What To Do With Kids In Cape Town? – Let’s Make A Memorable Summer With This List

As being adults, we know it’s not easy to play with kids. So many parents asked us what to do with kids in cape town; actually, it’s not hard as you think. Today we are going to share with you all the engaging activities to do with kids in cape town. This list is suited for kids from baby to middle age, and all the family members can cooperate reasonably. So, let’s begin to create a wonderful summer!!!

The Blue Train Park

what to do with kids in cape town

This park is the first answer to the question of what to do with kids in cape town. It has already been choosing the path across that track for over six decades. It is located upon this scenic Mouille Point overlooking Lion’s Head, Table Mountain, and Signal Hill. Across a trench and through the glittering Atlantic, children may love three loops across the playground while the creativity is revived.

How are you going to adore it? This area has a motorbike trail, a concrete drive racetrack, a wire spanning thirty meters, 2 eight meters slides, swings, mountain biking, three playground equipment, a roadside exercise class, and an AstroTurf football field, well as many more great elements of the game. Additional attractions of the site are the railway. You’re going to try and take your kids away…

Charitable deed Profits from the playground are contributed to the Rotary Charity, which utilizes the money to support social empowerment programs. Therefore, it is terrific to understand when the children enjoy the field and invest in it. What youngster loves you? Either a worthwhile purpose.

The entrance time is different based on each month. So before coming here, go to the website: https://thebluetrainpark.co.za/ to check the available time.

Price R28 (take courses to the attraction and one complimentary roundtrip commute).

 Company’s Gardens 

This place is the best thing for children ancient park, published for about the first time in 1848, contains several of the most historical buildings in Southern Africa, such as the House of Commons, Iziko South African Museum, the Planetarium, St. Jorge’s Cathedral, and South African National Library (SBA).

It has become a refuge in the center of the massive metropolis in the last decades, as visitors and residents can walk about, put a pillow there, and feeding their skimps.

They may crawl into grass verges, enormous Porky Horses nesting, and fed the ever-swinging rats.

Typically, it opens every day from morning to late afternoon. Primarily, we don’t need to buy the entrance tickets, so it’s such a bargain. 

It is located at 15 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001. You can use Google Map to find this garden quickly if you don’t know the address.

Scooters Table Mountain

what to do with kids in cape town

We might well have traveled numerous occasions those forest trails, perhaps but did it on an unlimited? And what to do with kids in cape town? The environmentally non-motorized bikes of this tour offer a different chance to view Table Mountain. Enjoy fresh air into sights and sounds as you cross the pistes for a 1/2-2 hour trip.

Why are you going to adore it? The motorcycle is simple to handle and is handled by your youngsters under the supervision of experienced advisers. Kids under nine cannot operate a motorcycle, but they’ll still enjoy great enjoying memories with the family.

This tour is open from Wednesday to Sunday, close to Table Moutain Park. It takes R650 for the driver and R290 for passengers entering the area. 

Twin Aquarium of Seas

The unique destination of all marine animals is, unexpectedly, one of Cape Town’s main tourist attractions and prepared to greet tourists afresh, including natural wetland, pulpit trees, stingrays course, kids, tortoises, and species of various kinds and dimensions. More than 300 creatures may be seen at the global pool, as well as the Shark Exposition, the African penguin colony, and the submarine tube of the Museum are some outstanding features.

Why are you going to adore it? Tropical goldfish, a submarine tube, and a population of stone hoppers??  In the Arena, do not skip the marionette performances.

It opens daily, but it’s nice to remember to plan your trip to avoid the line! Tickets are good within one day only but could be exchanged up to three months following the time of acquisition. Furthermore, entrance is accessible when users were arriving on their birthday. Sadly, this bargain is for local citizens only.

The entrance fee is different for a wide range of ages:

  • Over 18 years old: R200
  • Students or kids from 14 to 17 years old: R150
  • Kids from 4 to 13 years old: R95
  • Under four years old: Free

Battery Park

what to do with kids in cape town

Children will not want to escape with many things to occupy their children – a motorbike, a top standard skateboard, an inter for volleyball, football, and rugby, boating, and kayaking on the canals! Then, take a lunch box and give it to them.

Why are you going to adore it? The Playground has a spinal column sag basin, half tubes, bench laybacks, cliffs, and handrails constructed with global requirements and simple mechanisms.

You only have to pay the parking fee when you arrived here—so coming here on the weekend costs nothing because the parking fee is free at the weekend. But it’s crowded, so we recommend visiting here in the week.

Table Mountain Cableway

Another of the most proper channels to enjoy Cape Town with all its splendor is by riding down our iconic tram.

Why are you going to adore it? Both before and later, children are impressed by the adventure – after everything, you are at the summit of something like the globe!

About 25 people (along with the room manager) would drive the wireless cable car, and the doors will be opened to ensure appropriate airflow within the cable car. The kiddie rides are washed in-depth every day, and the railings are sanitized among journeys. Utilize the helmet, socially distanced exercise, and periodically clean the hands.

Useful to remember Digital purchases will be available only one week from the site investigation (excluding initial passes) and can be returned within this time.

Make sure We suggest getting the current weather check area upon this website on that you’ll want to travel to ensure the weather is getting well.

  • Over 18 years old: R200
  • Students or kids from 14 to 17 years old: R100
  • Kids from 4 to 13 years old: R50
  • Under four years old: Free
  • Free for birthday South African citizens

Iziko Museum

what to do with kids in cape town

The tremendous ancient institute was built in 1825 and had a long heritage and ambiance. It is a lovely piece of history for several Unsettle, and children their own are likely to appreciate.

Because kids adore dinosaurs!  What youngster loves you? To just not note magnificent shark room, which drapes a bone of shark first from the roof and a stand emits the eerie noises of the captured shark song.

  • Over 18 years old: R30 
  • Students from 6 to under 18 years old: R15
  • Under six years old: Free
  • Family combo for two adults plus two children: R75 
  • Entrance is free only on Friday for local citizens

Green Point Park

Green Point Park is a tiny piece of Paradise in the Downtown Area underneath the Cape Town Stadium. Have a surprise lunch on the aquaponic system throughout the midday, when your children are encouraged to stroll, play or bicycle in the clean, ocean-filled atmosphere.

What to do with kids in cape town? Why are you going to adore it? That’s a fenced area featuring hammocks, a forest fitness, slides and bridges, and a sandwich trail all along the lake wherever people can bike securely. There are lots of room to ride throughout. Furthermore, the Dairy is only a couple of blocks. 

This playground is sufficient to facilitate disabled guests. A big plus thing is it is open daily, and we don’t have to pay any fee when visiting here. 

Bike Park at Uitsig

what to do with kids in cape town

One’s young guys especially love mountain riding across arches and hills and caves and winding roads around this vast bicycle playground. This facility includes a range of pumping routes, youngsters (as little as three) and beginning, and more skilled motorcyclists.

Why are you going to adore it? This is like an actual Hollywood movie! Kids get the opportunity to discover and enhance basic cycling abilities in their natural surroundings.

Well done to understand. Users must reserve the internet to find specific that relatively few people use the park at a time.

The cost is randomly based on how many hours you are planning to spend here. So we suggest checking the website for reasonable prices.


Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is a delightful experience for the extended community. Have a barbecue, stroll through the Canopy of Boomslang, pause in a coffee parlor, have a beverage and muffin, or wander through nurseries and store several invasive trees for the gardening.

Why are you going to adore it? Just let children travel freely, explore rivers, mount boulders and appreciate the informal communication.

It opens daily from 8-6 pm and frees kids under six years old and local citizens on Tuesday. 

  • Over 18 years old: R75 
  • Students from 6 to under 18 years old: R20
  • University students: R40

Nederburg Wine Estate 

On the edge of Paarl, this Wine Estate in Nederburg has a host of beautiful times – the newest being The Manor, the local restaurant of the property. Children may experience a hot chocolate sampling conducted by Chef Jerry Kennedy during the champagne-matched meal for parents. Arthur comments, “That is about more than just children. “Thinking through the boundaries of high-quality cocoa powder, all skilled in combination with subtle flavors.”

Why are you going to adore it? The people are going to feel adults, snacks, and samples highly.

It opens daily from 11 am – 3 pm and only takes R95 for each individual.

Stay home to pump water into balloons.

Playing with balloons is an everyday activity for every kid. When your child is getting bored, you should teach them to pump water into the balloons. You can let them play in the bathroom or even play in the playground as well.

This is a budget choice for everyone but still really fun for your kids. We make sure they’ll never feel bored, and you don’t have to spend much time taking care of them.

Being a parent is extremely busy, but once you find a suitable place to relax, you will deeply into being a parent. Watch this video below to have the motivation to prepare for your trip:

After searching for hundreds of destinations, these are our top choice if you wonder what to do with kids in cape town. Thanks for reading until the end. I hope you will have a memorable time with your family members.

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