. Tourists when they come here will see rock paintings which are said to be evidence of indeginous people in the past. 

To go around the cave and inspect it with excitement, tourists can take advantage of cables which are secured well. On the way to the inside of the caves, you will surely have a chance to enjoy breath-taking views such as: waterfalls, mountains, gorges, etc. 

Do not worry if you are afraid that you might get lost as there will be tour guides who know a lot about the tourist attraction. After you get inside, there will be a great cultural heritage of South African waiting for you to learn and discover. 

Mpenjati Nature Reserve

Speaking of hiking, if you are an enthusiastic hiker, why don’t you consider Mpenjati Nature Reserve?

The most wonderful feature that the reserve offers is that it has countless jaw-dropping scenery for you to watch while taking a walk along the nine kilometer trail. The scenery varies from ancient forest, majestic mountains to marvelous beaches and fantastic rivers. 

Beaver Creek Coffee

Please drop by the Beaver Creek Coffee and try these exquisite coffees to immerse yourself in the coffee’s world. When visiting this place, Beaver Creek hosts a daily tour that explains the different flavors of the world’s coffee regions as well as the skills required to make the ideal cup. The cafe serves newly roasted specialty coffees plus light meals and delectable pastries. When we talk about coffee, you are a go-getter.

Red Desert Nature Conservation Area 

The Red Desert is the tiniest desert in the world, found among the usually tropical vegetation near Margate. The deep crimson of this parched environment shines out against the jade of the surrounding flora despite its little width of only 200 metres.

 The exact reason for these arid conditions is uncertain. Theories abound, ranging from alien intervention to overgrazing. Whatever the cause, the place is both pleasing in terms of aesthetic and intriguing to explore.

You can walk or cycle through the paths in the area, and it displays the area’s distinctive scenery, archaeological findings, and abundant life of birds.

Clearwater Trails 

If you decide to drop by Beaver Creek Coffee then you have to go to Clearwater Trails.  A few outdoor physical activities will push your energy to the most and here is an ideal location to do so. 

At Clearwater Trails, you can travel through orchards, mountains, forests, grasslands and streams to experience the wildness of Mother Nature. 

While cycling or hiking, tourists have to abide by the safety rules here but that should not be a big deal. 

Butterfly Valley 

The name says it all! When you visit the village of KwaZulu-Natal, you will not only see a variety of beautiful beaches in the summer but here is also a home of thousands of butterflies. 

Most of the butterflies are raised by the local farm, that means they are not imported like most valleys. There are many kinds of butterflies for tourists to witness and admire. Besides butterflies, other insects like scorpions, dragons are also there. 

Lake Eland Game 

This 2500 acre well-maintained place is made up of a variety of habitats, including vast grasslands, forests and wetlands interspersed with bushveld regions.

The game drives are gorgeous, the animals you will see there are in a peaceful mood and in good health, and the tranquility that surrounded us was all-inclusive. 

Lake Eland Reserve really shines and distinguishes itself from other ones. There are paths to explore, several exciting activities to do such as go hiking, cycling on mountains, riding horses, ballpainting, go fishing or building a tent, teamwork activities and so on. 

One of the best experiences has to be the four point five kilometer zip line which is ideal for both the brave and the inexperienced. The eighty-meter bridge is a jaw-dropping experience that you cannot ever refuse, and there are caves to tour as well.

Remember to take your own braai or picnic package with you, or have a great dinner in a high quality restaurant or tea garden. The playground for kids is well-designed and will entertain your adorable little children immediately. 


All in all, above are 13 things to do South Coast KZN that you can seriously take into consideration. These places are well-qualified and have high ranks on popular tourím charts. Furthermore, they are all recommended by well-known South African organizations so you can trust these recommendations. South Africa is a beautiful continent which has many tourist attractions that have not yet been found. Most of the gorgeous scenery are natural attractions so this place is definitely for nature lovers, wanderlust souls, and adventure enthusiasts. 

One more thing before you go, travelling in general is all about personal experience, when we talk about experience that means we are talking about relaxation and enjoyment. Being too picky or harsh on yourself or anybody or anything will make your experience awful. Therefore, remember to keep an open mind and enjoy to the fullest. Try to participate in all of the local activities if possible as doing so will bring to you unforgettable memories that you will not regret later. Travelling is learning cultures so try your best to understand and experience the local culture! Have fun, goodbye and see you later.

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