What To Do In Wilderness, South Africa [Tour Guide]

If you don’t know what to do on your upcoming trip to Wilderness, South Africa, don’t go anywhere, this article will bring you valuable information on what to do in Wilderness.

About Wilderness, it is a coastal hamlet on South Africa’s South Cape Garden Route located on the N2 along the Pass Kaaiman River a little distance east from the town of George. The lengthy beach and lagoons are famous for the white sand. The city is mostly resident for vacationers and is right on the lagoon of the Touw River.

The city has an extremely moderate climate, which is typical of the Garden Route and has a minimal temperature change, seldom drops below 10 °C and over 28 °C with rains throughout the year. An Afromontane gallery forest is the flora type.

There are top 10 activities in Wilderness to solve your curiosity about what to do in Wilderness, South Africa.

Wilderness Beach

The first thing in our “what to do in Wilderness” series is Wilderness Beach. Undisturbed, broad, lovely… just a few words used to characterize the wild beach.

And here you won’t have to compete for space – Wilderness provides km of white sandy beach, excellent for long walks and playing or letting your dogs run free if you don’t have to leave your pets behind when on vacation.

Children love to swim here and appreciate the big open area. The beach of Wilderness is also a great location for seeing dolphins or whales. It’s amazing to look at the dolphins in the waves! There are houses on the beach and the view is really amazing!

Warm Indian Ocean waves crash into this golden sandy beach, which extends for what seems like an eternity. Time seems to stand still as you stroll and appreciate this seaside Eden and its inhabitants. It’s a great place to see whales and dolphins.

Brownhooded Kingfisher Trail

Secondly, on our “what to do in Wilderness” list is Brownhooded Kingfisher Trail. The trail along the Duiwe River, takes the Brownhood/Collared Kingfisher, which winds through the wilderness. This 7.2 km walk is quite easy and adapted to all levels of fitness.

You will be surrounded by a flourishing river woodland region as you walk along the trail. Frequently, the trail passes across the river itself, since certain stones and boulders may be treacherous.

Finally, you’ll reach an amazing rocky pool area which is also a great place for relaxing, chilling, and picnic. There is rich birdlife in the region and you may observe the Cape Robin, Cape Battis, Brownhooded Kingfisher,  Fish Eagles, Egrets,…if you are lucky.

Knysna turacos often have flaps between the trees heard and observed. Fish eagles, Martial eagles, Cape Batti, Coucal Burchell, Cap Ruby, little shrimps, and the brown-fishing royalty are other birds to watch for, too.

Authorizations are issued at the gate. In the high season, a modest fee is required.

Garden Route Horse Trails

On the local horse trails is one of the most thrilling and new ways to see the beauty and variety of this region of South Africa. These pass through woods and past waterfalls, all with a strong, responsive horse’s superb viewpoint.

The Horse Trails Garden Route takes place in and around the Garden Route National Park, close to the Wilderness River. There are a variety of well-trained horses and they are selected according to the riders’ unique skills and preferences. The best pace, power, and negotiation skills of the horses make them the ideal tour guide and transport provider.

Many trails are available. The 90 minute trip through the gum tree forest brings guests to the pine forest during a two-hour ride. A pause in the falling cascading waterfalls contains the largest path, which takes around three hours to finish. Cool down, swim, and relax in the middle of the forest. You can bring your food and drinks free of charge or they can be given prior notice.

Every day all year round the Garden Route Horse Trails are open. Reservations are needed for the availability of horses. The paths are usually carried out daily at 10 am and 4 pm, although these hours can be altered according to the requirements of the customers. This activity is an activity that promises to bring you valuable experience on our “what to do in Wilderness” article.

Timberlake Organic Village

The town of Timberlake is at the center of the Garden Route, with its specialty cabin stores. Shop here for sweet and spicy delicacies, cheese, wine, health goods, ‘faerie’ jewels, and Eden Nursery plants.

Cheese-winning Cafe d’Afrique coffee shop, Zucchini restaurant for delicious country-like dishes, Country Deli for classic South African takeout, and Oyster Shack for fresh wild coastal oysters are all available.

Timberlake promotes excellent, clean, and fair local suppliers and the ideals of slow food. Freshly chosen salad ingredients from the organic gardens on the ground. Indeed, this is a “must” place for people who care about health in our “what to do in Wilderness” article.

Dolphin Paragliding

Dolphin Paragliding is the priority activity if you’re still curious about what to do in Wilderness. The South African Garden Route is different from anything else. It mixes in lively and compelling style mountains, rivers, woods, beaches, and coastal cities which give explorers little room to go and experience it for themselves. Dolphin Paragliding provides visitors and residents with an extra dose of adrenaline to view the beautiful Garden Route from the new highs.

Dolphin Paragliding blends the excitement of floating through the countries with the experience of many years and the ultimate degree of safety. All the equipment, instruction, and the film for the greatest memories of your flight are included in your paragliding adventure.

The tandem flying package is appropriate for anyone from three to 100 years of age. You may relax and enjoy the amazing sights while your instructor takes care of your flight. You can also decide to leave with the instructor but then fly for a bit to gain a genuine sense of independence. It’s all about pleasure with Tandem Trike. This flight is overground or sea and is thus excellent for people who wish to observe the rays, dolphins. This is ideal for fantastic photographic possibilities as well.

Wilderness Island Lake

Welcome to Wilderness Island Lake fishing heaven. Further up the lake, the River Touw and Serpentine give fishing a fantastic environment.

You may snorkel in the crystal clear Touw River which is around 3 meters deep where you can witness a variety of salt and fresh-water fish, some Cape Moonies, Leeries, Mullet and Grunter being swimming together.

While some fishing may be done near the shore of the lake, it is recommended to hire a canoe to go further for better fishing. Many people love paddling at Island Lake and it is a popular regional sport. The life of the bird is spectacular and your binoculars and camera should be brought with you.

The Serpentine and the Touw rivers link together farther down the lake to provide anglers with an additional environment, which may be best explored with canoes. Island Lake’s huge leervis, black bass and black kurper are famous. There are big grunter, leervis, cape and mullet schools in the Touw River.

Malachite Bird Hide

Located in the Wilderness National Park on Langvlei Lake where you can observe an excellent range of birds, this is a “must” thing to do in Wilderness for nature lovers and bird nuts to come up to the Malachite Bird Hide.

A solid boardwalk is accessible from this peaceful and comfortable viewing spot. Enjoy the beautiful vistas and peaceful, quiet atmosphere around you, while watching the surrounding nature via your binoculars.

You may be expecting to see some excellent species like Greenshank, Reed and Breasted Cormorants, African Purple Swamphen, African Holy Ibis, AFA Duck, Egyptian Goose and Purple and Grey Herons. Such birds are also known as the African Fish Eagle.

Palms Garden Square

Palms Court Square is a somewhat peaceful village on the world-famous Garden Route, nestled in a calm area between Knysna and George, in the Wilderness district. This places the city at the heart of welcoming travelers on their way to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town and visiting several cities between these two metals. Every element of the event is included in the history of this estate.

There are many businesses on the plaza, all with their own distinctive arts, crafts, clothes, plants and accessories. On the new roof patio, the Blind Pig taproom features delightful ice cream-cold beer and other beverages.

The Ciabattini Bakery, Coffee Roastery Beans and Evergreen Deli are great places to find freshly made bread, wonderful tasting coffee, and all manner of other delectable delights, which you can bring home and enjoy with family and friends.

Peace Love Spa is the perfect location to spoil you and enjoy the soothing body and beauty treatments, which revitalize the mind and the body. Ventura, LoveLee Things, and Fusion are all small stores with a great range of clothes, gems, arts and arts. This makes the homemade amazing preserves and presents. Christopher Smart creates and produces beautiful, distinctive and inventive ceramics.

Palms Garden Square includes a huge children’s playground, encouraging youngsters to rest in the immediate vicinity for many hours.

Hello Garden Route and Fearless adventures are both located on Palm Garden Square and are significant tourist centers that can give guidance and information on things to do in the region.

Oyster R Us

There are so many different places to stay and stay on the Garden Route, and that’s wonderful news because it’s a little additional time to go. This is just special. It’s special. Oysters R Us, idyllically located at Boven Lange Valley Farm, is one of these attractions.

In the middle of the beautiful vegetation of the Wilderness region, theoretically, this tiny Perl is just around 25 minutes from both Knysna and George, on the way to the Sedgefield and Wilderness hubs. Oysters R Us features oyster tanks that contain up to 4000 wild oysters and is a great outdoor location.

The open-air restaurant allows customers to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the Gardenstrasse and its delicious oysters. The hosts are shutting off the oysters at your table to ensure the most refreshing eating experience. Travelers and residents who would like fresh oysters to go home can gather the freshest flavor and exquisite texture from the sea and ensure it.

Pomodoro Restaurant

Pomodoro is a location where local people and visitors connect and become friends, where you can feel at home with real Italian hospitality and a vibrant environment. In the heart of the Wilderness Village, Pomodoro is a lovely family trattoria.

You will always find it bustling with activity and the spot to meet the locals. The outside terraces provide a front seat to the village’s activities, making it the perfect spot to while the hours away along with the relaxed ambiance and delicious meals.

The chef will greet you heartily to this restaurant. They have worked so hard to get the most out of the wilderness. The quality of the cuisine they offer in Pomodoro Restaurant is incredibly serious. The pizzas on the Garden Route may be the greatest, and the wonderful salads, spaghetti, grilled meat and seafood are never unsatisfactory.


Wilderness is a city full of green spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy nature all year round. Currently, Wilderness is a favorite destination of those who love to travel because of the airy space as well as the beauty and diversity of tourist destinations. I hope that our article will help you in your upcoming South Africa trip. Hope you enjoyed our article. If you found the article “what to do in wilderness” of our team useful, you can provide feedback via the comments section and share this article if you liked it. Thank you for reading.

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