What To Do In Amanzimtoti – Some Ideas On Things To Do In Amanzimtoti

Have you been to a new location and said to yourself, “Wow!” It occurs at Amanzimtoti for so many visitors. Continue reading if you’re planning a trip to South Africa and aren’t sure if Amanzimtoti should be on your itinerary. We’ve compiled a list of the things to do in Amanzimtoti and the surrounding area. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you included this location in your vacation plans if you do. In this article, we’ll go over a few key points to help you figure out what to do in Amanzimtoti:

  • About Amanzimtoti
  • What To Do In Amanzimtoti: Some Tourist Attractions
  • Safety Advice
  • Summary

About Amanzimtoti

what to do in amanzimtoti

Don’t let the idea that Amanzimtoti isn’t as well-known as other South African cities deceive you. Amanzimtoti is a modest but lovely future tourist location worth seeing. Many of the exciting places to visit and things to do at this secret getaway will astound you.

While heading to Durban or Pietermaritzburg, you should arrange several hours here as a stopover. You might want to return sometime to Amanzimtoti to take a little break and unwind.

You might ask yourself what to do in Amanzimtoti. Well, it offers family-friendly activities, gourmet restaurants, a diverse range of shopping facilities, points of interest, colorful cultural heritage, luxury and affordable accommodations, tranquil natural beauty, diverse flora and fauna, world-class sporting facilities, under-water wonderland, unrivaled fishing grounds such as deep sea, rock, and shore, lovely picnic spots, hygienic swimming facilities, and superb beautiful beaches.

It is connected by train and road to all major cities, making it the ideal travel location for a business trip or an enjoyable vacation. You can unwind away from the busyness of the big metropolis.

Watersports like windsurfing, paddle boarding, and surfing, and fishing are popular in the area. Anglers can find plenty of opportunities for rock and shore fishing. Amanzimtoti Area Tourism can arrange ski boat rides. The yearly ‘Sardine Run’ usually occurs from June – August, with tremendous pleasure to gather up these small fish when they swim or just observe the spectacular birdlife dive and dip after the catch. A short distance southward, the legendary Aliwal Shoal offers a fantastic diving paradise.

Amanzimtoti is a seaside town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, located immediately south of Durban. The city is recognized because of its warm temperature and many beaches. It is an excellent place to visit, particularly among surfers who go to the Tyron beaches for the yearly sardine run.

According to local mythology, the Zulu monarch Shaka sat on the riverbank when leading his army along the southern coast on a battle against the Pondos in 1828. “Kanti amanzi mtoti (The water is sweet),” he said as he drank the water. Amanzimtoti (Sweet Waters) was the name given to that river. The Zulu language for “sweet” is “mnandi”; however, because Shaka’s mother’s name was Nandi, he devised the term “toti” to substitute “mnandi” out of admiration for her. The town is frequently referred to as “Toti” by locals. The city’s name was changed to Amanzamtoti by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Geographical Names Committee in 2009.

What To Do In Amanzimtoti: Some Tourist Attractions

The following is a list of activities on what to do in Amanzimtoti and tourist attractions in the area.

Ilanda Wilds

what to do in amanzimtoti

The Mongoose, Mpiti, and Loerie self-guided trails begin in the town center and take you to the conserved riverfront region. Barbeques and picnics are permitted.

Dick King Homestead

what to do in amanzimtoti

The traffic department is housed in the beautifully restored homestead of one of its province’s most enduring figures.


The city is known for its beautiful and safe beaches. Holidaymakers flock to Pipeline Beach and Inyoni Rock to soak up the sun.

Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary

what to do in amanzimtoti

Location: 61 Umdoni Rd, Amanzimtoti

Type: Bird Watching, Wildlife Sanctuary

If you enjoy bird watching, the Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary is the place for you. Giant Kingfisher, Hamerkop, Spurwing Geese, White-Faced Duck, and Greenback Heron are among the more than 150 bird species that can be found here. A self-guided track is also available, which is great for a ramble through the trees.

Splash Waterworld

what to do in amanzimtoti

Type: Entertainment, Water Park

Splash Waterworld is located at 97 Beach Rd in Amanzimtoti, Durban, South Africa.

Splash Waterworld is one water park located in Amanzimtoti, ideal for spending quality time with the family and children. The park’s attractions are geared toward persons of different ages. Parking, a braai area, an adventure river, bathing pools, and ten water slides are all available at this water park. Furthermore, the location is suitable for hosting children’s birthday celebrations.

Galleria Shopping Mall

Type: Mall, Entertainment

The Galleria Shopping Mall is located at the intersection of Moss Kolnik and Arbour Road in Amanzimtoti, Kwazulu-Natal.

The Galleria Shopping Mall at Amanzimtoti is a one-stop-shop for all things fun. The four-story mall is ideal for dining, shopping, and having a good time. It was constructed in 2008-2009 and restored in 2016. American Swiss, Edgars, Jet Retailers, Trustworths, and Woolsworth SA are just a few small leading chain stores you’ll discover here.

Amanzimtoti Country Club

what to do in amanzimtoti

Location: Golf Course Rd, Athlone Park, Amanzimtoti

Type: Golf Course

The Amanzimtoti Country Club was established in 1915 and offered various activities that may be enjoyed all year. The club sports a golf course which is designed in a way to suit the skilled as well as novice golfers. There is also a shop that has all the golfing equipment. There is a jungle gym at the club to keep the kids engaged for hours together. Since the golf course is also a conserve, you will be able to spot a variety of birds and other wildlife.

Amanzimtoti Japanese Gardens

Type: Garden

The club has a golf course that is designed to accommodate both experienced and beginning golfers. Also, there is a golf shop with all of the necessary equipment. The club has a jungle gym that will keep the children occupied for hours. You’ll be able to see a range of birds and animals because this golf course is indeed a preserve.

Epic Karting

Location: Shop S25 Corner Moss Kolnick and, Arbour Rd, Amanzimtoti

Type: Games, Entertainment, Go Carting

Epic Karting is among the best indoor entertainment places in town, located within the Galleria Mall in Amanzimtoti. Head straight for this location if you’re looking for a fun way of spending time with the children in Amanzimtoti. The go-kart circuit here puts your driving talents to the test while pumping excitement through your blood.

Safety Advice

What To Do In Amanzimtoti If You Are In An Emergency

  • Remember that your goods and vehicle can be replaced, but your life can not.
  • If you really need to unbuckle a seatbelt, first ask.
  • Maintain a steady and noticeable position with your hands.
  • Do as you’re instructed in a hijacking or robbery situation.
  • If you cannot resist, focus on memorizing the attacker’s physical description or other distinguishing characteristics.
  • Do not withhold if your impulses are to bodily resist.
  • If you don’t know if resisting will result in your escape, don’t do it.
  • You can talk your way out of the problem
  • Consider things from a different perspective.
  • Do not be alarmed.

Other Accommodation (Hotel, Guesthouse)

  • Ensure that your luggage is only delivered to bell personnel and that a record for kept luggage is issued.
  • When you leave, turn in your keys.
  • When anyone knocks, make sure you know who it is before you open the door. If you have any concerns, please contact reception.
  • Lock the door to your room.
  • Valuables should be kept in a locked box.
  • Unless your luggage is locked away in your room, never leave it unattended.
  • Any strange, unattended bags or packages should be reported to reception.

On The Way To The Airport

It is suggested that you: 

  • Always keep your luggage with you.
  • When looking for directions, only go to the indicated information counters.
  • Allowing someone to tamper with your luggage is not a good idea.
  • Check for locks and name tags and locks on your luggage and bags.

What To Do In Amanzimtoti If You Are In The Event Of An Unfortunate Situation

Although crimes against visitors are uncommon in South Africa, visitors should be informed of the critically needed protocols to follow in an occurrence. 

  • If you’ve been hurt, the call center will send an ambulance to transport you to the nearest hospital. You can also contact the National Ambulance Service (10177)
  • Since you are calling from a cell device, dial 112 to be connected to the relevant emergency service.
  • Contact the Police Emergency Number at 10111, which is available 24/7 from any landline or phone box, and give a brief description of what transpired.
  • Go to the safest and most public location you can find.

Out In The Public

It is strongly advised that you:

  • do not give your money to street kids. If you want to help them out in a meaningful manner, go to any Visitor Information Center and ask for a list of organizations that’d be thankful for your help.
  • Stick to busy, well-lit streets, especially at night, and explore in groups.
  • When walking across the street, utilize pedestrian crossings if available and keep an eye out for approaching traffic. Before crossing, glance right, left, and right again.
  • At any transportation hub, always have your luggage and belongings visible.
  • If you require a taxi, contact your accommodation or the local Visitor Information Center.
  • Before you go on an adventure, get a map and calculate your route.

On The Road

what to do in amanzimtoti

It is advised that you:

  • If the driver’s license was written in a different language, you must take a translation with you.
  • Traffic markings, road signs, and speed limits should all be observed carefully.
  • Picking up people or asking for directions is never a good idea. If you are lost, just go to the nearest store or gas station.
  • Always keep your car doors secured, the windows closed, and any valuables secured in the trunk.
  • In case you become lost, have the phone numbers for your location on hand.
  • Pre-plan your trip and fuel use. Only cash can be used to pay for fuel. There are no online platforms accepted.
  • Familiarize oneself with the local traffic laws. Keep in mind that South Africa is a country that drives on the left side of the road.

At The Beach

what to do in amanzimtoti

It is essential that you:

  • Drink lots of water on a regular basis to prevent dehydration. To recover salt lost in sweat and stay cool, your body requires water.
  • Wear a waterproof sunscreen that has a higher safety factor of 20+ to protect the skin from UVB and UVA rays. Between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., stay out of the sun.
  • Don’t plunge into unknown waters; what appears to be deep may be extremely shallow. It’s safest to start with your feet.
  • Never go swimming by yourself.
  • Always jump into the water in locations where a guard is present.

Travel Documents And Money

It is suggested that you:

  • Report misplaced visas and passports to the South African Police Services as soon as possible. The Tourist Victim Support Programme can connect you with your nation’s consulate or embassy.
  • Keep an eye on the machine, and never turn your back when your bank card is in it.
  • Allowing strangers to help you with ATM transactions is not a good idea. If the card becomes stuck, dial the ATM’s support number right away.
  • Keep your credit cards and cash separate, and don’t bring all of your cash or travelers’ checks with you throughout the day. Instead, keep half of them in the safe in your hotel room.
  • Only half of your travelers’ checks should be countersigned.
  • Bring certified copies of your important documents, as well as a copy of your passport.
  • Commute with certified copies of your important documents and store the originals safely.

Entertainment And Sightseeing

It is suggested that you: 

  • If any at all possible, avoid using commuter trains at nighttime.
  • Traveling in a group is recommended, especially if you visit a new nightclub, pub, or shebeen.
  • Handbags should not be left on the restroom hooks, on the backs of chairs, or under tables.
  • Make use of licensed and registered tour guides.


Now you know what to do in Amanzimtoti! Of course, if there are any more things to do in Amanzimtoti that you’ve heard about or experienced during your stay, please share your story in the comments section below!

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