Where Is God’s Window: Here’s The Final Answer In 2021

The number of natural wonders in South Africa is endless, and God’s Window, Mpumalanga, is among them. The beautiful views given by this cluster of natural rocks can’t be prepared for by any amount of travel guidebooks or tourism material, hence the term “God’s Window.” If God suddenly wanted to peep at the magnificent beauty of this planet he’d created, here would be his gazing gallery. As a result, this should also be yours! So where is God’s window – you might ask. This article will help you answer this question and give you some travel tips from our experiences. So now, let’s jump right in!

About God’s Window

The panoramic vistas, absolutely stunning waterfalls, valleys filled with sparkling green foliage, and magnificent blue skies that stretch much further into the horizon are genuinely to die for if you visit God’s Window on a bright day. Because God’s Window is located in Mpumalanga‘s Drakensberg escarpment, it can be combined with some other local visitor attractions such as the Three Rondavels, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, the Blyde River Canyon, and many waterfalls including the Berlin Falls, Lisbon Falls, Lone Creek Falls, and the Mac Mac pools and falls.

God’s Window is a series of dreadful cliffs on Mpumalanga’s famous Panorama Route that offer straight 700-meter plunges and spectacular “haven’t seen anything like this” Lowveld regions’ views of South Africa. On bright days, guests might also stand on one of the cliff’s observation sites to see the neighboring country of Mozambique!

Where Is God’s Window And How To Get There

Like most destinations in South Africa, the safest and best method to go to God’s Window is to drive down to it in a hired or your own automobile. You must follow signs to Graskop, a beautiful little town with the most amazing pancakes, regardless of which side you arrive from. Once you’ve come, enter the R532 and then follow the signs to Blyde’s River Canyon. As you travel, you’ll see another sign urging you to follow the R534, wherein the destination would be on the right.

Of course, there are other routes to God’s Window, and while a GPS can help you get there without a hitch, it may not necessarily provide the best option. It is advised to avoid taking any inner routes and instead stay to the motorways. In this area, GPS has its own set of problems, especially if you’re using an old GPS with too old maps to be accurate. However, there are apparent route signs along the highways, and as long as you remember what designations to search for, getting to God’s Window is a breeze.

Things To Experience And See At God’s Window

The breathtaking vistas of the area terrain and its unrivaled stunning nature are the most significant things to look forward to at God’s Window and other adjacent spots. God’s Window is a beautiful observation spot that overlooks Blyde’s River Canyon, a 33-km-long ravine. It is also among the world’s most enormous green canyons, making it an exciting photography site for individuals who enjoy the color green.

God’s Window has been made even more beautiful thanks to the work of the South African tourism authority. You can hike up the mountains on well-kept boardwalks that mix with stone paths in certain parts of the parking area. Also, there are readily visible signboards pointing in specific directions and observation areas. All of the spots have binoculars where visitors can spend a few cents and hope for sights of unusual birds and antelopes.

God’s Window is everything about trekking, and if you wear comfy shoes, which you should, you’ll be able to cover more ground without skipping a beat! Additionally, of course, after you’ve been there and witnessed the magnificence, you can’t miss anything. Even the plants and animals along the walkways are unique and will entice you to investigate further. We’re not sure whether it’s the height or the temps, but several species of plants found here are uncommon elsewhere.

Notwithstanding the year-round crowds of tourists, God’s Window is relatively quiet, clean, and ideal for picnics. There’s always a little entrance fee for this beautiful place, as it is for numerous other surrounding destinations. You must put up with the geckos because it seems like you are visiting their houses! Still, once you’ve captured the sights and saved them permanently in the memory, you’ll feel justly compensated for the Rands.

To say it politely, do not even expect to see an Amazon in the midst of South Africa; instead, walking in and opening your mind for whatever kind of forest it is since it is magnificent. Wooden bridges span little rivers and streams as you go through a densely forested area to reach observation rooms on the opposite mountainside. This trek is energizing, stimulating, adventurous, and fascinating, and it is well worthy of your time.

The key to fully appreciating God’s Window is to visit it when the weather is nice. When visiting on a windy, cloudy day, the visibility is poor. You’ve already had a great start if you schedule your vacation after reviewing the current weather prediction. Just a reminder that there will be no restaurants or food vendors up there, so bring your amount of food if you plan on staying for an extended period. When you’re finished with your journey, make sure to dispose of your trash in the designated bins to maintain the location pleasant for other visitors.

If it’s not too early or too late in a day, there are improvised curio shops on the edge of the car park where you may buy local crafts and arts from the villagers. For several of the objects, the costs may appear expensive, but you could always haggle. African art, particularly beadwork and woodwork, is vibrant and intriguing. Therefore, before getting back in the car, pick up some keepsake.

Things To Enjoy And Do At God’s Window

To answer shortly on the question of where is God’s Window, it is located on the Panorama Route, which is a paradise for adventurers. If you’re looking for a rush, there are indeed a variety of activities to choose from. There are fantastic rock climbing opportunities throughout the alpine scenery. Still, if you prefer bungee jumping, white water rafting, or caving, there are various locations you could drive down to enjoy them. You may also take your 4x4s along the routes, or you can even try horseback riding paths. Quad biking and mountain riding facilities are also available here.

If this magnificent splendor of God’s Window makes you want to see more, get in the car and go to one of several waterfalls in the area. The Lisbon and Berlin Falls, located north of Graskop town, are stunning waterfalls worth seeing. Unfortunately, the directions to go there are not particularly clear, so that if you pause in Graskop and buy maps, you will also be better served.

To get to Lisbon Falls, you’ll need to leave your car and go on a short stroll through the woods. You will be charmed entirely once you arrive at Lisbon Falls. The waterfall and the tiny water pool into which it falls are pleasant and refreshing, especially on hot days when the fall’s spray will make you feel like a refreshing change. Unfortunately, there appears to be no monitoring. Therefore it seems that it is a little dangerous for anyone to swim here. A notice will take you to Berlin Falls on your way out, which appears to be very close. An observation gallery built high on the hillside offers spectacular views of all this vast cascade.

Moreover, the Mac Mac pool and waterfall are a little further distance from the other waterfalls. Still, they must be included in your itinerary if you plan on being here for an extended time.

The three Rondavels mountain summits and Bourke’s Luck Potholes are in the same boat. The Moholoholo Rehab Center, located north of Graskop, is a must for people who love animals. There are so many animal facilities in the neighborhood that it’s impossible to pick just one. However, Moholoholo is worth mentioning. Forest Falls, which require a 7-kilometer journey through the forest, Lone Creek and Horseshoe Falls, and Echo caverns, are also worth considering. If you stay for a more extended period, you will see everything there is to see and do them credit.

Avoid These Mistakes And Get Some Local Advice

As with so many tourist suggestions for South African visitors, this one emphasizes avoiding wearing showy jewelry, carrying costly electronics, or displaying excessive amounts of visible cash. These are all temptations to danger, which one should avoid at all costs when on vacation! Stay to well-traveled routes and avoid conversing with or seeking assistance from strangers. Locals in South Africa are a very nice group of folks, so this can be harder than you think.

Watch the weather prediction before going to God’s Window to make sure you’re prepared. Carry sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat with you, as the sun could be highly harsh here. Whenever possible, wear comfy shoes and bring food with you. Have a pleasant and safe journey.

Where is God’s Window, and what it has there? Check out the below video to get the final answer:

Sum-Up Information

Thousands of photographers and painters from all around the world have been inspired by the view of God’s Window. Below is some information we want to sum up to you:


Along the Panorama Route and at God’s Window, there are numerous souvenir vendors. But, of course, they’re expecting you to haggle, so do it!

What’s there at God’s Window

The Panorama Route is a thrilling dream of seekers. There are paths for hiking, quad biking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, as well as 4×4 routes, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, caving, abseiling, and rock climbing,

What should you eat

The region is known for pancakes, with Graskop serving up some of the best.

Where should you stay

The Panorama Route offers a diverse accommodation choice, from luxury bush spas and lodges to budget B&Bs.

What to bring

A cap, sunscreen, a camera, binoculars are all necessary items.

How much will it cost

If you only plan on driving the Panorama Route for a day, it will be pretty inexpensive. Some sites, such as Bourke’s Luck Potholes, the Three Rondavels, God’s Window, and the waterfalls, have minor entrance fees for each car.

Make your way around.

You may book a tour guide, or you can drive through the Panorama Route on your own.

Tours to take

While the lowest perspective is stunning and only a quick walk from your car parking lot, the climb up through the misty forest to the higher vistas is very well worth the time and effort. It will be well worth the effort!

The surrounding area

Make a point of stopping at Lisbon Falls, Berlin Falls, Mac-Mac Falls, and Lone Creek Falls, among the region’s most stunning waterfalls.

Most suitable to visit the God’s Window

God’s Window has a good view sometimes during the year. However, sometimes it is brighter than the others. The best time to visit is during the day.

Where is God’s Window

God’s Window, Ohrigstad, Panorama Route, Mpumalanga, South Africa, +/-10 miles from Graskop

The best way to get there

You may get there from Gauteng by taking the N4 towards Nelspruit. When you arrive in Belfast, take the R540 northbound toward Lydenburg. After that, continue on the R36 till reaching R533, where you need to turn right. You will stay on R533 till reaching Graskop. You’ll eventually come across the R534, which will bring you directly to God’s Window.

Alternatively, use the R532 from Graskop to the Blyde River Canyon. After a few kilometers turning onto the R534, look for the sign to God’s Window parking lot on the right.

Avoid visiting on school and public holidays, when it’ll be highly crowded, and if you must, try to arrive as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Now, the question of where is God’s Window has been answered for you! Of course, if you’ve heard or experienced anything similar during your visit to God’s Window, please share your stories in the comments area below!

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